[Sea & Commerce] Salvaging Guide / FAQ v0.3

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This guide credits to pohl, from the official forum ( Original Page )
Note this is only my second time writing a guide for a MMO

Well lets start of with whats salvaging in this game. In Pirate King Online(PKO), salvaging is a way of making in a short amount of time.

What do you need?(Requirements)

- Be level 15 or 20 at least
- A ship equiped with a mechanical arm
- 1 lifeskill point for the salvaging skill
- Money
- Commerce Pass (you don't need it but its good if you do the quests for it to lower the taxes)

Why do you need to be lvl 15 or lvl 20?

Because you need to be atleast lvl 15 to buy a ship.
It seems you need to be lvl 20 to obtain the commerce pass.(As I said above you don't need it, but doing the quests after you get it lowers teh commerce tax getting you more profit. So I suggest you get it too)

Where can I get the salvaging skill book?
You can buy them for 1,000 at any grocer in all the cities(Shaitan, Icicle, Argent, and Thundoria).

Where can I find the grocer?
I'll answer this for those who are too lazy to look at site:

Argent City - Grocery Jimberry(2232, 2729)
Thundoria Castle - Grocery Kudu (725, 1551)(not sure if this one really sells skills will check later)
Magical Ocean
Shaitain City - Grocery Amos (840, 3585)
Deep Blue
Icicle City - Grocery Palpin (1356, 483)
Spring Town - Grocery Luna (3279, 2501)(never been here will check later)

I bought the skill book but it doesn't work/I can't learn it when I double click on it
You need lifeskill points to learn the skill.

How do I get lifeskill points?
Do the story quest. Here is a guide to the story quest by Snowy. Read it!

What kind of ship should I buy?
First of all you can only buy ships if you meet the level requirements(lvl 15, 20, 30, 40, and 45)
When you are looking for a ship to buy for salvaging, look for the fastest and the one that can carry alot. Of course if you are an explorer with the Current Skill.

Ships(Info from Snowy's guide and in game NPCs)
I will only list my adviced ships for salvaging:

Guppy (Lv 15)
Attack : 204 / 307
Speed : 460
Durability: 2280 / 2280
Fuel: 560 / 560
Fuel Usage : 1
Firing Rate : 79
Defense : 46
Cargo Slots: 0 / 24
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 11564

Transporter (Lv 20)
Attack : 255/383
Speed : 480
Durability: 2925/2925
Fuel: 660/660
Fuel Usage : 1
Firing Rate :94
Defense : 57
Cargo Slots: 0 / 24
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 20150

Flying Fish (Lv 30)
Attack : 307/461
Speed : 500
Durability: 3025/3025
Fuel: 1300/1300
Fuel Usage : 1
Firing Rate : 109
Defense : 82
Cargo Slots: 0 / 24
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 32632

Torrent (Lv 35)
Attack : 257/386
Speed : 560
Durability: 6082/6082
Fuel: 1400/1400
Fuel Usage : 2
Firing Rate : 124
Defense : 127
Cargo Slots: 0/32
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 50091

Goddess (Lv 40)
Attack : 288/432
Speed : 570
Durability: 7441/7441
Fuel: 2300/2300
Fuel Usage : 3
Firing Rate : 155
Defense : 78
Cargo Slots: 0/32
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 71740

Eagle (Lv 45)
Attack : 318/478
Speed : 575
Durability: 8945/8945
Fuel: 2300/2300
Fuel Usage : 3
Firing Rate : 154
Defense : 183
Cargo Slots: 0/32
Money needed (For Top equipment) : 99329

If you want to look at the stats of the ships I did not list look over at Life Skill and Sea Commerce Guide by Snowy

Remember to equip/add the mechanical arm or you won't be able to salvage


What is a Commerce Pass?
It is sort of a license or pass you need to be able to trade with the traders of each cities. Again I want to reiterate that you don't really need this (thank you UlitimaVyse). But having this and doing the quest does lower the tax, so you earn more profit.

Where can I get one?
Currently you can only get a Commerce Pass at Shaitan City. Heres how:
Snowy wrote:
Commerce Pass
You can obtain your beginner Commerce Pass at level 20 at the following place :
Trader - Sidorf : 799, 3659 (ShaiTan - Magical Ocean)

It can be exchanged to intermediate Commerce Pass with the beginner Commerce Pass Tax down at 20%

To obtain the first Commerce Pass, you'll need 40 wood (From woodcutting)
After obtaining a pass, you can do quests to lower the Tax rate.

I have everything above. Now where can I salvage

The best place for salvaging is in Magical Ocean. So get your ship to Shaitan City/Harbor, and start salvaging around the area. Coords are:


I'm not gonna list the coords for the other maps/cities, but you can find them here

How do I salvage?

Step 1- Get to your ship.

pirate king online guide
Find the Harbor Operator in the city your ships is moored at. in this case my ship is in Shaitan. The Harbor Operator - Mark is at (823, 3698). Talk to him(left click on him).

pirate king online guide
I window should like the picture above should open after you click on him. You can see alot of options/choices. Most of them are very obvious. So since we want to get on our ship we choose the Set Sail option.

pirate king online guide
We now get this window. Here you will get a list of all the ships you have moored in the city/harbor. It shows the ships name and status(if its out of fuel/in dire need of repairs). Now click on the ship you want to use(the one equipped with the mechanical arm)....and Voila! you are now in your ship ready to set sail.

Step 2 - Getting your bearings.

My ship is full of cargo from the goods I salvaged, where do I take them?
You have to sell them at the NPC Trader in any of the cities/harbors, in this case if you are at Shaitan talk to Trader Sidorf (799, 3659 ). Keep in mind that the commerce tax still applies to salvaged items as well.

How do I lower the tax?
Do the quests from Sidorf.

That's all for now, I'll add more later when I get the screenshots I need

UltimaVyse for info on the Commerce Pass
Snowy for most of the ship info and salvage coords.

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