[Newbie] Reputation for Bonus Guide

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Reputation for Bonus

What is in this guide?
1. Introduction. (I'm not good in that)
2. What is Reputation for Bonus?
3. How to get Reputation/How to change into Credits?
4. What is Award Center?
5. End of the Guide.


Hello all!

I looked around, and saw a view questions about Reputation for Bonus. So I started this little Guide.
But you have to know.. This is my first guide. I hope it's usefull! (It is not with Screenshots, if you want Screenshots, tell me. I'll make them and Edit this Thread)

What is Reputation for Bonus

Reputation for Bonus is a way to get free and easy Credits. It's not verry hard to get, and after you have it, you will see it was it worth. So.. Reputation for Bonus is a way to get free and easy Credits.

How to get Reputation/How to change into Credits?

It's not verry hard to get Reputation. If you know it, it will be verry easy. I'll explain how to get Reputation and change it into Credits in 8 steps.

1. First find a Disciple. (Left mouseklick on player behind lvl 41, and klick on " Disciple ") Than he/she have to accept you. If he/she accepted you, you have a Disciple.

2. Party the Disciple. (Left mouseklick on your Disicple and klick on " Party Invite ") Than you have to level the Disciple. You can do that on different ways. Like kill SandBags, or kill Mobs. At evry level that you leveled him, you get Reputation. Evry level it is more. You can see your Reputation to klick ingame on Alt+A.

3. If you think you have enough Reputation, than got to http://www.top.igg.com/credit/index.php.

4. If you are on the site, than log in on your Account.

5. Select your server.

6. Select your Character. (The one where the Reputation on is)

7. There you can see what is your Reputation, and how many Credits you get from your Reputation. Than klick on "Exchange Now".

8. Than you can choose.
A. If you want to the page Program Page, klick on " Return to Program Page ".
B. If you want to the Homepage, klick on: " Return to Homepage ".
C. If you want to the Award Center, klick on " Return to Award Center ".

What is Award Center?

Award Center is the place where you can buy things of your Credits. If you have enough Credits, you can buy things there from your Credits. So... Do you think you have enough Credits for something? Than go to Award Center and buy something. Take a look in Award Center at http://www.top.igg.com/bill/amark_item.php for more information, or just for looking.

End of the Guide

This is the end of my Guide. I hope it was usefull. It taked me pretty much time to make it. And if you want more Guides about Credits, tell me. Because I will make them for you. And if you want this Guide with Screenshots, tell me too. I'll Edit this guide with Screenshots to explain it easier. And yes.. This is a little Guide, but it was my first time, and I did my best for it.

Thank you for reading it.

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