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This guide credits to 9309067875 ( Original Page )

I haven't found this anywhere else, so i thought 'whatever, could as well do it'

This is a guide on how to become good at selling stuff to other more or less intelligent beings! Since this is more about psychology, there is no exact shemes and rules, but more a gathering of my own experiences and tactics.

The Stalling Guide of DOOM - Your Guide to a Successful Business!

1. Set Stall is a lifeskill, can be bought from grocer NPC's in the main cities and requires at least one lifeskill point to learn blah, blah, blah. Now, thats gotten over with.

2. For you who doesn't know, Set Stall is a bit different than the other lifeskills. It enables you to set up a stall with itemsthat other players can buy from, pretty much a skill to make trading easier. Just drag the items you want to sell into the stall window and write quantity and unit price.

3. Never. Ever. Scam.
Scamming is a way too common sight and it's so extremely unneccesary. If you like the game, then dont spoil the fun for others. If you dont like it, it's really stupid to waste time trying to get rich on it, and you should get a life instead.

That is the basic stuff, now to the psychology.

Naming The Stall:
Get a stall name that makes people look. I used to name my stall 'A 200 Megawatt Plasma Gun', and I really got visitors.
Although, it's not a good idea to have a name like 'lv.13 fairy - just 30k!!' when you actually sell hair stuff. You will get visitors, but not the right visitors.

If you just sell two or three items, lets say New Sheepskin Scroll, Rhino Hide Armor and Voodoo Doll, you can say those ('NSS, lv.30swordsman, voodoo'). If you happen to sell the NSS unusually cheap (lets say 15 k) you can have 'NSS for 15k and more'.

Another important thing is to double-check the spelling, and perhaps write capital first letters in some words.
'Pet Fairy with Skills - 1500 k' looks much better than 'fayr wit skil 1500k'.

Choosing you Location:
Another important part. What locations are good depends very much on what you sell. For example, if you have equips to sell, you should travel to the city where the class is (swordsman/explorer - Argent, hunter - Icicle, herbalist - Shaitan), and then set stall close to the taylor NPC in the city, and put the equipment name/class and lv in the stall name. This should mean anyone who wants the equipment you sell will buy it from you rather than the NPC, as long as you sell it cheaper.

The same goes for weapons, although you now should choose a location near the local blacksmith (pretty obvious). Also, remember that you aren't so close to an NPC that you cover the symbol on the minimap when you set stall, because then you cant set the stall, and you will have to do it all again.

If you just sell mixed drop stuff, set the stall in a place that looks funny and go with a catchy title. You can for example set it over one of those lampposts in argent, so that the stall 'offers' the lamppost, and then title the stall 'Cheap Lampposts' or so. It is also a good idea to set stall in the places where there are lots of other stalls, since thats where people go when they want to buy stuff.

A clever thing i saw someone do once was to set stall in pirate hideout and sell NSS. If people get unvaluable stuff on their treasure hunt, want to try again but are out of NSS its much easier to pay 5 k more than to go back to a city, look all over it for cheap NSS, and then return to pirate hideout.

Well, this is the trickiest part! First, look at other peoples stalls to see what prices they have on the items, and then try to make your prices a bit lower, but still high enough to make it worth selling them. If someone sells an item for 6 000, you could sell it for 5 500. Some people would try to sell for 5 999, but that just looks patethic to the customers.

There is a mean and fun thing that may give you customers; Lets say you see someone sell, for example, fairy coins for 150 g each, and you have a bunch of fairy coins too, you can set stall close to him/her and sell your fairy coins for 100 g, but it is important to say it in the stall name. This is an easy way to steal customers.

Another good-to-know thing is that the price you sell stuff to NPC's for is exactly 1/2 of the price they would sell it to you. This means if you have a piece of equipment to sell that the NPC pays 2000 for, players would buy it from NPC's for 4000, and both you abnd the customer will gain profit if you sell it for 3000.

Also, if you have two or more stacks of an item (example: 99 blurry blueprints, and 47 blurry blueprints), you can place the 47 ones first and sell for about 100g cheaper than the stack of 99. That will make some customers think 'ohmygosh! Those are extra cheap! Gotta buy them fast!'

Also, here is a list of the lowest prices for common items i've seen. Help with this list would be appreciated. (black sea)

Blurry Blueprint - 700 g
New Sheepskin Scroll - 25 000 g
Level 0 Fairy - 450 000 g
Wood - 200 g
Sashimi - 200 g
Elven Fruit - 150 g
Fairy Coin - 50 g
Mini Amplifier Of Strive - 5 000 g
Pet Stat Items (Shaitan Biscuit, Argent Mango etc..) - 300 000 g
Pink Pearl - 15 000 g

I hope this guide was helpful, Thanks for your attention and sorry for my grammar errors. Have a nice day.

~ ArtisticPlatypus

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