Pirate King Online 2.0 Features

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Overview New Maps New NPCs New Quests New Monsters New Maze New Items Marriage


Burning flame deep in the heart
Filling this world with hatred and sadness

Thousand of years have past
Yet waiting is all she does
The hardship of this loneliness
Countless tears have flown
She neglect things she should protect
The family they have built together

He has returned
Facing countless hardship on the other world
He is finally back to where he belongs
Returning with his dilapidated body
Returning with hope and delight

The reality is all scars and sadness
Causing his dilapidated body worse
Destroying all his hope

Who is the savior?
Who is the sinner?
Who is going to walk this journey of endless disappointment?

It is Ville, or Kara?
You are the chosen one to reveal the truth.

Spring Island, Summer Island, and Autumn Island are much well known to everyone. Who knows the reason of the change of climax?

According to the high priest from Shaitan City, he claims that this was caused by Kara’s magical trace. But nobody knows why Kara did it.

Until this year 4035, a huge meteorite flew from the top of the sky and sunk into southern sea of deep blue. This causes a huge whirlpool to evolve and hundreds of sailors went missing ever since. But, who could have imagined that a large icy land was formed in the deep ocean? Countless adventurers have come to explore this legendary winter island ever since.

Be it truth or rumors, the legendary winter island is now here for you to explore. What is the secret hidden within this land?
  1. New Map

    Concept: To follow up with spring, summer, and autumn island. A new leveling map for player Level 80 above.

    Objective: Players will have more ideal places to level up and also to get to explore the new map and monsters. This also helps them to follow up with the story of Pirate King.

    Map Zone: Non-PK

    Map Area: Partition into total of 5 major isles, 9 areas.

    1. Luna Haven:Distributed with 1 to 2 types of Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Mainly for players above level 80.

    2. Snow Kara Isle and Snow Ville Isle: Distributed with Level 95 ~ 103 monsters. To control the level-balance of players, difficulty is increased in this area.

    3. Winter Lake Island: Distributed with Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Most monsters are gathered at the center of this isle, to satisfy players who need to level up faster.

    4. Ice-covered Island: This is the biggest isle and also where the stronger monsters gather. Monsters Level 103 ~ 110 lives here. Restricted to players above level 100.

    Entry Requirement: After completing the quest from Autumn Island, the Ville’s Statue (2582,3245) will grant you with access to Winter Island. After which, player can sail from the southern harbor of Autumn Island to the sea portal to enter Winter Island map.

  2. New Maze

    Concept: Different from the traditional mazes of rushing for the monsters and bosses. This maze requires interactive and team work. A new place to hunt for high level equipments, and also to carry on with add-ons story quests and 2.0 future features.

    Objective: Players can come to this map to hunt for items, as well as leveling up. Players can also get to follow up with some story quests here.

    Map Zone: Aurora Area (Non-PK), Dark Area (PK)

    Map Area
    1. Differentiate by Aurora Area and Dark Area. By entering in the day time (real time) you will enter Aurora Area, and by entering in the night time (real time) you will be able to get into the Dark Area. From the picture above, you can see the map is differentiated by two faces. On the left is a solemn face which represent Aurora Area, and a evil smiling face on the right that represent the Dark Area.
    2. Both areas consist of two levels. On the 2nd level is the reflected mirror image of 1st level. Other than that, everything remains the same.

  3. New Mobs


  4. New Quests

    In Winter Island many new quests and relevant NPCs are delicately designed, awaiting players’ experience.

  5. And Many Other New Features Added


  6. Guides

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