[Tools] MonsterSearch v2.0 - MONSTER/NPC/ITEM Database (Program)

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Views: Date: Sep 17 2007 08:37:43 Author: CaptCarrot, thanks for his nice work. ( Original Page on MMOsite Forum )

MMOsite Download Link: MonsterSearch_v2.0.rar (45.1kb )

Original Download Link: MonsterSearch_v2.0.rar (45.1kb )

Original Site

What is MonsterSearch v2.0?
It's an application (topmost window) that allows (or will allow in the future) you to quickly search for:
MONSTER, ITEMS and NPC coordinates. Searching is easy and the program window is barely visible on your screen (you can also change it's opacity).
You can also easily ADD new items to these databases!!!
The data is kept neatly in an adequate XML file so it's simple to edit them as well as exchange or send.

The application is just an executable and DOESN't require a setup.
Simply run the "exe" and that's it.
(NOTE: This program requires Microsoft .NET framework 2.0. You can download it here:

The application collapsed:

The application expanded:

Changed opacity to 50%:

- expand the application

- collapses/hides the application

- allows you to add monsters/items(in the near future)/NPC's to the database

- shows credits and the options panel

- drag button, simply press and hold the left mouse button and move the window to where you want it to be

- close application

The rest I think you'll manage.


The application is still partialy UNFINISHED :
1) The monster database contains only LAND MONSTERS
2) And concept of the item database isn't yet finished (I'm hoping on getting some help on this one)

I'm counting on some help with completing these databases and the program. Everyone who helps will definetly be mentioned in the "credits" section of the program and have my enternal gratitude .
I'm also thinking of how to write the ITEM database. I'm not sure yet what attributes should an item have (except for NAME).

Any help would be welcome!

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