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Views: Date: Sep 21 2007 08:39:11
This guide credits to ArtCrazy , from the official forum ( Original Page )

This game, unlike many others, has a scripting language. This is used as a configuration file, and gives the player much more power if they edit it (nothing that will add advantadge tough).
Some things we can do by editing it are changing camera angles, hotkeys to open the windows, etc.
The camera angles have been covered in a guide by flamingbeard, so I'll only cover the rest.

In total I have discovered 5 useful tweaks (one of them is the camera tweaking that is already covered)

I must say that if the game stops working, it's your fault. Just run "Version Check" and everything will be alright (and you'll lose your tweaks).

Also, all files/folders are located in the folder where you installed PKO


1 - Translating
In the scripts/txt/ folder there are files with all text from inside the game (or at least it seems so). If you want to edit any sentence, just come here.

Also, in scripts/lua/mission/ folder there are 2 files, that if opened with notepad show some stuff about the missions... Maybe it's editable too?

2 - Changing the fonts
In the scripts/lua/font.clu file there is information of all the fonts used in game (heh, only 5) and surprise, surprise! You can edit it! The contents are:

-- ´´½¨×ÖÌå,²ÎÊýdwStyleΪÒÔÏÂÈýÖÖÇé¿öµÄ¾ÛºÏ: 0x0001-´ÖÌå,0x0002-бÌå,0x0004-´øÏ»®Ïß,Ϊ0ÊÇÕý³£Ìå
function UI_CreateFont( font, size800, size1024, dwStyle )
return CLU_Call("UI_CreateFont", font, size800, size1024, dwStyle )

DEFAULT_FONT = UI_CreateFont( "simsun", 12, 12, 0 )
FONT14 = UI_CreateFont( "simsun", 13, 13, 0 )
FONT16 = UI_CreateFont( "simsun", 13, 13, 1 )
BIGFONT = UI_CreateFont( "simsun", 48, 48, 0 )
ARIAL_FONT = UI_CreateFont( "simsun", 12, 12, 0 )
To change a font type, just edit the values inside the ().
The syntax is:
( "FONT TYPE" , SIZE AT 800x600 RESOLUTION , SIZE AT 1024x786 RESOLUTION , 0 or 1)

I'm not sure about the last one, but from what I can understand, "1" makes the font have more quality, but also require more CPU.

3 - Font Colors
Open the file "scripts/lua/gui.clu" and look for these lines:

-- ÑÕÉ«
COLOR_BLACK = 4278190080
COLOR_RED = 4294901760
COLOR_WHITE = 4294967295
COLOR_PURPLE = 4293990336 -- ×ÏÉ«

Those are the default colors. To change them, just change the number after the "=".

4 - Adding Hotkeys (to open/close Windows ONLY)
Reopen the file "scripts/lua/gui.clu" and scroll to the bottom.
After the last line, add this:

UI_FormSetHotKey( frmItem, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_E )
In this example, you could change the hotkey that opens the items window.
Syntax is:


List of forms will come in a bit.
Special key is, ALT_KEY, CTRL_KEY or SHIFT_KEY.
The normal key consists of HOTKEY_* being * a letter (a to z)

Some forms are:
frmItem - Inventory
frmSkill - Skills
frmMission - Quests

If you need any other, tell me, I'll see if I can find it lying around.
NOTE: There are other forms that do work, but most will be useless.

Also, thanks to Spoo for this:
Found a way to remove the chat window if you don't like it very much. If you open up the main.clu file and search for "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMain800, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_X )" (without the quotes) it has a -- infront if it. Removing the -- will allow you to press Alt+X to remove and bring back the chat window. I have to wonder while they didn't allow it in the first place.

*edit* I've also found a few more windows to remove:
Hotkey window: Search for "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmFast, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_T )" and remove the -- before it. Now you can press Alt+T to remove an bring back the hotkey bar.

Settings bar: Search for "UI_FormSetHotKey( frmMainFun, ALT_KEY, HOTKEY_D )" and remove the -- before it. Now you can press Alt+D to remove and bring back that bar in the bottom right corner with buttons to open your inventory or friends list.

Well, this is what I've been able to do until now! If you have any problems tell me, also post here what you edited.

Thanks to me XD, flamingbeard, and now Spoo :)

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