[Class] Pure STR Champion Guide

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Well, In my past year in the forum I have seen many guides on champ like con/agi, con etc etc ,however I am a daredevil I like to be unquie so I made a pure str champ, Currently its level 54 so I will keep updating regularly, but right now its not doing too bad quite good infact and it has great primal damage. So if you would like to know more read on.

Skill Distrubution
Note: Get all these skills then max howl and mighty strike
Concentration - 2
Sword Mastery - 3
Break Armor - 4
Tiger Roar - 5
Illusion Slash- 1
Great Sword Mastery - 10
Bloodbull - 10
Primal Rage - 10
Strengthen - 3
Mighty Strike -2
Howl - 1


1.) Furious Gem(+6 dmg):Its a minor gem really, only forge it in low level swords.

2.) Glowing Gem(+ 5 def): An Important gem to remedy for your con

3.) Lustrous Gem(+5 hitrate):You will need this to help your primal so this can be a vital gem

4.) Shining Gem (+100hp): IF you could still 3 socket then I would recommend putting this gem in but u cant.

5.) Shadow Gem(+2 dodge):Just NO

6.) Gem of Rage(+ 5str):Great Gem,helps you break past 100 str.

7.) Gem of Striking(+5 ACC):After forging lustrious gems, this is your next choice to help your primal/

8.) Gem of Wind(+5 AGI):If you can get up to level 5 I recommend buying it; at level 70 you will have max zerk and level 4 slash this will leave you some space to add con

9.) Gem Of Colussus( +5 CON): The most important gem for this class, without it your booty will be good freinds with the floor

10.) Eye of the Black Dragon(+50 min/max dmg):Hell Yes!

11.) Soul of the Black Dragon(+3 Pr):AS Good As colussus,when you get forge it.

12.) Heart of the Black Dragon(+500hp):I might have said that HP didnt matter, however +500hp in your gloves & Boots. I Say FORGE AWAY!

Wannabe Days 1- 40
The first 40 levels are going to be hard; your weak, have no skills & your equips suck. I recommend you get a mentor to help you also buy level 35 unseals with torso apparel for bloodbull effect later. You will also have a tendecy to die unless you have a buffer and somce cakes. DO NOT FORGE! At this level you won't have any important items to forge so there is no point. When you finally hit level 40 I warn you, you WILL need help because these monsters are no joke they will eat you up like cake.

A Real Champion 41+
After you have got an apparel, you MUST buy bloodbull and max it and great sword mastery. At level 45 buy unseals; they will come in handy with defence and leveling. Try to get con raising equips like + 6con boots and gloves, Buy some con rings if you are rich and if you want get a con pet also. When you put your skills add primal then max bloodbull or else you will have alright defense, but no damage. At level 54 you will have maxed primal and become a killer, If you want you do not max mighty strike but add level 4 illusion slash and max zerk which is possible by level 70 however you WILL need a level 5 gem of wind or level 3 with 2 60 agi rings. A STR Champ CAN be strongest of all champs with forging, rings and the best of the best items.

Two Roads Diverged
After you max STR there are two things you can do now; pump con or agi. I chose agi however I will only pump till level 70 and by then I should have a level 3 gem of wind or if im lucky 5 ^^. You can also pump con and forge colussus to raise your tanking near your levels ability. Level 70 is the time you get your major boost as you get your Frame and JoE therefore you can start heavily forging. I recommend pumping agi if not to level 70 then to 65 as you will become a good slasher.

Slasher STR Champ Skill Distrubution:
GSM: 10
Bloodbull: 10
Mighty Strike:2
Illusion Slash: 4
Berserk: 10

Max Berserk before howl or else you will not have a worthy slash till level 75

Tanking STR Champ:
Bloodbull: 10
Strengthen: 10
Mighty Strike: 10

Techincally same skill except for berserk not being there.

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