[Sea & Commerce] Guide to weather patterns. (Explorers & Voyagers)

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This guide credits to Solon , from the official forum ( Original Page )

This guide is incomplete and only includes information I gathered on the Ascaron region, I will work to complete the guide in the future to include all regions.

The Guide
This guide is for explorers and voyagers looking to recharge their corals more efficiently as following weather status messages can take a longer amount of time to fill your corals due to the fact that often the weather event will have passed by the time you reach the specified location and that there are lots of weather events that occur even if there is not a system message discribing the location. That said, this guide is meant to maximize an explorers time spent when recharging corals.

Weather Events and Coral Explanation
For those who are unaware, the system messages describing the locations of weather events such as tornados, thunderstorms and fog are for explorers and voyagers to recharge their related corals so they can use spells. Explorer Spells requre a specific coral to be used depending on the type. These corals can be purchased up to level two at Coral Vendor - Lamon (2061, 2543 - Ascaron.) Corals after level two are found off of various sea creatures. See Aquilus' guide for more information on Explorers and where these Corals are found.

The weather systems of Ascaron

Ascaron has only two weather events that occur, tornados and thunderstorms. Tornados occur more frequently than thunderstorms. What is most interesting about these two events is that each event, Tornados and Thunderstorms occur in two seperate areas within the Ascaron region. So, if you are following the system messages to recharge your corals you could find yourself going a rather long distance. Below are the areas to charge your corals for each type of event and some information about them:


Tornados occur in two areas, slightly more frequently in the area of 2200-2310, 2960-3040 and slightly less frequently in the area of 1160-1250, 1400-1480.

If you choose either of these areas to recharge your wind corals then for the first area it is best to sail in a circle around the area 2255, 3000 or 1205, 1440.


Thunderstorms also occur in two areas, about twice as much in the area of 2430-2510, 2800-2880 than the area of 1200-1280, 1100-1200.

If you choose either of these areas to recharge your thunder corals than it is best to sail in a circle around the area 2470, 2840 or 1240, 1150.

Remember, there are a lot of Thunderstorms and Tornados that occur without system messages for them, so if you sail around these areas you will find these events, also, if you are in these areas looking for events and you see a message within that area you can travel more easily to it. But as you can see if you are at 2255, 3000 and you see a Tornado event at 1163, 1430, you would be wasting your time traveling to the latter.

This guide is a work in progress and so far only encompasses the Ascaron region. The locations given are based on many samples and my travels through these areas but are by no means definitive as far as accuracy is concerned.


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