Secrets of Hexathlon

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Secrets of Hexathlon


Ok. First of all I wanna say I dont intend to modify or change Yotubs Hexathlon guide which i consider as pretty good. But since 99,999% of questions I answered recently was about Hex I decided to write them all down and ill give all the questioning players the link.

What is Hex?
Hexathlon or shortly Hex (Hexa) is regular TOP event in which people compete in six different disciplines/quests trying to obtain huge amounts of exp.

How does it work???
Hex starts in shaitan in certain time period,then it moves to argent where players are doing quests
Concerned with abandoned mine haven/andes and event ends in icicle creating hex parties.

Does it mean I can do it only once a week???
Absolutely not. One set of 6 quests is called round. After finishing round u can go back to starting point and start a new round,only condition is that u have to beginn new round before the specific 2 hours time period is over.
There are 2 hexes in Saturday (GMT 4) and players can do both hexes - (depends on your time zone if u wanna do both or just 1).
The second hex starts 10 hours after end of first hex.

Where to start hex???
U can start hex at npc Wowo in Shaitan – 846 , 3499 in specific time.

When is hex???
There are 2 hexes in Saturday :
First from 11.00-13.00 am GMT 4, Second 23.00-1.00 am GMT 4 (9.9.2009).
Means for example:
Greece: First 18.00 -20.00 pm, Second 6.00-8.00 am.
Philippines: First 22:00 - 0:00 pm, Second 10:00-12:00 am.
Slovakia : First 17.00 -19.00 pm, Second 5.00-7.00 am.

More info about times can be find in updated version :
Winter times: Link
Summer times: Link

Id like to ask all the people to tell me their hexing time,of course all credits for hard work to u.

How long is it ,,open“???
2 hours, all tries to start new round after this time are denied.

I heard there are different quests in 1st and 2nd hex. Is that true???
Used to be, but not anymore. Both hexes have same quests atm (10.9.2009).

May I take round before time is up and finish it later???
Yes u can. Very useful to those who reached certain level but have problem to compete others in their current condition.

What things I need for 1 round???
For one round of hex u need: 1 ticket to shaitan,1 to icicle,3 to argent,2 old tickets (or 1 ticket to silver mine 2/3 or ticket to andes forest haven.), 1 super candy stick, 3 wood, 3 sashimi, 3 iron ore, 5 fairy signets and probably 5,4 – 15,4 k of gold.

What are the quests???
6 tasks in total: 1. deliver letter from 1 npc in shaitan to another
2. bring super candy stick to npc in argent
3. kill 20 elks (lvl 31) or 20 pumpkins (lvl 46)
4. bring 3 wood,3 iron ore,3 sashimi to npc at abandoned mine haven
5. bring 5 elven signets to npc in argent
6. make hex party in icicle – means party of 1 person 20-30,1 person 31-40,1 person 41+

What can u tell me about 1st quest???
Wowo asks u to deliver letter – make sure u have 1 free room to accept the letter and u are
supposed to deliver it to npc Guile.
Click to see full size

What can u tell me about 2nd quest???
Guile asks u to deliver Super Candy Stick to nurse Gina in argent.

What can u tell me about 3rd quest???
Quest itself is called first stopper – cause depending on your luck u can do it very very very long time,
What will affect the ammount of rounds ull make.
The nurse Gina will ask u to kill 20 elks lvl 31 – if u are lvl 40 and below.

The nurse Gina will ask u to kill 20 pumpkin knights lvl 46 in silver mine 2 or 3 – if u are lvl 41 and upper. Althought she says SILVER MINE u can fullfill it in andes as well.
Here is silver mine style:

Note: ive heard there were recent changes in positions of pumpkins in Silver mine and since those pictures are bit old plz check forumteller´s
info about their positions :
Silver Mine 2&3 Maps - New Pumpkins' Location

Andes forest style:

TIP: Save respawn point in andes and use old tickets to get here quickly and make parties, since no
matter who kills pumpkin,whole party will get kill. Btw dont disperse party into huge area or the
teamwork killing bonus isnt working.

What can u tell me about 4th quest?
U need to bring 3 wood, 3 iron ore and 3 sashimi to npc Greg in Abandoned Mine Haven.
Gregs coordinates are 1883, 2805 argent.

What can u tell me about 5th quest???
Greg will ask u to deliver 5 elven signets to npc Forbei in Argent.

What can u tell me about 6th quest???
6 th task also called 2 nd stopper – since this quest can become helllike quite easy.
The quest is to create hex party consisting of at least 1 member level 20-30,
at least 1 member 31-40 and at least 1 member 40+ . This party must be stationed in icicle (all members have to be in icicle) and then come to NPC Ray – 1365 , 570 icicle.
There are 2 types of parties u can meet in icicle where ppl sell parties usually 30 mins before,during and 30 mins after hex.

