Pirate King Online 2.0 Features - New Maps

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Views: Date: Oct 21 2009 09:25:27
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Concept: To follow up with spring, summer, and autumn island. A new leveling map for player Level 80 above.

Objective: Players will have more ideal places to level up and also to get to explore the new map and monsters. This also helps them to follow up with the story of Pirate King.

Map Zone: Non-PK

Map Area: Partition into total of 5 major isles, 9 areas.

1. Luna Haven:

Distributed with 1 to 2 types of Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Mainly for players above level 80.

2. Snow Kara Isle and Snow Ville Isle:

Distributed with Level 95 ~ 103 monsters. To control the level-balance of players, difficulty is increased in this area.

3. Winter Lake Island:

Distributed with Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Most monsters are gathered at the center of this isle, to satisfy players who need to level up faster.

4. Ice-covered Island:

This is the biggest isle and also where the stronger monsters gather. Monsters Level 103 ~ 110 lives here. Restricted to players above level 100.

Entry Requirement: After completing the quest from Autumn Island, the Ville’s Statue (2582,3245) will grant you with access to Winter Island. After which, player can sail from the southern harbor of Autumn Island to the sea portal to enter Winter Island map.

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