[Newbie] A simple and small way for lev 20- to get money

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Views: Date: Nov 15 2009 03:50:25 Author: sivauchiha ( Original Page )

well here it is...........


first of all you newbies need to do is to start of with all the quests u can see!
by doing this you can lvl fast...(get to lev 10)

once you are lvl ten ..start off with story quests...do something like 5-10 story quests till you get some life skill points. use the life skills points first for wood cutting.

once you have learnt wood cutting...go to blacksmith-goldie in argent and buy a wood cutting axe.

once done buying the axe..its time to get started with some fast money...(for low levs =P)

check around argent in search for some defoliate pine trees. cut them down for ash wood log(each wood worth 50 gold). Once you have got the wood its time for you to go to grocer or ditto or blacksmith or weird hat seller (any NPC at which you can sell the ash wood log u got) and sell the ash wood logs you got.


here is an another method....
as i have said before to do life skill quests.
use the life skill points on wood cutting, mining and fishing.

hmm..you start thinking that hexa is coming up soon and you would not get anything out of it. well here is where you are wrong!

go in search of pine trees and cut them to cut wood!
go to icicle and head in search of some iron ores!
get a boat and go fishing for sashimi!

Once you got the items u could set up a stall( also requires life skill points) and go take a rest.

you come  back to your come and see your money amt go high O_o

well thats all of my ideas
sorry about no pics
i will add them soon ^_^

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