[Leveling] A Guide to Sea-Leveling in Ascaron!

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This guide credits to diamondmedley ( Original Page )
Now with actual sea-monsters at the coordinates!

Because the coordinates given out by the Tales of Pirates monsters encyclopedia is so useless, I have set out to at least give players a chance to maybe find some monsters at sea without having to check every single inch of water. This guide is an overview of how I have leveled at sea and how I think other players should to save themselves time and rack up some incredible experience points with no trouble at all!

A few notes before we begin! This guide is not just for explorers! Any character can go out to sea and fight. This guide doesn't require a max on Alga Entanglement or a high level boat! Sea monsters have great drops, you will usually get 400+ XP just for killing
the weakest, and you can fight sea monsters without ever getting hurt if you're careful and smart! This guide is for players from level 15 up, but I don't think it will be much help for you after level 40 because after that, the experience gained from non-aggressive sea monsters might not make that much of a dent in your experience. Not being level 40+, I couldn't really tell you, but for lower level players looking for an easy way to level this could be an excellent idea! Let's begin!

Pros of Sea-Leveling
- Easy and high experience for every monster
- Very few people in the water makes for a lot of monsters to go around
- Great drops that can have a very high resale value
- No damage done to your character

Cons of Sea-Leveling
- Costs are high to start and to maintain a ship
- You cannot walk away from the computer when you're at sea
- You will be alone a lot of the time (unless you're partying at sea)

I. A boat
- To explore at sea, you first need a boat! That will be your first expense! For a Guide about where to buy a boat, please see Chase850's Guide On How To Buy And Use A Boat. Make sure that you build the boat in Ascaron, since this is a guide in Ascaron, and make sure to equip your boat with a Fishing Net! A Guppy will put you out at least 9990g, but I would advise if you can to give it the highest fuel capacity and the highest durability you can. I use a Transporter but the difference isn't even remarkable, I don't think.

II. Fishing
- Make sure you've done enough lifeskill quests to get at least 2 lifeskill points! In order to fish Bountiful Fish Swarms, you must have level 2 fishing, and the difference between Fish Swarms and Fish Swarms - Bountiful is very big! For a guide to complete the Life Quests, please see Story Quest. It shouldn't take you too long to accrue 2 lifeskill points. Once you've gotten your 2 points and bought the Fishing book for 1000g, you can check out dwolfy's guides Life Skills Detailed Guide - Intro and Life Skills Detailed Guide - Fishing to find out more about lifeskills.

III. To Sea!
- Now that you have acquired a boat and the Fishing lifeskill, you are ready to go to sea!
- If you'd like, you can either buy or chop some wood and load it into your boat. The closest freight person is at Rockery Haven, I believe, and it's easy enough to teleport there from Abandoned Mine Haven. Wood is bundled in groups of 10, so for every 10 wood, you get 1 bundle of wood on your boat! It heals quick a lot of damage when used at sea, but you aren't going to be far from a docking point in this guide, so it's merely precautionary on your part!

A. Docks
- As a sea-traveler, it is a really good idea to know the general direction of important landmasses. The most important of these is docking points and havens! The main docking points I use are: Argent City (2243, 2826), Zephyr Isle (3253, 3301), and the main havens I use are: Albania Haven (1497, 1707) and sometimes Sarah Haven (3097, 3530). To find other isles/havens, please refer to NPC list [Ascaron] and the PKO/TOP Maps. At a Haven, you don't actually dock, but there are Harbor Operators that will repair and refuel your ship. At a dock, you can leave your boat and explore the island, but do not leave the safe zone! Island monsters are extremely high levels and are very aggressive! They will kill you if you let them.

B. Fishing
- There are several good fishing spots that not many people know about. It's just a matter of hunting them down. In open water, there are not many, but around isles and other landmasses, you can find some.
- Around Argent City fishing is very popular. You will probably not easily find a spot where a fisher isn't camped. But, if you are lucky, there are fishing spots close by, just sail straight down from the harbor and to the left of the first tiny landmass you get to. There are about 4 regular Fish Swarms to fish there.
- From your fishing, the most important thing is the fish meat which goes directly into your cargo area. It will give you some fuel for your ship! It gives you less than 100 fuel points, sometimes less than 50, but it can be a ship-saver if you get stuck.
1. Fishing Spots
- Zephyr Isle (3253, 3301) - Sail around Zephyr Isle and you will find 6 or more Bountiful Fish Swarms where there are no aggressive monsters at all. Stick close to the land, because at the south of the Isle there are extremely aggressive lvl56 Silk Sharks that will kill you in one or two hits. If you hang close to shore, you will avoid these sharks and find very good fishing spots.
- Ascaron (3245, 3401) - There are lvl51 Old Sawtooth Sharks at the top of this fishing area, so it's best to come in from the bottom of it, but as long as you don't fish directly next to the Sharks, they will leave you well alone, and there are about 10 swarms really close together.
- Ascaron (1575, 730) - Far out but very good fishing, no aggressive monsters around, but be extremely careful getting there! Tons of pirates ships, all level 50 plus.

