[Tools] Supercool Sharpshooter Calculator (beta)

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Views: Date: Mar 15 2007 09:21:17 Author: refrain ( Original Page )

Refrain's supercool sharpshooter calculator (beta)


Gun   (aspd reduction)  
Aspd reduction is incorrectly labeled as "hit rate bonus -xx%"

Weapon min
Weapon max
Rings (+dmg only)
Range mastery lv
Gun mastery lv
Rousing lv
Monster def

Attacks per second: 0 (0)
Damage per shot: 0~0 (0)   min/max is off by a tiny bit, see notes
Damage per second: 0


1. Please tell me if the calculations are correct for your character.
I would really like to know if this is accurate since I can only base it off my own character so far...
I have discovered opelxfrost's original dmg formula is incorrect. At 45 accuracy i should have 144 min/max atk but I had 146.
I'd love it if someone could get a working form.

2. This calc doesn't do hunters and bows because I'm not a hunter anymore and I can't check the values.
Plus no one has provided information about the differences in bonuses between hunter and sharpshooter. If you would like to help, I'm all ears.
All you have to do is post your current character setup and stats (weap/acc/agi/aspd/dmg/skills/etc).

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