[Newbie] Dummies Guide to Surviving as a Newbie

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What Can this Guide Do For You?

  • Help you with the basics of Tales of Pirates.
  • Help you find ways to level your character effectively.
  • Lay the groundwork to create an effective character.

Part 1: How to be a good little newbie

A lot of new players are unfamiliar with TOP and require some help at one point or another. There are a few small things that you can do that will go a long way so that other players, even the high level ones, will respect you and want to help you.
  • Don't spam local begging for money. Spamming and begging for 5K or some other amount will only annoy others causing them to remember you as "the little spammer."
  • Don't spam party/friend/mentor requests to people. Open up with a friendly PM and talk to them. Talking to someone or just asking them if its ok to party goes a LONG way.
  • Don't beg for plvls. Again, begging just annoys people and will cause them to ignore you/report you to Live Support.
  • If you do have questions, would like help, or to have assistance leveling, a PM starting with "Hello" or "Hello, can I ask you a question?" will go far in getting assistance.

Part 2: Getting Started

Right after you start and have picked a server you are faced with your first major decision. You have to pick a "race." Why is this critical? By choosing your character "race" you set yourself a path of what class you can later become. Certain races on have access to certain classes. Below you will find a brief description of races and what classes are available. Later I will explain the differences between classes.


Lance: Mr Spunky

He's the standard male character in the game. Choosing Lance opens up the chance to become a Sharpshooter, Crusader, or Voyager.

Carcise: Mr Chubby

Cacise is unfortunatly a one choice character. He has no other options besiders becoming a Champion. He is also the only race that has that ability.

Phyllis: Wondergirl

Phyllis is the female version of Lance, except she has a few extra classes at her disposal. If you choose Phyllis you have the oppurtunity to become a Seal Master, Sharpshooter, Voyager, or a Cleric. There are plans to allow Phyllis to become a Crusader, but the quest has not been implemented yet.

Ami: Pure Evil -.-

Ami is basically the incarnation of evil. Shes "cute"....just evil. That being said, an ami is a smaller version of Phyllis. She has access to Seal Master, Cleric, and Voyager. Ami is the basic "magic only" race of Tales of Pirates.


Classes are basically the "job" path that you choose in Tales of Pirates. They dictate the weapons, armor, and skills you will be able to access while playing. Choosing a class will also dictate the placement of your stat points as you level up since there are optimal "builds" and essiental stats for certain classes.

Once your character reaches level 10 you will be able to apply for you first class. A list and description of them are below:


If you want to become a Voyager you choose explorer. Explorers begin by learning some magical skills and boat skills. They excel on sea and can deal good damage for a low level character. It uses daggers as a weapon.


This is the intermediate class for both Clerics and Seal Masters. This class opens up magical abilities for female character to heal, buff, and attack. Herbalists use staves as weapons.


Hunters are later allowed to transition into Sharpshooters. They use bows and learn bow related skills. Unfortunately, Sharpshooters use guns and the early bow techniques cannot be used with a gun equipped. Players wishing to use guns as Sharpshooter would be wise to aviod leveling up their bow skills too much since they are later not used. Bow Sharpshooters are a different story. For more information see the character discussion section.


Swordsman are the intermediate class for both Crusaders and Champions. They use swords and the possibility to equip shields as well. Players are advised to learn only the necessary skills as swordsman. The skills they learn later as Crusaders and Champions are FAR more important. Poor skill placement as swordsman can hamper their advancement in the seconary class.

To become any of these initial classes you must complete a promotion exam. For a guide on that quest on how to advance, see the First Class Promotion Guide.

After you reach level 40, players are allowed to choose their secondary class.


Clerics are a magic based class. They end up as a support class and do not learn any further offensive skills. They do learn some very important support skills as well as the invaluable Energy Sheild (which allows them to tank massive amounts of damage).


Champions wield large 2-handed swords and are designed to tank TONS of damage. Their most important skills increase their HP and Defense by leaps and bounds. They excel in their ability to take damage as well as dish out plenty back if built correctly.


