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This guide credits to yanoman, from the official forum ( Original Page )
_________________________________Pet Guide__________________________________
And now, what we've all been looking around for.. drum roll please... *UPDATED 04.16.07

This one's for all those kiddies who've been drooling over pets but are hesitating to get one for reasons like...'do pets die?'

I see the Pet Guide I posted was deleted too. I haven't been around for the past couple of days, here's the 12.28.06 updated post.

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I. Introduction
II. About Pets
  • a.--Acquiring a Pet
    b.--Equiping you Pet
    c.--Stamina and Growth Rate
    d.--Status Fruits and Skill Books

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12.24.06 Stat Fruits and Skill Books section updated
12.27.06 Added FAQ: Which stat should I feed my Pet?
12.28.06 Added FAQ: Do pets actively help you in the game?
12.28.06 Added FAQ: What type of pet should I have for my character?
12.28.06 Edited FAQ: Which skills should I teach my Pet?
12.28.06 Added Summaries at the end of long FAQs.
04.16.07 Edited : Stamina and Growth Rate section.
04.16.07 Edited FAQ : Which skills should I teach my Pet?
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Lots of people have probably been searching for guides about pets in this forum, so here it is, what (probably) everybody has been looking around for. Please note that this guide is indeed far fom completion, as I myself have only started using pets in the game. I will try to explain as much as I know about the Pet system, and of course, I hope to get some contributions from everyone, so we can help ppl who are new with pets.
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Pets aren't just decorations you can wear to make your character look uber cool. Unlike wings, which have definetly no other use except to make other ppl drool in envy, pets give it's owner boosts in status and grant special bonuses, like increase in berserk rate, HP recovery, and so on. And in case there are people who do not know what a pet looks like in-game... -_- it's that small glowing object floating around a character.

Why should I get a pet? Maintaining a pet is indeed quite expensive, so let's list down the pros and cons of having a pet around.

1. Bonus stat points. Everybody wants bonus stat points. Besides having the best equips in the game, its a real boost to have those extra points rite? If you were a crus, and are following the Agi60 only rule, you can juz have urself a +10agi pet and pump ur agi to 50 only, and put the saved stat points elsewhere. We'll discuss more about which stat to raise later.
2. Pet skills. To be specific, the sp recov rate is a lot of help for spamming skills and magic. The berserk bonus is pretty helpful. The added magic damage is a plus too.

1. Pet maintenance. Keeping a pet is indeed pricey. You need to spend lots of gold to keep your pet up and running. Acquiring better books isnt easy either.
2. Time consuming. It takes a lot of time to level a pet. A LOT of time, especially when you brake past Lv5.

In summary, pets are for people who are willing to give time, effort, and GOLD to raise them. But in the long run, these little guys can be quite a lot of help.
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a. Acquiring a Pet

So where do we get Pets? Currently, there are several possible ways to acquire them:

1. Purchasing them in the Item Mall. Pets can easily be bought from the Item Mall for 119 Rum, but please note that this price may change. All pets have the same price.

2. Through Game Events. There are some in-game events that will allow you to acquire pets. You can get one by doing the story quest(read Snowy's Story Quest guide)

3. Monster Drops. Some Bosses in the game drop Fairy Boxes which allows a player to acquire a random Pet Fairy. Some of these monsters include: Lv55 Wandering Soul, Lv65 Snowman Warlord, Lv75 Icy Dragon, and of course, the crowd favorite, Lv90 Black Dragon.

Note that acquiring a pet from these methods will give you a Lv0 Pet with full stamina and growth rate. You may also acquire pets from other players, where they can be sold as freshly acquired Lv0 Pets, or ones that have been raised by other players.

All pets are basically the same, except in appearance of course. It's the owner who decides what stat to increase for the pet and which skill books to give it.
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b. Equipping your Pet

In order for you to 'see' your pet in the game, you need to place them on the inventory slot where there is an image of a fairy. Only through this you will be able to make use of your pet's bonuses. An equipped pet will also consume stamina and increase growth rate(experience) points.
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c. Stamina and Growth Rate

What is Pet Stamina? Stamina is sort of, a pet's 'HP'. But it doesn't mean that when the stamina gets depleted, the pet will 'die' or anything like that. When the pet's stamina reaches 0, it will simply be deactivated, meaning the pet's owner will not be able to benefit from the pet's bonuses. Also, you will not be able to see your pet floating around you when stamina goes dry. To replenish stamina, we need to use pet stamina recovering items, currently there are two items in the game for restoring lost stamina:

1. Pet Ration - Restores 50 stamina points, can be bought from Item mall only.

2. Pet Food - Restores 5 stamina points, dropped by Lv31 Vampire Bats from Silver Mine 1, and Lv15 Sailor Squirt(thanks to YG818) at deep blue.

A pet consumes stamina in order to raise its growth rate, or experience points. Each point of stamina is used every 60 seconds.. Note that everytime a pet increases level, its max Stamina points will also go up.

What is Pet Growth Rate? Growth Rate is the pet's experience point. It is raised through consuming stamina points, so if you do not have any stamina points, your pet wont gain any exp.

Once a pet maxes its growth rate, you will see the yellow bar under the pet's stamina bar blink green, this indicates that you may then use stat fruits to grant bonus stat increase. Once you use a fruit on a pet, its exp bar will be brought back to 0 and its level increased by 1. You will then need to keep feeding it stamina items to use stat fruits on it again. Note that everytime a pet increases level, its Exp requirement will also go up.

