[Tweeking & Control] UI Tweeking and Hotkeys List

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Views: Date: Jan 04 2007 08:37:19
This guide credits to flamingbeard , from the official forum ( Original Page )

Seeing that more and more people are looking into config files, its about time i finished my work in different forms of research, i've noted that alot of hotkeys (and even some other code) was commented out, This guide is to help you know what every one of these hidden hotkeys do.

The Pretty Much Unessisary Basics
First things first, hotkeys do two things, they turn the form ON and OFF, nothing else. The keys for things like autoloot arn't even handled in the config files from what i can tell.

The hotkey calls in question look like this.
"UI_FormSetHotKey(id, control_key, key )"

"UI_FormSetHotKey" is the function
"id" is the name of the form
"control_key" is the key you press with the hotkey
"key" is the ascii value of the key being pressed.

But you wont really see these things in their basic form, you'll see something like "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmQQ, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_F )" This is just because they have assigned variable values to the numbers you need to know. You will be able to use HOTKEY_A-HOTKEY_Z easily. Your control_key values are also actually numbers, but all you need to remember is ALT_KEY, SHIFT_KEY, and CTRL_KEY.

--this is for future testing, i assume you can use the ascii values for the number keys 1 - 9 or assign the hotkey_1-hotkey_9 to them, i'll see if you can later--

You might also want to know that if two things are assigned to the same key, only one of them will work (probably the one called last).

From what i can tell all the forms have shortcut keys assigned to them, but many of them are commented out with "--" remove this and it will work like normal (which doesn't mean it will be worth anything to you), but many forms that you can't hide now are usefull for you to hide, like everything on your interface.
What does this mean to you

This knowledge is good for two things, Changing Hotkeys, and removing the "--" from the lines that you hotkeys for.



Uncommented Hotkeys

In "formschat.clu"

Line 36 -- "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmQQ, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_F )" -- opens your chat list

In "formsequip.clu"

line 5 -- "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmItem, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_E ) --'E'" -- Opens your eventory

line 146 -- "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmSkill, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_S )" -- Opens your skill window

line 6 --"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmStartHelp, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_H ) " -- Opens your start help dialog box

In "formsmain.clu"
line 477--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmBigmap, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_W )" -- opens the map
line 560--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmGM, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_P )" -- does nothing, though this is surely cause were not a GM ;P

In "formsmanage.clu"
line 6--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmManage, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_C )" -- from what i can see it does nothing as well, probably another gm, if its dealing with a skill i don't know, please do tell

In "formsminimap.clu"
line 80--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmSearch, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_R )" -- the arrow dialog box

In "formsmission.clu"
line 5--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMission, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Q )"--opens the quests window

In "formspreperty.clu"
line 6--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmState, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_A )"-- opens your char stats window

In "formsselect.clu"
line 643--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmRoleAllInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--does nothing, anyone know what this is for, please do tell

In "formssystem.clu"
line 7--"UI_FormSetHotKey( frmSystem, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_O ) --'O'"-- opens the same system menu that escape does.


Commented Hotkeys
Just a note, i'm not going to put what they are in this, untel i have completly verified what it is, your GUESS is as good as mine, not worth a guide like this. If you know what the feature is, please do tell me though, will make this long process alot easier
In "formschat.clu"

line 6 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmQQMin, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_N )" -- ?
line 192 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmChat, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_C )" -- ?
line 365 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmChatMd, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_C )"--?
line 454 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmChatMin, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_N)"--?
line 497 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAddFriend, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_K ) "--Opens the add friend dialog
line 556 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmEdit, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_I )"--edits the "fake guild" tag (the thing in parenthases beside your name), glitched
line 613 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmdetails, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_I )"--?
line 696 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmRemind, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_I )"--?
line 725 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmChatManage, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_G ) --'Z'"--?

In "formsdialog.clu"
line 169 "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmPass, ALT_KEY, 75 )" --?

In "formseditor.clu"
line 5-- "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmEditor, ALT_KEY, 69 ) --'E'" --?