Crusaders are quick and powerful fighters with the ability to dual wield 1-handed swords. Their skills are meant to keep them quick and deal out large amounts of damage. Unfortunatly, they are by far the most expensive class.

Seal Master

From herbalists Seal Masters do not learn any additional offensive skills. Where they do become invaluable is that they learn seals to disable, slow down, and cripple their targets. They have the ability to heal, deal damage, and prevent the enemy from attacking. They get the tri-fecta and, in my opinion, are invaluable in bossing situations.


Sharpshooters are a class built upon dealing damage with the ability to seal. They can be invaluable for their seals while still being able to output high amounts of damage. On the other hand, they tend to have lower HP and defense. So beware, they are a back row fighter but a good one at that with great support skills.


Voyagers continue to excel at sea and learn a second powerful magical attack. With the low cooldown times of their offensive skills, they are able to deal damage in quick succession. Unfortunately, their most powerful attack draws a lot of aggro and they must rely upon corals to cast their skills.

To become any of these secondary classes you must complete another promotion exam. For a guide on that quest on how to advance, see the Second Class Promotion Guide.

What Are Stat and Skill Points?

To this point there has been a lot of discussion of stat and skill points. Here is a small section that will discuss what they are.

Stat Points

Stat points are the numbers that determine the abilities of your character (HP, DEF, Damage, etc). You can see below and example of a low level caharcter.

Here is a breakdown of what each stat is and what they can do for you:
  • HP: The hitpoints your character has. The more hitpoints, the more damage they will be able to take.
  • SP: The special points of your character. It is consumed when your characer uses skills. The more SP, the more skills they will be able to cast.
  • STR: This is the strength stat. It effect the min/max damage of melee classes (Crusader and Champion).
  • CON: This is the defensive stat in TOP. Increasing CON increases your character's HP and DEF
  • ACC: This is the accuracy stat. Points in ACC will increase hitrate (the chance to land attacks). For Sharpshooters this is the stat that actually increases their min/max attack.
  • AGI: This is the agility stat. It increases both the speed in which your character attacks (ASPD) as well as their dodge.
  • SPR: This is the magical stat. It determines the amount of damage magical attacks will deal as well as increase the characters SP.
  • PR: Stands for Physical Resistance. It is an independent stat that is increased by the armor equipped and certain gems. It works by reducing a percentage of the damage you take. A PR of 30 will reduce all damage taken by 30%.

Below are the stats of a mid-level/mid-teir crusader and how thier stats have effected the damage/HP/DEF/etc.

Skill Points

There are two different types of skill points. Skill points and life skill points. What's the difference? Skill points are gained as you level up and are used to learn skills related to your class and increase their level.

Life skill points are accumulated by completed the story quests in Tales of Pirates after enough "life experience" is gained. Life skill points allows you to learn skills such as wood cutting, mining, cooking, etc. It is not only beneficial to do the life quests to earn life skill points, but also for the experience, money, and item rewards for completing certain quests.

For more information on skills and life skills I refer you to the following guides in our guide index.

Game Guide Index

Guide to Skills v2

Story Quests Guide Part 1

Life Skills: Intro

Life Skills: Stall

Life Skills: Fishing

Life Skills: Salvage

Life Skills: Woodcutting

Life Skills: Mining

New Fairy Skills

Part 3: How Do I Level Up?

"Leveling up" occurs in Tales of Pirates like all other RPG's. You gain EXP by killing monsters. This in turn translates to a certain percentage of the next level. When you reach 100%, your character will level up. All characters recieve 1 stat point to allocate for each level gained. When characters reach level 10, they begin gaining 1 stat point and 1 skill point per level. When you reach a level that is a multiple of 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, etc), you get 5 stat points to assign. Once your character reaches level 60, it then begins gaining 1 additional stat point per level and 6 stat points at the 10s. So at level 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 you will get 6 stat points to assign. The game currently has a level cap in place at level 100 (though it is rumored that it will increase to 120). Characters also begin gaining an additional skill point starting at level 65 for every 5 levels they gain. So at all levels that are multiples of 5 (65, 70, 75, 80, etc) they now gain 2 skill points.

