[Quest] Stone of Destiny

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Views: Date: Oct 25 2009 08:20:37 Author: taurus13 ( Original Page )
I passed that "Stone of Destiny" quest with 2 characters. Here's a guide:

Stone of Destiny
Bring a Beastie Borestone (Naval Base - Deathsoul Soldier or Abaddon 2 - Hell Mummy A) to Kentaro (Ascaron 1894 2798, Abandon Mine Haven)
Reward: 200k Gold, 800k exp, 60k life exp

Destroy the mask
Bring a Broken Angel Halo from Corrupted Guardian Angels (Ascaron 335 2121) to Kentaro.
Reward: 300k gold, 60k life exp, Mask of Zorro.

Enchanted pouch
Bring Mask of Zorro to General William in Argent (2277 2831)
Reward 80k Gold, Sacred Soul Amulet.

Magical Curse:
Bring Sacred Soul Amulet to Sang Di (Spring town 3286 2501)
Reward: 200k gold, 1 mil exp, 60k life exp

Gold powder on the Sacred Amulet
Bring 10 Gold Coins to Sang Di
Reward: 100k gold, 800k exp, 60k life exp

Sung Di's guidance
Talk to someone who can tell you about the various classes

<Sealmaster's quest>
talk to High Priest Gannon
Gannon's Suggestion
Talk to Minelli (1244, 3186)
Harden Will
Cast Harden on yourself
800 000 exp 200 000 gold 60k life exp
Story of the Enlightened One
Wait for Minelli to finish the chart
<end of Sealmaster's quest>

<Voyager's quest>
Talk to Little Daniel in Argent.
Daniel's suggestion
Talk to Harbor Operator Gregory (Salva Haven, 194 1718 Deep Blue)
Reward: 200k gold 800k exp 60k life exp

Story of the Enlightened One
Wait for the Harbor operator to finish the Statistics table (talk to him again)
<end of Voyager's quest>

<Crusader's quest>
Talk to Peter in Argent
Peter's suggestion
Hunt 1 Frenzied Lizardman
800k exp, 200k gold 60k life exp

Story of the Enlightened One
Wait for Peter to finish the Statistics Table
<end of crusader's quest>

Who is the Enlightened One
Look for either Langa of Shaitan, Argent City's Ronnie or Icicle City's Reyno for a chat. You can talk to only one of them. (Langa has the best reward)

<Langa's quest>
Grandeur Oracle (Langa - Shaitan 853 3549)
Find the 8 servants of God to get some ominous revelation and return to me. Look for Tailor Bebe (Argent 2265, 2704)
First Gate (Water)
Hunt 2 Feral Fish Bone (900 1308 MO)
Goodbye to First Gate
Find Master Kerra at Icepire Haven (2664, 654)
2nd Gate (Fire)
Hunt 2 Feral Ruby Dolphin (866, 2171 MO)
Goodbye to 2nd Gate
Find Marcus (789, 3112) in Oasis Haven
3rd Gate (Wind)
Hunt 2 Bewitching Siren (1014, 2550 MO)
Goodbye to 3rd Gate
Find Xeus in Skeleton Haven (2138 545)
4th Gate (Earth)
Hunt 5 Beardy Pirate Fighter (1588 1708 DB)
Goodbye to 4th Gate
Find Doctor Masa in Thundoria Castle (773 1549)
5th Gate (Snow)
Hunt 2 Siren Archer (3634 3808 DB)
Goodbye to 5th Gate
Find Dannis in Hubble Haven (136 3432 MO)
6th gate (Thunder)
Kill 6 Feral White Bobcat (Lone Tower 1)
Goodbye to 6th Gate
Look for Zurbi at (1037 671) in Atlantis Haven
7th Gate
Kill 7 Terra Captain (1392 3066 MO)
Goodbye to 7th Gate
Find Linda at (515 2437) in Solace Haven
8th Gate (Love)
Hunt 8 Deathsoul Soldier
Reward: 3 mil exp, 120k life exp, 1 mil gold
Instructions fo last Gate
Bring the Oracle to Langa
<End of Langa's quest>

<Ronnie's quest>
Top Disciple
Find the one who told you about the Enlightened One. Hint: Gregory, Minelli, Ray or Peter.
Peter's tasks:
Initial Disciple
Hunt 5 Terra Captains
Lv2 Disciple
Hunt 5 Evil Undead Warrior
3rd Grade Disciple
Hunt 6 Evil Pumpkin Knight
Advance Disciple
Hunt 8 Shadow Hunters
500k gold, 1.5mil exp, 60k life exp
Qualified Disciple
Talk to Ronnie
<End of Ronnie's quest>

<Rayno's quest>
Talk to Rayno at Icicle (1295 499)
Perfect Pirate Mission
Hunt 10 Evil Pumpkin Knights.
Obtain 2 Royal Swords from Palace Guards (Ascaron 435 1690)
Hunt 3 Dark Blue Siren (Deep Blue 1377 2134)
Hunt 3 Siren Archer (Deep Blue 3634 3808)
Reward... Sorry, I forgot about it, but Langa's reward is better >.<
<End of Rayno's quest>

The mystery has been solved
Bring the Stone of Meng to Icicle Haven's Weird Grampa at (808 373 DB)
Dispute of the Old
Look for Granny Dong (795 363) in Icicle Haven
Talk to Granny Dong, say 'Hello!' and answer question (Chicken)
Granny's Intellect
Talk to Granny Dong, say 'Hello again!' and answer question
(Turtle, Turtle with sunglasses)

If you answer "Egg", you'll get another quest "Cure infectious disease".
Cure infectious disease

Bring Grenade lvl3
If you answer "Chicken" then "Rabbit", you'll get another quest "Manual Healing" from Granny Dong.
Manual Healing

Bring Flash Bomb lvl3
Guardian of Truth
Talk to Weird Grampa
Reward: 300k exp, 100k gold, 20k life exp

Guardian of Truth
Look for Weird Grampa
Mysterious Curse
Get Password AB from Deathsoul Gunboat for Weird Grampa
Get Password BC from Deathsoul Speedboat for Weird Grampa
Get Password CD from Deathsoul Soldier for Weird Grampa
Get Password DE from Deathsoul Soldier for Weird Grampa
Get Password EF from Deathsoul Officer for Weird Grampa
Reward: 1.5 mil exp, 400k gold, 80k life exp
Seal Research Outcome
Wait for Weird Grampa to tell you his research results

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