[Class] Pure Con Champion Guide

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This guide credits to ruse ( Original Page )
Champions are not meant to level up alone.  They suck at it.  That's why lvl 1-40 for a champion is commonly referred to as hell.  So if you want to level up, make friends, it's necessary.  

Pros of pure CON Champ:
Great physical defense.
Don't die easily. (so you don't lose exp very often from death)
Lots of voyagers, not many champs.  So if you're good, finding a party is not that hard.
Low maintenance cost (You don't need potions, you don't need amazing equipment, you don't need corals)

Cons of pure CON Champ:
Weak magical defense.
Cannot level up solo.
Low attack.  

I don't know why but people keep asking about this so...
Max points you can put into a stat is 100.  You can make it higher using equipment and pet.
Max points you can put into a skill is 10, cannot be changed.


Stat Build:
Add only constitution up to max.
Add only strength after that.


Equipment Notes:

I am only concerned with making a good champ.  So i'm gonna asssume you can afford a pet.
Stats: Con only
Skills: Meditate (mandatory), Recovery (optional)

Rings: Defense Rings
Necklace: Physical Resist (wait till lvl 60)
              SP Recovery (lvl 40+)
you can switch between the two, the SP Recovery is better for exp, Physical Resist is better for mazes.


Swordsman Stuff

Just go full con.  Not much there to think about.  People don't complain about your low damage at higher levels.  They just don't really care.  Casting skills frequently is very important, so a SP Recovery Necklace is MANDATORY.  Without this, people will look down on you.  But for now, you probably can't afford it, so you don't really have to buy it.

Level 1-40
Basic Skill Build:
Concentration 2 > Sword Mastery 3 > Taunt 5 > Roar 5 > Break Armor 4 > Tiger Roar 5

Skill Usage: Roar and Taunt are the only skill you use.  The rest of these skills are either passive or useless.

Leveling Area:
I'll start from lvl 15 since none of you should have problems leveling to that point.  
Level 17-23 Killer Mushrooms
19-24 Smugglers
20-27 Sandy Shroom
21-28 Mudman (If you have to solo, solo these)
21-29 Sand Raider
24-31 Rookie Boxeroo
27-33 Mad Boar
32-39 Vampire Bats, Miner Mole, Mud Monster, Ninja Moles (Siver mine 1 and Abandon mine 1)

Up to This point, it is recommended you level up in parties.  Recommended party members are swordsman (lance) and hunters but any class is better at killing than you are.  If you have to tank heavily, you might want to take a shield.  Otherwise, two hand sword is preferrable but dual swords are what you are going to use the most.  

Your main skill is roar.  You might want to invest 1 point in Illusion Slash early on if you want a better attack.  I never did this but it sounds like a good idea.  If your SP runs low, just sit during the battle.  Nobdy cares about your puny attacks.


Premature Champ (lvl 40)

Stats: I kept full CON.  If you want, you can add some STR but i would not recommend it.
My personal experience tells me that at lvl 59, con was still very helpful when fighting at isle of fortune.  You can pump pure con and still find it useful.  

Becoming a Champ:
Quest is self-explanatory when you get it.  Only recommendation is to buy Criss Swords from higher level champs.  Champs get these from box at lvl 40 and throw these away at lvl 45 so there are many people who want to sell them at a discount.  
It is a rather tough quest at level 40 so bring friends to help you out.

Now you are a Champ. You can fight like a Champ but you are not a full pledged champ until you buy a tatoo.  
Use the following skill build for now:

Champ Skill Build:
Basic Skill Build: Greatsword Mastery 5 > Blood Bull 5 > Primal Rage 1 > Blood Bull 10

Skill Usage: Your main skill is Roar, it helps keep monsters together.  Set Roar to a hotkey and hold onto it until all the enemies dies.  Cast taunt whenever you find it useful.

Leveling Areas:
lvl 39-53 Treants (Go right and up from Chaldea Haven until you see a lot of treants.) //Recommended from 39-48
lvl 43-54 Undead Warriors (Go down and left from Thundoria Castle)
lvl 46-58 Tribal Shaman (North of Thundoria Castle)
lvl 49-60 Navy Riflemen (Northern Tip of Isle of Chill) //Recommended 49-59
lvl 59-72 Beardy Pirate Sailor, Beardy Pirate Fighter, Beardy Pirate Militia (Isle of Fortune, near entrance) //Recommended 60+

Time for a brand new spankin strategy.
Gather many enemies to attack you, then run in a small circle to concentrate them.
If the voyager comes near, cast roar. (voyager attacks now)
Taunt the ones that escaped your roar.
Howl for extra damage.

Final Touches: (note that you should know how to get howl by now)

Super Tank:
Roar 10 > Iron Will 10

Illusion Slash 1 > Primal Rage 10 > Illusion Slash 10

Roar 10 > Howl 10 > Primal Rage 10

Maze Type:
Roar 10 > Taunt 10 > Howl 10

My plan:
Primal Rage 10 > Roar 10 > Illusion Slash 10

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