In the current Tales of Pirates there are 2 ways to go about leveling up. One is grind it out. Find the proper locations for your current level, kill mobs, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your class\build. The second way is to go at the easy way (getting plvls, joining a club, run hex). Both methods will be described below.

Section A: Grinding Your Way to Gold

Levels 1 - 6
The first 6 levels are REALLY easy and should only take about 15 min. First talk to the noob guide and you get to lvl 2 automatically. After that accept the intro quest and tour the city. Next, accept the series of quests from the noob guide that takes you to the physician. Along the way you will have to kill squiddies for ink and mushrooms for fungus. While there just kill a couple extra of each to get a lvl each time. Then by the time you drop off the antidote to the secretary you will be levl 6.

Levels 7 - 9: Level 8 - Cuddly Lamb (2057,2638) (Ascaron)
Levels 9 - 12: Level 10 - Piglet (1950,2563) (Ascaron)
Levels 12 - 15: Level 12 - Bear Cub (1905,2853) (Ascaron) or
Level 13 - Oyster (1817,2472) (Ascaron)
Levels 15 - 20: Level 17 - Angelic Panda (1655,2563) (Ascaron)
Levels 20 - 22: Level 19 - Killer Shroom (1595,2689) (Ascaron)
Levels 22 - 25: Level 21 - Owlie (1384,3065) (Ascaron) or
Level 23 - Air Porky (1414,2896) (Ascaron)
Levels 25 - 28: Level 25 - Meadow Deer (1503,2698) (Ascaron)
Levels 28 - 32: Level 27 - Rookie Boxeroo (1076,2931) (Ascaron) and
Level 29 - Mad Boar (910,2971) (Ascaron)
Levels 32 - 35: Level 31 - Grassland Elk (1360,2683) (Ascaron) and
Level 32 - White Owlie (1360,2683) (Ascaron)
Levels 35 - 38: Level 35 - Miner Mole (Abandon Mine 1) (Ascaron)
Levels 38 - 40: Level 38 - Ninja Mole (Abadon Mine 2)
Levels 40 - 42: Level 38 - Ferocious Scropion (2352,578) (Deep Blue)
Levels 42 - 45: Level 40 - Skeletal Warrior (2270,493) (Deep Blue)
Levels 45 - 48: Level 44 - Cumbersome Yeti (2748, 565) (Deep Blue)
Levels 48 - 50: Level 45 - Pumpkin Knight (622,3364) (Ascaron)
Levels 50 - 52: Level 48 - Treant (828,1923) (Ascaron)
Levels 52 - 55: Level 50 - Werewolf Archer (2680,795) (Deep Blue)
Levels 55 - 58: Level 52 - Elite Skeletal Warrior (2597, 831) (Deep Blue)
Levels 58 - 60: Level 55 - Lizardman (2587,900) (Ascaron)
Levels 60 - 62: Level 58 - Forest Hunter (881,1051) - (1000,1679) (Ascaron)
Levels 62 - 65: Level 60 - Lizard Warrior (382,2726) (Ascaron)

A few notes on this leveling guide. The guide takes a conservative approach to leveling. You often fight monsters slightly below your level in an attempt to create effective leveling. The ability to tank damage decently, kill quickly, and minimize the amount of time resting\healing. If at any time you feel you are not gaining exp fast enough, feel free to progress to the next step or visit the official Tales of Pirates Monster Database. There you can check for land or sea monsters at the level you want and find their location.

Section B: Levelling the Easy Way

  • Find a mentor. Mentors will be willing to level you up for reputation. With a mentor, when you hit level 41 you recieve 300 rep and money.
  • Join a pirate club. By joining a club they will level you up and you can earn rewards for reaching levels 45\55\65.
  • Run the hexathon. The hex gives a series of 6 quests that give large amounts of exp, making it extremely easy to level. These events are held at certain times on Saturdays and Sundays.

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