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What is the Star of Unity?

  • The Star of Unity is an equiptable ring that is able to store experience while you are solo-training with monsters (both sea or land monsters work with this item) as long as you are under lvl 41 (not including lvl 41).  Once you reach lvl 41 you cannot use the ring.

  • The item cannot be traded or dropped.

  • The ring can hold up to 200,000 experience (not 1,500,000 as the PKO guide had formerly stated).

    Obtaining the Star of Unity

    Go to the Newbie Guides of any of the three cities:

    Argent City, Ascaron Region
    Newbie Guide - Senna
    2223, 2785

    Map by Talauna City NPC Maps!

    Icicle City, Deep Blue Region
    Newbie Guide - Angela
    1315, 507

    Map by Talauna City NPC Maps!

    Shaitan City, Magical Ocean
    Newbie Guide - Resline
    876, 3572

    Map by Talauna City NPC Maps!

    Talk to the Newbie Guide and select the Star of Unity option.  Then select the Redeem Star of Unity option.

    A message in the system box should appear stating that you received x1 Star of Unity Chest.

    Double-click the chest for your Star of Unity.  Now you have your very own ring!

    How do I charge my Star of Unity?

  • In order to charge the ring, you must first equipt your ring by double-clicking on the item or dragging the item to the spot in the equipment section of your inventory with the picture of a ring (preferably in a non-lag area, it's just tedious having lag when trying to equipt something).

    Then you must solo-battle (in other words fight by yourself, not in a party) either sea or land monsters.  Take your pick.

  • You get full exp even when solo-training with the Star of Unity ring equipted, therefore you do not lose any exp when killing monsters.

  • The ring does not charge when in a party no matter what the lvls of the characters are.  In other words, the amount of experience stored in the Star of Unity will not increase when you gain exp in a party.  The ring's exp can only deplete (see the next section for more info).

  • When training, the star of unity is charged according to how much exp you gain from the kill yet rounded down to the nearest tenth.
    Ex. say you received 1288 experience from a monster that you killed.  The amount of charge that the Star of Unity ring will receive is 1280.

    What are the Uses of the Star of Unity?

    Experience Gaining

  • If you have successfully charged your Star of Unity you can now use it to increase your experience gaining by 3x (triple the exp you normally get from killing monsters).

    First of all you must be in a party with someone 5 or more lvls lower than you (not including your own lvl, you'll see in the example).
    Ex. If you are lvl 30 the lower lvl character in your party must be lvl 24 or lower.  If you're lvl 26 you need a party member at lvl 20.

    Just subtract 6 from your current lvl and find an appropriate party member.  This is when the experience that is stored in your Star of Unity will cause the charge to deplete and the experience be given to you.

  • You do not need to be close to your party member to gain the 3x experience.  You can simply party up with a player and head off to lvl solo.

  • The 3x Experience can stack with Double Experience days and other items that can increase your experience gain.

    Lvl 50 Weapon Exchange

  • Once you reach lvl 41, you will not be able to use the Star of Unity anymore so you can now redeem it with one of the Newbie Guides (coords listed above) for a lvl 50 weapon.  Unequipt your Star of Unity and click Star of Unity in the Newbie Guide menu and then select Hoard Exchange to trade for the item.

    The weapon is randomly selected though the weapon should be of your character's respective class.  (Thanks for clearing that up Wangtann)

    The base stats of the weapon you get are always the same but the extra stats are random.  The exchange depends on your luck whether you receive a good weapon or not.
    Also, the amount of charge in the Star of Unity has nothing to do with what you receive.  The amount of charge can be 0/200,000 and the item can still be traded for the Lvl 50 weapon.

    Originally posted by attackofme at 17-12-2007 11:16
    just to clear up the 50+ weapon

    it is not random:all weapons have their base stats +more stats. in other words a voyager always gets a blade of torment and every time their is at least +5 spr AND +7 random stat below are all possibilities
    +5spr +7 con
    +5spr +7 str
    +5spr +7 agi
    +5spr +7 acc
    +12 spr
    there is also the rarest of them all
    +12 spr +7 con

    (Thanks for the info attackofme & MGLNanoha for clearing up some info)

    Talauna's City NPC Maps!

    Compiled by/Guide by Mikan

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