Pirate King Online 2.0 Features - New Monsters

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Monster Image Level Location Drops
Winter Island Monsters
King Tortoise 90 Winter Moon Island (179,906) -King Tortoise Shell
-Multi Edge Tortoise Shell
-Herbal Jelly
-Holy Ice Sword
-Ice Battle Armor
Stone Dragon 92

Icy Lake Island

(474,1183) -Wonder Stone
-Slippery Rock
-Savage Bull Shield
-Ice Battle Gloves
Red Stone 94 Icy Lake Island (690,970) -Mottled Stone
-Mysterious Topaz Fragment
-Wing Bow
-Ice Battle Boots
Violent Bear 95 Icy Lake Island (684,1085) -Unusual Bear Paw
-Great Bear Tooth
-Earthen Stone
-Ice Holy Bandana
-Green Jade Blade
Soul Killer 96 Icy Lake Island (825,1119) -Crystal Rib
-Iron Hook
-Flawed Mysterious Ruby
-Ice Holy Robe
-Soul Stealing Sword
Royal Beast 98 Snow Kara Isle (590,560) -Clumsy Beasts Hide
-Large Ruby Fragment
-Ice Holy Gloves
-Dark Staff
Half-beast Man 99 Snow Ville Isle (795,575) -Manbeast Captain Battleaxe
-Skeleton Bone Fragment
-Old Ticket
-Icy Holy Boots
-Magic Staff
Blooding Warrior   Snow Ville Isle (888,166) -Heavy Sheet Iron
-Blood Drenched Hammer
-Holy Armor
-Ice Spirit Boots
Frost Chimera 100 Snow Kara Isle (475,250) -Lion Wing
-Chimera Claw
-Icy Spirit Bandana
-Forest Battle Robe
Snow Leopard 102 Snow Kara Isle (545,387) -Cheetah's Teeth
-Small Mysterious Ruby
-Ice Magic Robe
-Forest Battle Gloves
Pumpkin General 103 Snow Kara Isle (500,239) -Frightful Pumpkin Head
-Genrals Lantern
-Flawed Mysterious Ruby
-Ice Spirit Gloves
-Forest Battle Boots
Icy Dragon 104 Ice-covered Island (1420,350) -Leftover Food
-Frozen Bone Fragment
-Perfect Emerald
-Holy Armor Gloves
-Holy Ice Sword
Crazy Snow Demon 105 Ice-covered Island (1290,1262) -Giant Necklace
-Giant Wooden Stick
-Holy Armor Boots
-Savage Bull Shield
Sword Demon 106 Ice-covered Island (1466,593) -Evil Greatsword
-Sword Soul
-Sapphire Fragment
-Wing Bow
-Savage Armour
Jack Pirate 107 Ice-covered Island (1722,731) -Jack the Pirates Badge
-Jack the Pirates Direction Chart
-Sapphire Fragment
-Savage Armor Gloves
-Green Jade Blade
Demonic Soul   Ice-covered Island (1418,748)
-Enchanted Staff
-Azure Crystal
-Roasted Suckling Pig
-Savage Armor Boots
-Soul Stealing Sword
Nightmare 110 Ice-covered Island (1784,937) -Dream Angel
-Gigantic Antler
-Roasted Suckling Pig
-Ice Battle Helmet
-Dark Staff
Winter Island BOSS

Stone Dragon Lord

96 Icy Lake Island (449,1346)  

Evil Snow Leopard

105 Snow Ville Isle (1111,358)  
Icy Soul Lord 110 Ice Covered Island (1593,687)  
Celtic Heartland Monsters

Crimson Golem


Arctic Spirit


Swift Snow Leopard


Bloodwing Angel

Frost Chimera        

Mystic Black Devious Angel

Celtic Heartland BOSS

Vicious Relic Protector

110   (185,100) -Robot Wheel
-Metal Funnel
-Rune of Pity
-Sealed Dreadful Dagger
-The Box of Justice
-Heart of Death
-Tidal Melancholy

Firm Guard

110   (185,100) -Robot Wheel
-Metal Funnel
-Rune of Courtesy
-Sealed Aurora Sword
-The Box of Prowess
-Melancholy of Tidal

Fury Kara

135     -Sealed Crusaders Shield
-Sealed Bane Bow
-Rune of Justness
-Sealed Judgment Shot
-The Box of Hornor
-The Box of Sacrifice

Morpheus Abyss Demon

135     -Devil Gem
-Sealed Aegis Sword
-Rune of Courage
-Sealed Redemption Staff
-Sealed Amulet Staff
-The Box of Empathy
-The Box of Inspiration

-- Mob drops credit to andalite

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