TIP: If possible ask people selling parties to pay lets say 10 rounds before start and rest to pay after hex,only if u trust people selling them or ask in guild if there is private hex party in icicle.

Done,what now???
If it isnt end of the time period,go to shaitan (reason for having shaitan tix in inventory) and
talk to Wowo to start new round. Of course,nobody forces u...

How much stuff should i get???
I reccomend to get stuff for 20 rounds with u – my max was 17 rounds but u never know,when friend
Will need signets or wood...
20 rounds means: 20 super candy stick, 60 wood (3 stacks), 60 iron ore (3 stacks), 60 sashimi
(4 stacks), 20 tickets to shaitan , 20 to icicle, 40 old tickets, 60 to argent.

Where to put all things in inventory???
I usually get supplies for 20 rounds with me,so here is little inspiration:

I am shooting on pumpkin,but with no effect,not even miss and I stop at every tree... Why?
Lag lag lag. Shooting and not killing nor missing is called ,,empty shot“ its simple lag but can be dangerous,especially when there are people trying to ks (kill-steal) u. And about trees... try to
Run on pathway or not close to trees,since close to tree+hit by mob=almost certain lag.

All things are so expensive. Is there a way how to make it cheaper?
Sure,all depends on how many things u can get yourself. Instead of using Silver mine 2 or 3 tickets u can try to hex in andes as well, sashimi,iron ore,wood can be harwested very easily. Candy u can get from award center,or as reward in club. Signets – 1 signet for 60 growth of pet (1st gen) so if u plvl pet ull kill 2 flies in 1 strike... If u can handle dual without mayor lag u can team up with friend who has same option and make constant hex party. Oh and one thing,collect dropped stuff – higher lvls or busy poeple dont care about peacooks boots (10 k!) and mushroom soup (500 g), if u collect them u can really reduce the price for round.
PS: If u have to buy almost all stuff for hex,buy on Sunday or Monday when the stuff is cheap,cause its long time till next hex.

How to make hex faster???
1. Buy tickets – argent ,shaitan,... in advance and many of them. No point in arguing ull have to teleport to argent and so on
anyway so dont waste time on walking to teleporter.
2. Do 3rd task in andes instead of silver mine – less people here.
3. Make good team – 2 people with dual and invite strong people, stay in sync.
4. Go to andes mine BEFORE hex and set your respawn point there – u can tele here using cheap old tickets and u can tele to aband
mine haven to 4th task quickly.
5. Avoid trees... Ehm,dont get too close to them, tree+hit by mob = lag.
6. Use Speeed neckie.
7. Make deal with people selling hex party BEFORE hex or ask friends to make u party.
8. Get stuff for more rounds than u can handle.
9. Dont waste time talking or trading things.
10. Dont hesitate to kick lazy people from 3rd task party – GOLD RULE IS – if u wanna stay,kill!!!
11. Make 3rd task parties...

I lag like hell during hex,can I do something with it???
Of course and there is several things:

1. Stop Wyvern,BitLord,Azzureus or whatever downloading u do.
2. Close all not necessary applications.
3. Close World,Trade and local channel – use local only if needed.
4. Try to have 1,max 2 accounts on during hex.
5. Press ctrl + b - it hides players models,it reduces lag especially in big cities like argent and icicle.

TIP: When I wanna get more ,,juice“ from my PC I turn off all not necessary applications and open
a movie ,then I pause it and minimalize ,PC is faster ,game is faster...

Is there any way how to earn Money on hex???
Hell yeahXD Selling Mine 2,3 ,Andes,Aband. Mine 2 tickets, selling wood,ore,sashimi, signets
And if u can handle dual selling hex parties.

I went andes,but still cant keep up with people here,what should I do?
Go to andes on last minutes of hex – probably last 30 mins if u have trouble,since most people are doing hex first 90 mins and fight pumpkins one on one if needed,if u die ull lose important time.

What about alternative guides?
Here are links to some guides I really like - saying without any irony,
I really think they are good and may be some use to u. Doesnt mean there
arent different and good guides as well...
Here we go:

Yotubs ... 26amp%3Btypeid%3D22

Revengemalices ... 26amp%3Btypeid%3D22

Sunsangels - something about 6th task parties ... highlight=hexathlon

NOTE: Whole thread was based on my experience. With help of ppl mentioned
in special thanks list. Really really really thank you all
Thats all folks Plz all adds,question,bad words write into this thread.

Special thanks to:
Oxford Dictionary
Yotub – for inspiration
pol37073 – for his maps of silver mine 2,3
bloodsinnerken - for hex times of Philippines
louwn2 - for correction
forumteller - for updated maps of pumpkin positions in silver mine

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