[Class] Swordsmen To Champion Guide

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Views: Date: Jan 04 2007 08:41:23
This guide credits to millardsphere , from the official forum ( Original Page )

ok ima try to make a champion guide, im not the best guide, but ima try ok

What is a champion, why should i pick him?

A champion is a meat shield, someone that is useful for tanking high hitting bosses, and great for maze action to keep the group/party alive
you would want to pick a champion if you like to be a hero an save your low hp group from dying all the time.

What is the advantage and disadvantages of being a tank/champion?

well being a tank allows you to have the highest defence and highest hp in the game, but you also have the lowest damage, and in lower levels you also might have a hard time getting into groups and parties, but later levels parties wont be able to go into a maze, and live without you.

What is the fastest way to level up to swordsmen?

ok well from level one to level 10, the newbie quests are extreamly important, once you get to level 9, you need to talk to the swordsmen guide
in argent, he is west of the newbie guide, and before the west exit, he sends you to go kill 12lvl 10 cobat piglets, they are north west of argent, they are not terribly hard, after u are able to kill theis 12 piglets, go back to the swordsmen guy, he then sends you to general William, he is south east of the newbie guide in the dock area, he sends you to go kill sheep, for cashmier, he asks for 3 of them, go west of argent, an kill the lvl 8 cudly sheeps, u might get a cashmier 1/10 kills, its not too common, go back to william after you get all 3 an he gives you some xp, then go back to the swordsmen, he gives you the swordsmen title, and consentration skill.
then at lvl 10, imo add points tp spirit an con, 5con/2spirit) con adds defence and hp/hp regen, and spirit adds sp/sp regen, and magical defence

What skills should i Learn now that i Am a Swordsmen?

well 1st off you need alot of cash, taunt is the 1st skill you should learn, it costs around 5k gold, the best way to get cash/xp at lvl 10, is bear cubs, they are lvl 12, an drop red stones75gold and bear paws35gold,
thats the best cash ites u can get till lvl 20smugglers, anyways, after u kill enough bear cubs, to get about 10k gold, and u are around lvl 13, go buy taunt, and swords mastery, (add skills to taunt till taunt is lvl 10)(trust me its worth it), i think you need lvl 2 consentration for sword mastery
dotn add more then 3 to swordsmastery, you can also buy will of steel, but it only lasts for 15seconds, so maybe for a boss or soemthing.

What should i kill to get to lvl 40 champion?

now that you are lvl 13, from killing bear cubs, you can move onto whacky lambs(south west of the mine they are lvl 14), get a grp, and use ur new skill taunt, to keep the explorers alive, and to keep the other wusser swordsmen who are going crusaders from dying in 1hit, (dont forget to use ur insert button to heal an get sp)
(aslo try to buy a shield or another sword, u can duel wield lvl 10+ swords)
(by double clicking ur box u can get a new box+new sword+newchest peice[+ a double xp fruit at lvl 20 box]) kill whacky lambs till 17-18
now go get a party/group around ur level, and go kill at the killer shrooms, they are west of the mine and are lvl 19, kill them till level 20ish, add a few points to con an 1-2 to spirit and maybe possable 1 to str for some extra dmg, i didnt, dmg isnt my zone, now that ur around lvl 20, ur taunt should be lvl around 8-10, go south from killer shrooms, with your party, and kill smugglers, they are the best monster in the game for cash till about lvl 40, they drop fake documents that sell for 91 gold each, and they sell old tickets(take you back to your spawn point) save those, they are useful, kill thies smugglers till around level 23-25, then take your group to bandit camp, its nto hard to get to, use the abandon mine teleporter, to teleport you to rocky heaven, then teleport again to andes forest heaven, ask the teleporter to mark your spawn point, now get you a group/party and go south, its a great place for casters and archers, in the bandit camp, get your whole grp inside the little fence, near where the bandit leader spawns
they are usually safe inside there. then go outside the fence an pull all hell towards the outside of the fence an have ur casters an archers nuke an shoot to their hearts desire, its easy on the tank not having to taunt alot lol
kill them till level 28-30(NOTICE, KEEP ALL ROBOT CORES, Do Not Sell, 10robot cores + 5k gold = one anciant generatiors, thies are needed to get into the 1st maze), if u are not level 30 yet, go kill mad boars, west of andes heaven, they are medium xp imo, if you dont liek thies, goto iceical city, and kill the combat piglets lvl 30 east of the city, they are medium xp too, ok, now that you are lvl 30, add a few points to con, an 2-3 to spirit, you are gonna need to taunt ahella lot more now lol, go back to the abandom mine heaven, an go inside silver mine an kill the moles, and bats an mud munsties till about level 34-35, (now u need to pick a few new skills, buy armor break, an i think u need level 3 for this, then tiger roar, get to lvl 5 in tiger roar, then save the rest for ur lvl 40 skills, now that ur lvl 35ish, and have a nice amount of sp (hopefully 200 lol) go east from ambandon mine heaven then northish around the mountain, u'll find a new mine, called "abandon mine, instead of silver mine, there are only moles, and ninjas moles(ninjas moles are nice cuz they hit very soft, and have low hp, but you will miss, 6/10 swings lol)(Bring a fooking explorer) lol get a grp for thies an pretty much kill till you are level 40 imo,, you can go to the next level in the mine if you go through the crystal portal thingy, they are easy i solo'ed em at lvl 38, hard to keep aggro on those buggers imo,
well after a long time killing thies fooking moles, you should get to level 40
(imo its slow leveling but its where i went and im not sure many other good places)(explor other monsters if you got time) now that you at level 40 start the champion quest.

How do i do the level 40 champion quest?

it is not hard, you need 1ninja mole mask, 1criss sword, 5solid rocks, and 5giant bear tooths.

hint* OPEN YOUR LEVEL 35CLASS BOX BECAUSE, if you dont u cant open after u class change!

1st get a ninja mask they drop off the ninja moles.
2nd go kill a few polar bears(you will need help)(they are east of icical city)
3rd go kill stone goloms, they are North west of andes forest heaven past
the thick skined lizards.
4th buy a criss sword costs 85k ish, im not sure if u get it through ur box,
i didnt open mine in time so i didnt get it. i was pissed lol

turn it all in (you dont get to keep the criss sword, so u will need to buy a new one lol

now you are a champion, buy the skills, level 2 greatsword master, then what ever else u want, roar is half decent, and the dmg slash is ok, helps solo'ing bosses, not worth the sp spent in grps tho, use sp for taunting in grps.

that about ends my guide, i got a few tips

1. in a fast pace party, if you got a high level taunt,
you can taunt a monster, then sit, to regen mana

2. if you are solo'ing a monster and u need to heal
quickly, you can usually sit during the battle, ur hp
regen might be your only way to heal.

3. champions dont ever really get an AoE taunt, so
use that fooking taunt skill ALOT.


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