In "formseditor.clu"
line 59--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmConnect, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_L ) "--?
line 84--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmVHelp, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_U )"-- shows the visual help, credit for spoo for finding/testing this.

In "formslogin.clu"
Credits to spoo for verification/testing.
line 206--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAccount, ALT_KEY, 75 ) --'K'"--form you log in on
line 333--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmKeyboard, ALT_KEY, 75 ) --'K'"--?

note, on the following lines forward, the ---- is them commenting their comments, they do this when they remove large chunks of code into comments, for features that don't exist right now or so on. spoo states some ideas in a reply a few things down

line 567--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDoublePwdCreate, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 609--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDoublePwdAlter, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_C )"--?
line 648--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDoublePwd, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 679--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDoublePwdInput, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )"--?
line 719--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDoublePwdInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z ) "--?
line 764--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmPathLogo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 788--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmWelcomeNotice, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 841--"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmCreateOKNotice, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z ) "--?

In "formsmain.clu"
everything remotely useful is probably here
line 27 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmDetail, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )"--?
line 83 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMain800, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )"-- Makes the chat box disapear
line 367 -- "--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmFast, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )"--?
line 408 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMainFun, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_D ) "--?
line 581 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmForbid, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 629 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMainPet, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--for pets when its implimented
line 668 --"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmHelpSystem, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--the other help system form, it seems a bit better, but i don't think its really useful to us
line 826 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmStore, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--the store interface hotkey, currently completly useless
line 919 --"----UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTempBag, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"-- this is the form for a temporary inventory that currently isn't enabled, weather the server even supports it i don't know.

In "formsmanage.clu"
line 215--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmEditMaxim, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_W ) "--?

In "formsNPC.clu"
line 8--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCchat, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 84--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCtrade, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 237--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCTradeNumber, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )" --?
line 300--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCstorage, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 360--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCMission, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )" --?
line 461--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCforge, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 546--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCshine, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )"--?
line 606--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMakeEquip, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 678--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmConAsk, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 823--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmCode, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 867--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmName, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V ) "--?
line 949--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmGuildPK, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?

In "formsplayer.clu"
line 6--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmPlayertrade, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )" --?
line 185--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAcceptGroup, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 224--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamMenber4, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_U ) "-- opens and closes the team member 4 hp and sp dialog, usefull, but buggy (if you don't have a team member, you get nonsence in the name box, not really an issue
line 313--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamMenber3, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Y )"-- team member 3, usefull but buggy
line 383--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamMenber2, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )"--team member 2 usefull but buggy
line 453--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamMenber1, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_R )" --team member 1, usefull but buggy
line 528--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmRelive, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--?
line 556--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTime, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--?
line 582--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmBooth, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )"--?
line 660--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmHead, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )"--?
line 745--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmTeamPK, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?

In "formsselect.clu"
line 77--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmFound, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_I )"--?
line 167--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmCity, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 243--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmRoleInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--?
line 283--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmLanchInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--?
line 382--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmCaxiusInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )" --?
line 447--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmFelierInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--?
line 553--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAimiInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) "--?

In "formsselectcha.clu"
line 6--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmChaInfo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_H ) --'H'"--?
line 150--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmUserfound, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_N ) --'V'"--?
line 155--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmUserfound, ALT_KEY, 84 ) --'T'"--?
line 287--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmLOGO, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )"--?

In "formsship.clu"
line 9--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmShipBiuld, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T ) "--?
line 274--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmShipRoom, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )"--?
line 321--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmNPCShip, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_V )"--?
line 396--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmShipsail, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T ) "--?

In "formssystem.clu"
Credit to spoo for testing these. Yeah, they do pretty much what youd think.
line 66--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAudio, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) --'O'"--Opens the audio menu
line 125--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmVideo, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_O)"--Opens the video menu
line 322--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmGame, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_Z )"--opens the game menu
line 545--"--UI_FormSetHotKey( frmAskExit, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X ) --'O'"--opens the exit dialog, may be useful...

In "formstraderoom.clu"
line 6 --"--UI_FormSetHotKey(frmSeaTrade, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_W )"--?


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