Pirate King Online 2.0 Features - New Items

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  • New Items
    1. New Items: Implementation of various new items, exchangeable items, quest items, etc.
    2. New Equipment: Lv85 Equipment set for all class, Lv95 Weapon for all class, Lv95 BOSS equipment set and weapon for all class. 4 customized sets of equipment for each individual class, attribute increased, and with the feature of obtaining additional experience point or drop rate.

    Lv85 Equipment Mob Drop Information (Original link)

    No. Equipment Name Mob Name Location
    1. Holy Ice Sword King Tortoise, Icy Dragon
    Luna Haven, Icy Lake Island, Ice Coverd Island
    Holy Armour
    Blooding War
    Snow Ville Island
    3. Holy Armour Gloves
    Icy Dragon
    Ice Covered Island
    4. Holy Armour Boots
    Crazy Snow Demon
    Ice Covered Island
    Savage Bull Shield
    Stone Dragon , Crazy Snow Demon
    Icy Lake Island, Ice Covered Island
    1. Magic Staff
    Half-Beast Man
    Snow Ville Island
    2. Ice Holy Bandana Violent Bears Icy Lake Island
    3. Icy Holy Robe
    Soul Killer
    Icy Lake Island
    Icy Holy Gloves
    Royal Beast
    Snow Cara Island
    Icy Holy Boots
    Half-Beast Man
    Snow Ville Island
    1. Soul Stealing Sword Soul Killer, Demonic Soul
    Icy Lake Island , Ice Covered Island
    2. Savage Armour
    Sword Demon
    Ice Covered Island
    3. Savage Armour Gloves
    Jack Pirate
    Ice Covered Island
    Savage Armour Boots
    Demonic Soul
    Ice Covered Island
    Sharp Shooter
    1. Wing Bow
    Red Stone , Sword Demon
    Icy Lake Island , Ice Covered Isle
    2. Forest Battle Robe
    Frost Chimera
    Snow Cara Isle
    3 Forest Battle Glove Snow Leopard Snow Cara Isle, Snow Ville Isle
    Forest Battle Boots
    Half-Beast Man
    Snow Ville Isle
    Seal Master
    1. Sage Dark Staff Royal Beast, Nightmare
    Snow Cara Island, Ice Covered Island
    2. Ice Spirit Bandana Frost Chimera
    Snow Cara Island
    Ice Spirit Robe Snow Leopard Snow Cara Island
    Ice Spirit Gloves Pumpkin General
    Snow Ville Island
    Ice Spirit Boots
    Blooding War
    Snow Ville Island
    1. Green Jade Blade
    Violent Bear, Jack Pirate
    Icy Lake Island , Ice Covered Island
    2. Ice Battle Helmet Nightmare Icy Covered Island
    3. Ice Battle Armour King Tortoise
    Luna Haven, Icy Lake Island
    Ice Battle Gloves
    Stone Dragon
    Icy Lake Island
    Ice Battle Boots
    Red Stone
    Icy Lake Island

    Suits Show

    Lv85 Armors

    Lv95 Armors

    Lv85 Weapons Lv95 Weapons

    -- From Top.IGG

  • New Features

    1. Rear Fairy

      From the picture, you can roughly see how the Rear Fairy function works.
      Rear Fairy Procedure
      Step 1: Click on the function bar below your character display the Rear Fairy feature
      Step 2: Place your fairy and type of Incubate Liquid of which you wish to hatch.
      Step 3: Press “Hatch” button on the center of the display, and your fairy will deduct 100 Stamina.
      You will receive an Intermediate Spirit of Thunder. This process has 100% success rate.

      Types of Incubate Liquid

      Spirit Skill
      Spirit of Thunder: Strike lightning bolt on your enemy while using of skill attack.
      Spirit of Darkness: Curse and decrease your enemy’s defense and physical resistance.
      Spirit of Light: Blessing and get a chance to receive additional defense

    2. Equipment Attribute Re-assign
      Holy Ice Sword Attribute before

      Holy Ice Sword Attribute after

      A fee of 10,000 gold will be charged for this service. There will also be a random deduction of fairy stamina for this process.

      Resetting Stone

      Resetting Stone will be obtained after the process of your Equipment attribute assign. This stone will record your equipment’s previous stats.

      By resetting your equipment’s stats, insert the Resetting Stone instead of Re-allocate Stone, you can return your equipment to the previous attribute.
      Resetting stone can only be used to reset the same equipment which you previously allocate.
    3. Refine Fairy Coin

      Place the fairy coins or fairy signet into the inventory before doing refine. Items cannot be detected in temporarily bag.

    4. Transfer Forged Stats

      Stats for both weapons before forge transfer

      To process the forge stats transfer, the equipment on slot 2 must have same or more sockets than equipment on slot 1.
      Equipment on slot 1 will be destroyed upon the process to transfer the gems.
      Amount of halite required, and Fairy stamina consumed will depend on the forge attribute the equipment possessed.

      Holy Ice Sword stats after Forge Transfer

-- From Piratekingonline.Com

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