[Class] Voyager Cheatsheet

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Views: Date: Nov 20 2007 03:24:43
This guide credits to scapegoat ( Original Page )

Download the Sheet here: ››Voy_sheet.xls

Introduction and Credits:

First of all, many thanks to Chuck whose crusader cheatsheet inspired me to draw up a similar sheet for voyagers.

So far more than half the info have been done. Here's a glimpse of what has been compiled:
- calculation of total defense, based on CON and misc. bonus;
- calculation of total HP, based on char level, CON and misc. bonus;
- computation of ray/lightning damage (level 10 only) based on SPR;
- and some miscellaneous info.

The following data are missing:
- Atsp calculation based on agi (not very important);
- Hitrate calculation based on acc (I have a sneaky feeling voys and crus progress in the same way, in which case Chuck's formula may be converted);
- Dodge bonus due to agi;
- Total SP due to spr (need a bit of fine-tuning).

Secondary data that are missing:
- Effect of Intense Magic on Conch Ray and/or Lightning Bolt;
- Amount of SP and/or HP recovered per 5s, based on spr/con and recovery rate bonuses.

So far the data relate only to land voys; sea skills might be added on in later versions.

I would really appreciate anyone who can help provide the above missing data. In particular, if you have a low-level explorer/voyager (preferably 40 and below) that would be most helpful.

EDIT 1 (26/09/2007) - SP recovery
Let X = spr point :
- recovers X/4 sp per "time period" while standing, (X/4)*6 - 15 while resting;
- each SP rec point adds 1 point to idle recovery, 6 to resting recovery;
- no "jumps" in SP recovery bonus detected.

EDIT 2 (28/09/2007) - version 1.00 uploaded
- click to download as .XLS; it's an MS-excel file


Credits are given in alphabetical order (based on forum account name)

1 Chuck - Computation of ATSP and Dodge bonus due to Agi ¡¡
2 TeeMan - Effect of Standard Magic ¡¡
¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
¡¡ Data Missing ¡¡
1 Min / max attack due to Str ¡¡
2 Hit rate bonus due to Acc ¡¡
3 HP recovery due to Con, Level(?) and equipment bonuses * currently testing ¡¡
4 Effect of Intense Magic on skills damage ¡¡
5 Effect of pet's Novice Magic on skills damage ¡¡
¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
¡¡ Disclaimer ¡¡
¡¡ This is still classified as works in progress, ie. the numbers may not be 100% accurate. However, it should not err by more than 2-3% unless I've made typo errors.
¡¡ Figures marked with an asterisk (*) indicates that the formula for calculation is only an estimate, although the final figures have been tested as correct.
¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
¡¡ Created by Andikan (26 - 28/09/2007) ¡¡
¡¡ Free for perusal by all PKO (and TOP) players.
¡¡ Current version : 1.00 ¡¡

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