[Class] Realistic Sea Voyager

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Views: Date: Jul 12 2007 04:07:07
This guide credits to boling ( Original Page )
The basics:
ok, let's get things started. As i have mentioned before in my other posts, you should choose Ami for the sole reason that she has an extra equipment available (namely hats) meaning that she can easily best other voys because of the bonuses from her hat.

The build:
my guide is pretty different from other guides for sea voys because i have found that:
1. sea-monsters are located far from the towns, and it's hard to move quickly to and fro the hunting location...
2. the best life-skill combination to go with sea voys are fishing and repair (with woodcutting to make sure u could obtain wood even when u don't have enough money to buy from other players)
3. sea voys needs lots of money for ships and skills
4. damage derived from a pure spr build is better from a con where the formula for damage difference (for 2 chars of the same lvl) is roughly: (spr difference)*10
this means that if you have 5 spr with a 10 lvl litening bolt, u would do less 450 damage from a lvl 10 litening bolt cast by a 50 spr voy of the same level.
this consideration is very important in choosing whether u want to become a pvp build or a solo hunter. in a pvp build you should simply spend more stat points on con as to make sure u dont die to easily, but when u want to solo hunt easily, u should go IMHO pure spr (assuming there is no lag). for my own char, i don't go by the 1:3 or 1:4 principle, i just put 1 or 2 cons once in a while to hold off monsters that i am hunting (usually my lvl+5 or more) just to make sure that i don't die instantly.
5. damage at sea is highly dependent on the ship, meaning that u should save up for a good ship and stick with it. buy the ship with the best attack, don't mind durability and stuff because we want to be able to kill the enemy ASAP before it gets out of our algae entanglement meaning that if u have good attack, u don't need durability as they will never hurt you. only hunt aggro in mobs when u have the litening curtain.

Now some ppl go for algae as soon as they can, but IMHO it is a waste of good skill points and hunting ability.
the best way IMHO is to remain a land lubber until u are 45 where u could buy the best ship available making hunting at sea that much easier.

The skills: pure spr, spend 2 skill points on diligence, than max lightning bolt until lvl 8 only! this is important if u wanna become a sea voy, if u wanna stay a landlubber, than max that skill.

as usual lvling 1-5 at newbie guide
6-10 near the cities (just kill everything u meet from shrubs to bees and such)
11-15 hunt those marsh spirits, lambs, camels, hopping lizards (stay away from aggros)
16-20 now that u have some LB (litening bolt), go hunt phantom trees, angelic pandas, and other 1-hit kills, whichever u like
21-25 hunt those snow dolls (all kinds), mad boars, and kangaroos (should be 1-hit kills by now). take care when hunting aggros.
26-30 hunt mad boars, snow dolls, and start at the abandon mine to hunt ninja and miner moles, don't go to the mud men and bats, they're not worth your bolts.
31-40 stay at the mines, they IMHO gives the best experience and are easy to hunt (1 hit kills when u are pure spr with lvl 8 litening at this point)

do the second advancement (shouldn't be hard)

and then buy a ship OR preferably lvl up to 45 (to buy the great white)
you could achieve this easily by teaming up with ppl or soloing golems, treants, etc... u can't 1 hit kill anymore, so choose golems or treants that moves slowly so that u could run easily and hit them twice with ur lightning bolt.

go buy your white shark, and start clearing the sea of monsters.

Life skills:
do the quest ONLY when u have reached lvl 40 (to make things easy), get about 3 life points (all u need), and spend them on fishing, repair and (optional, as explained above) woodcutting. To make life easier, spend 2 on fishing so that u could fish better spots.
Why do we need this you ask? because, by having fishing and repair, you wouldn't need to dock for years as u could refuel and repair at sea...

Job skills:
as i mentioned before, get 2 diligence, 8 bolts.
if hunting becomes hard, get the 2 current and 5 tornado -> use tornado to save urself when hunting on land
then put some into algae (8 if u plan to leave land by 45, 3 if u plan to leave at 40), and save the rest for lightning curtain (max it).
as u may have noticed, i didn't spend any on conch armor etc YET because i want to max my solo hunting capability first to make sure that i can play anytime and start hunting right away without the hassle of looking for a party or whatever.
AFTER the above mentioned build, u are free to spend what u like, if u are egoistic, max conch armor, but if u want to be a 2nd line attack/support voy, then forget the armor and max the tail wind and other support skills.

The money calculations:
1. your chest should provide you with enough money and equips until you are forty. when u get the H.berry at 20, just sell it, u won't need it for a long long time.
2. just take all the trash u get from hunting and sell them to the npcs, do quests, or whatever to add some money (frankly i feel u should only do quests which don't take u out of your way and waste your time running around -> to do this, just skip all low lvl quests, and come back when all the quest options are available because ur level is already higher, do the quests easily because ur lvl is high, and return to complete the quest to get money and exp).
3. not enough? just cut wood or fish and sell them
4. still not enough? gamble on NSSes
5. because we rely heavily on LBs, we need loads of lightning corals. the calculations are as such (at lvl 8):
a. lvl 1 coral has 100 energy, each LB drains about 8 energy -> 12 attacks for each coral. each coral costs 150 (u could resell for 75 at 0 energy) meaning that if u were to use it and dump it, each attacks costs roughly 14 gold; but if you were to resell it, each attack will only cost 7 gold.
b. lvl 2 coral has 900 energy -> 112 attacks. with this coral you should really really resell. costs 5k, resell value 2,5k meaning each attack costs 2500/112 = around 23 gold each
so there are basically 2 strategies: buy loads of lvl 1 corals, leaving only 4 spots for monster drops (to bank all the trash that u will later sell to npcs), hunt only 1 kind of monster, and deleting the corals to make space for monster drops as u go; OR buy 4 lvl 2 corals, bank all the monster trash, NEVER delete the coral and, when inventory is full, go back to NPC to sell empty coral and all that trash
NOTE: IMHO recharging corals are not worth the hassle UNLESS u are already at sea full-time, and u have lvl 4 or lvl 5 corals

have fun exploring guys!

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