[Class] Pure Sea Voyager Guide

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Views: Date: Sep 19 2007 07:07:09
This guide credits to NeXeN, the PKO official forum ( Original Page )
An simple Guides on skill build & Leveling spots for pure sea Voyager


(A)Skill Builds

(B) Leveling spot

This is my skill build for pure sea voyager:

9 Alga Entanglement
10 Lightning Curtain
10 Current
10 Tail Wind
10 Conch Armor

Pure Support Voyager for Large Sea Battles

This will be the set of skills that i Will get.

10 Current
10 Tail Wind
10 Whirlpool
10 Fog
10 Conch Armor

Leveling Spots:

From lv1-45 either you gets someone to plvl you/Train at the sea.

20-27: Sea Weeds lv26 and Jellys lv 27.
27-41: Berserk Sea Jelly/Tempest Sea Jelly. lv36
41-43: This 2 level is quite hard, you can go to Jack the Pirate’s Support Ship lv49/Jack the Pirate’s Warship lv50 at magical ocean. Or Chameleon Squid lv39/Great Polliwog lv39 at Deep Blue.
43-52: This is the Period you will level the fastest. Kill Old Sawtooth Shark lv51/White Finned Shark lv52/Spearhead Shark lv53.
52-53: Magical Ocean 3900.3250 Decaying Fish Bone lv61/Big Eyed Polliwog lv61
53-56: Magical Ocean 3900.3900 Evil Great Polliwog lv62/Great Feral Polliwog lv62
56-59: Magical Ocean 3500.2640 Berserk Tempest Sea Jelly lv64/Old Ruby Dolphin lv65.
59-63: Deep Blue 1400.2150 Dark Blue Siren lv68/Magical Ocean 3600.2250 Old Ruby Dolphin lv68.
63-69:Magical Ocean 3750.1675 Ancient Siren lv72/Deep Blue 1400.2100 Beardy Pirate Command Ship lv73

*Any suggestion or mistake here please fell free to correct me.

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