Winter Story Quest part 1 - Secret of the fireball

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Secret of the fireball Exploring Winter Island The Celtic Heartland mazes

[Winter] Winter story quest part 1 - Secret of the fireball

The Winter story quest begins in Argent at Secretary Salvier.

  • talk to Argent secretary Salvier (2219, 2749)
    • he will give you a quest, Secret of the Fireball, asking you to talk to Drunkard Anthony

  • visit Drunkard – Anthony (2222, 2889) in Argent bar
    • he gives you a quest, Looking for Spark Seduction
    • he asks you to visit Merman Prince – Hassan (1254, 3491) outside Shaitan City and obtain a scent, Spark Seduction, in return for information about the fireball

  • teleport to Shaitan and run almost due west out the gate to find Hassan (1254, 3491)
  • Hassan asks to you collect materials for Making Spark Seduction:
    • sandy crab meat (1) from the lvl 47 Sand Crabs at Magical Ocean (1381, 3134)
    • black dye (10) from the Azure Sirens at Ascaron (3050, 400)
      • Azure Sirens can also be found near Pyrex Haven (3079, 2137) in Magical Ocean
      • they drop bottles so you can combine farming
      • black dye is also obtainable from beauty chests
    • cactus hairball (20) from the lvl 1 Melons at Magical Ocean (1027, 3551)
    • bottles (5) from the lvl 8 Cuddly Lambs at Ascaron (1968, 2687)
      • I think you get a better bottle drop from lvl 5 Mini Bees (2041, 2753) Ascaron
    • return to Hassan with all the ingredients and he will give you Spark Seduction

  • return to Anthony (2222, 2889) at Argent bar
    • he accepts the perfume and asks you to talk to Freight – Ali (832, 3707) in Shaitan about Winter Island, Go to Shaitan City and inquire about it
  • Ali says he doesn't know much about it and tells you to talk to Holy Priestess – Ada (862, 3303) in Old Shaitan City, Secret of Winter Isle

  • Ada asks you to go to Demonic World 1 and get the Staff of Sagacious from Edward (266, 230), In tranquil Demonic World

  • Edward won't give you the staff for free, you have to kill 50 lvl 77 Cursed Black Bobcat (Lone Tower)

    • ticket to either Lone Tower 5 or 6, there are more of them in LT5
    • return to Edward and he gives you a staff
    • Note - this staff is also obtainable from Blacksmith – Smithy (902, 3497) in Shaitan

  • return to Ada with the staff and get:
    • 20000 gold
    • 400 life experience points
    • a new quest – North Ville's Whereabouts, Mystic North Ville
      • travel to Canary Isle to talk to Captain Jack (1672, 3777), North Ville's Whereabouts 1

  • Captain Jack asks you to go to Isle of Chill to talk to Pirate Jeremy (2362, 657), North Ville's Whereabouts 2
  • teleport to Chill from Argent and talk to Pirate Jeremy,
    • he asks you to get 20 elven fruit for him, Jeremy's Harassment
      • time-out for really boring farming or begging your friends for fruit
    • Jeremy accepts the fruit and gives you 20000 gold then sends you to Icicle Royal – Mas to deliver a dispatch, Jeremy's dispatch

  • Mas accepts the dispatch and gives you 500 life experience points
    • he asks you to go to Spring Town to deliver jewelry to Youth – Misty (3241, 2533), Heading to Spring Town
  • Ticket to Spring and find Misty
    • Misty accepts the jewelry from Mas and gives you 500 life experience points
      • she complains about Youth – Cloud (3275, 2467) and you accept a quest to go moan at him for her, Youth – Misty's envy

    • Cloud says he was only asking about North Ville and gives you 500 life experience points
      • he asks you to go to the Autumn Island Tourist Girl (2423, 3186), Youth – Cloud's brother

  • Ticket to Autumn and find the Tourist Girl (2423, 3186)
    • she is very close to the lv75 Pirate Captain boss area
    • she gives you 500 life experience points and asks you to kill some pirates for her, The female guide's request
      • 25 lvl 65 Pirate 006 (2736, 3042) fat mob in red – about 5 slightly south of her
      • note – collect the azure crystals that drop from these mobs you will need them for the next quest
        • another note - the azure crystal drop is quite low, if you don't want to spend days farming on Autumn go to Fortune Isle and kill the Northern Pirate Sailors and Northern Pirate Militia to get the rest of the crystals you need
      • 30 lvl 67 Pirate 007 (2736, 3042) fat mob in green – 2 west of her and 2 east of her
      • once the pirates are dead she gives you 20000 gold
      • and asks you to send a message to Ville's Statue (2582, 3245) on Autumn Island, The female guide's adoration

  • Ville's statue (2582, 3245) gives you 500 life experience points
    • he says you have to go to Winter Island to see Ville, but must prove your worth first by collecting:
      • 10 black pearl
        • from Fox Spirit and Fox Taoist (3194, 2433) on Spring – 0.35% drop rate
        • can also be farmed from lvl 79 Ancient Mermaid Protector (1014, 2182) Magical Ocean – 3% drop rate
      • 10 heavy lizardman broadswords
        • from Elite Lizardman Warriors (3650, 2967) on Summer
      • 10 azure crystals
        • from Pirates 006 (2736, 3042) on Autumn
        • also from Northern Pirate Sailor and Northern Pirate Militia on Fortune Isle

    • when you give the statue the items he says you can get to Winter Island through the vortex in the sea in the south and gives you:
      • 20000 gold
      • 500 life experience points
    • talking to him again he tells you to dock your ship in Spring Island or Summer Island
      • once you have a ship docked at either of the 2 islands talk to him again and he allows you to set sail, Heading to Winter Island
      • leave from the portal right next to you and you will be transported to Winter Island Sea Region (275, 1058)
      • head to the dock (337, 965) to land on Luna Haven


(All pics are within game screenshots except those marked Piratia which are taken from

Thanks to J for helpful suggestions.

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