[Item] Using Runes to Unseal and Exchange

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This guide credits to LostGirl619 ( Original Page )

There are currently 3 uses of runes.  You can 1-unseal equips, 2-exchange 5 kals in heaven/teleporter, or 3-exchange them for maze chests. (*Click on images to see better.)

1-Getting Unsealed Equipment from Sealed.

There are different types of chests.  
Maze chests and maze boss chests are not the same.  Maze chests drop from chests in the mazes, list

Maze boss chests drop from the bosses in the mazes only.  You will get 1 random (class type also random) sealed item from it and then you must unseal it in shaitan.

Forsaken City boss= Chest of Forsaken City= Level 35 sealed
Dark Swamp boss = Chest of Dark Swamp= Level 45 sealed
Demonic World boss floor 1= Chest of Demonic World= Level 55 sealed
Demonic World boss floor 2= Chest of Enigma= Level 65 sealed

Unsealing rune list:
level 35 seals require= 5 Yal + 5 El + 10 Nal runes (Forsaken City Researcher @ Shaitan 809, 3615)
level 45 seals require= 5 Lum + 5 Cam + 10 Sol (Dark Swamp Research @ Shaitan 811, 3616)
level 55 seals require= 5 Fel + 10 Ja + 10 Tef (Head Researcher @ Shaitan 808, 3613)
level 65 seals require= 5 Kal + 10 Fa + 20 Ter (Demonic World Researcher npc @ Shaitan  811, 3613)

Unsealing prices:
Level 35= 200,000 gold
Level 45= 400,000 gold
Level 55= 600,000 gold
Level 65= 800,000 gold

Example: Huge Mud Monster is the boss in the dark swamp maze for players 40-55.  You kill it and it drops Chest of Dark Swamp.  You then open it and get Earth Sealed Platemail of the Cursed Soul.  You take your armor, required runes, and gold then unseal it at the dark swamp researcher in shaitan.  It will become Platemail of the Cursed Soul. 

2-Exchanging Kal runes for Level 70 boss Framestone or Angelic Dice.
Treasure Gulf 474, 1054 Heaven Teleporter

For Angelic Dice:
The teleporter will accept 5 Kal runes and 10 undead souls in exchange for Angelic Dice, you do NOT need to warp to heaven for the angelic dice only.

For Level 70 Framestone:
Use Goddess' Favor or Collect Items and warp to heaven then talk to godess npc and exchange 5 kal runes for 1 level 70 boss framestone.  *Note: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST LEVEL 60*

3rd Screen shot from top left in this section shows a green arrow for people who have collected Bone of Mummy + Soul of Corpse Soldier + Heart of Pharoh + Holy Bible (all from Abaddon) to enter heaven.  Red arrow is for lower level players who obtained Goddess' Favor from New Sheepskin Scroll or Forsaken City/Dark Swamp Monsters to enter Heaven easier.    Black Arrow is for players who wish to exchange 5 kals + 10 undead souls for 1 angelic dice.

3. Exchanging Runes with Gannon for Maze chest.
Shaitan City 862, 3501 High Priest Gannon
Click research runestone

Skeltar chest- 10 nal + 10 sol runes
Incantation chest - 10 el + 10 cam runes
Evanescence chest - 10 ja + 10 tef runes
Enigma chest - 10 ter + 10 fa runes

*note: Thanks to DelindaDeline from Rainbow Isle for reminding about Angelic Dice.

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