[Ships] Revive Your Sunked Ship Guide

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Views: Date: Jul 18 2007 04:01:07
This guide credits to JessZetaX ( Original Page )
This guide is about how to Salvage your Ship that you lost in sea.

[Note: To See the image Better Click on It.]

1.   Open Your Inventory
2.   Point on your Ship [ Veesel Deed ]
3.   Right Click on it


4.   Look at Where your Ship was last Docked before you died.


5.   If your ship was not docked in a town but instead docked at an Isle
      you have to go to (Argent City 2247, 2852)
      And Talk to "Silvius" she will warp you to the Iland for 5k (2,000)


6.   After you do all the steps and your on the place where
      you last docked your ship.

      The Last Thing to do is look for the Harbor Operator and
      ask she/he to "Salvage" your ship.

      Then you have your ship back.

      Happy Sailing

Added Info from dwolfy's quote.

If your Ship is Docked at "Misterious Harbor"
Go at Shaitan City 828, 3705
Talk to Obscure Harbor Operator
and choose "Set Sail" If it need to be salvage
before Seting sail then Pick Salvage.

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