IV. Sea Monsters in Swarm

- Here is a list of some of the monsters I have found in large numbers around Ascaron. Unlike the coordinates listed on the ToP website, these monsters are actually, for the moment, at these locations. Sometimes they are spread out over a large area, but you will definitely find at least 3 of these monsters at each location, but I've tried to list spots where I have found a ton of monsters for you to fight.

A. Technique
- There is a certain technique to fighting at sea. You can actually kill sea monsters that are not aggressive without them seeing you, basically, you're going to kill them using Stealth! To do this, put as much space between you and the monster you want to kill. Make sure there are no monsters that are going to come between you and your line of fire. Hold down Ctrl and click near the monster, sending a cannonball into the water. The water will splash the monster, and sea monsters are so delicate that the water will do damage to them. This is called Splash Damage, and if you are careful not to get too close and don't hit them anywhere but on their closest side to you, the monster will perish without you ever noticing! To give credit, I first read about this from thruthefires' Handy Hints Compiled.
- If the monster notices you, turn tail and flee unless it looks like just one more hit will do it.
- Fight monsters that are as high as you can without fighting monsters with the ??? as their level. If you fight a monster whose level is not revealed to you, you get drastically reduced experience! At lvl25, I killed some l??? (actually lvl37) Ruby Dolphins and only got 326 experience, but killing lvl33 Ocean Water Dancers was getting 800+ experience, so just watch your experience to see how much you're getting and don't waste time with monsters that are way too high!

IV. Sea Monsters in Swarm cont.
B. Sea Monster Guide

Seaweed - lvl 25
non-aggressive, do not attack at all
2495, 3233; 2750, 3262

Wild Seaweed - lvl 25
2495, 3233; 2750, 3262

Sea Jelly - lvl 26
1395, 1720

Floating Seaweed - lvl 26
around Zephyr Isle (3253, 3301) on the fishing route

Skeleton Fish - lvl 27
3835, 3290

Icky Seaweed - lvl 27
3835, 3290

Baby Squid - lvl 28
3245, 3401 (beware of sharks around here)

Electric Sea Jelly - lvl 32
1950, 2250; 1975, 3870

Ocean Water Dancer - lvl 33
1975, 3870

Vicious Baby Squid - lvl 33
1410, 710

Evil Water Dancer - lvl 34
1925, 2300 (these are very spread out)

Poisonous Sea Jelly - lvl 35
1620, 2000; 1410, 710

Ruby Dolphin - lvl 37
1545, 3335 (very spread out, not many here)

Blackout Squid (also listed as Blackarrow Squid) - lvl 37
1545, 1900

Fish Bone - lvl 38
2260, 1238 (very few but fishing around here)

Old Sawtooth Shark - lvl 51
3245, 3400

Sakura 13 Support Ship - lvl 54
1810, 1480 (tons here, sail east in a straight line)

Sakura 13 Warship - lvl 55
1810, 1480 (tons here, sail east in a straight line)

Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship - lvl 58
1810, 1480 (tons here, sail east in a straight line)

For now, these are the coordinates I've found for good hunting places. I am almost always at sea trying to find new creatures to fight now a day. I spend most of my time hunting between Argent City and Zephyr Isle. I leveled my Ami from 25 to 30 in at most 2 hours. I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to do this on land. I sell most of my drops to NPC's, but things to save are dyes, juices and fruits, Hairstyling books,, scissors/combs/gels, high level corals (3+), crystals, thing that are either useful to you or useful to others. Most of the useless drops are worth 30+ gold a piece, so if you kill a few hundred, you'll be making back enough to buy fuel and repairs.

Anyway, that's my guide! If you know of any good swarms of sea monsters some where and are willing to share, please post here or PM so that I can add them to my list! I am hoping eventually to uncover secrets in Deep Blue and Magical Ocean, but for now, you'll find me in Ascaron!

EDIT: added more monster locations and another fishing spot

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