The list below shows the Pet's Level and its corresponding Stamina/Growth points up to Level 5. (Although I am not absolutely sure, Stamina is raised by increments of 20 points per level, and growth points by 120*x where x is [Pet Levelx2]. This formula excludes Level 1 where the pet has 100/240 pts by default.)

Lv0 100/240
Lv1 120/240
Lv2 140/480
Lv3 160/720
Lv4 180/960
Lv5 200/1200
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d. Status Fruits and Skill Books

Stat Fruits. There are 5 different kinds of stat fruits that can be fed to a pet:

1. Zephyr Fish Floss - increases ACC by 1.
2. Shaitan Biscuit - increases SPR by 1.
3. Argent Mango - increases CON by 1.
4. Snow Dragon Fruit - increases STR by 1.
5. Icespire Plum - increases AGI by 1.

These can only be fed to pets with Maxed growth rate. Note that the higher a pet's level is, the lesser the chance for successfully gaining a level for the pet. If you fed your pet a fruit and your attempt in leveling it up failed, your growth rate will be cut in half.

Skill Books. There are 3 different skill levels that a pet can learn, which are Novice, Standard, and Expert. Of course, the better the skill book level, the better the effects of the skill.

1. Novice Books - Can be acquired from treasure maps.
2. Standard Books - Purchased from Item Mall for 19 rum.
3. Expert Books - Not available yet in the game.

Learning skills also have chances of failure:

1. First skill book, success rate to learn = 100%
2. Second skill book, success rate to learn = 60%
3. Third skill book, success rate to learn = 30%

This means that the more skills you have taught your pet, the higher the chances of failing when trying to teach it a new skill. PLUS, when you try teaching the second skill, you have a 60% chance of success, and 40% chance of OVERWRITING AN EXISTING SKILL. Same goes for the third skill, you have a 70% chance of overwriting an existing skill.

Skill effect is upgraded with higher level books. The following is a list of the skill books that can be used to teach pets:

1. Book of Protection - sort of like a Cleric's Energy Shield. When the player's HP goes down to 20% and below, the fairy takes the damage. Stamina damage is a percentage of the actual damage, the remaining percentaage not blocked by skill will be received by player. (We still need to confirm this. Talked to a player once and told me dat @ standard level, skill blocks out 25%) Skill damage is not reduced by this skill

2. Book of Berserk - player deals critical damage. This does NOT mean that a player's berserk rate is increased. Skill is activated by chance, the system chat box also displays if the crit/berserk was activated by the pet. (In my personal experience of using this skill on my pet, the chances of activating berserk hits by pet is around 10%(or probably lower) at standard level.)

3. Book of Magic - increases magical damage for Herbalist and Explorer class. (Can anyone fill us in on how much does damage does this skill add up? in percentage of course.)

4. Book of Recover - increases HP recovery rate. (Can anyone fill us in on how much HP recov rate this skill adds?)

5. Book of Meditation - increase SP recovery rate. (This adds about +8 or +10 sp recovery rate @ standard level, pretty sure about this estimate coz it works better than my sp recov neck w/c adds +6 sp recov. wud be a good replacement for sp necks, so we can use Resist+ rings instead)

A pet can only learn up to 3 skills. If the 3 skill slots have already been taken, you cannot teach a fourth unique skill to the pet. This means you CANNOT delete skills once you have taught your pet these skill/s. Teaching a pet skills do not require/deplete maxed growth rate, this means you can immediately teach all 3 skills to a Lv0 pet.
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III. Frequently Asked Questions


---Do pets actively help you in the game?
---Pet Foods v. Pet Rations.
---Which stats should I raise for my Pet?
---Which skills should I teach my Pet?
---What type of pet should I have for my character?


---Do pets actively help you in the game?---

I'm sure people new to PKO's pet system have this question in mind. This is like, "..do pets ATTACK?.." *scratches head*

No they don't, and they do not directly help you in battle in any way, except for giving useful bonuses for your stats and some useful petskills, like Book of Magic, which when learned by pet, raises Magic damage.


---Pet Foods v. Pet Rations.---

So which is more efficient to use? We will include in our discussion the time and cash spent for these items.

Pet Food. Restores 5 stamina points per use. Currently, there is one monster in the game that drops pet food: Lv31 Vampire Bats and Lv15 Sailor Squirt. The item is not a common drop, the ratio is probably something like the drop rate of HP/SP pots from monsters.

Pet Ration. Restores 50 stamina points per use. Can be bought from Item Mall.

Collecting Pet Food can indeed be such a hassle. Bats can be found inside Silver Mine, problem is, even if they have areas with lots of spawn points, you are likely to encounter some problems. Problems like, the number of players inside the mines, the consistency of Pet Food drops, and such. Same thing goes with Sailor Squirt. Lets say that in one hour, you collect around 30 pet food:

30petFood x 5Stamina = 150stamina

150 stamina x 30seconds(pet w/ 3 skills learned) = 4500secs or 1hr25mins

So for 1 hour of hunting bats, you get 1hr25mins of stamina. Note that this can be inconsistent since drops are only made by chance.(copied this from celestial's post 8))

In the case of Pet rations, what you need to do is have the money, be it in-game, or real-world cash. Problem here is that people will start asking about where they can get in-game money to beat Pet Food collection w/ Ration purchasing. There are various possible ways(that i do not need to discuss here, cuz this thread is juz about pets), one of them wud be trading. With some statements from other players(see Kapitana Nami's post and My post @ page 2), we can say that for an hour a player can accumulate around 70k using sea commerce. Estimating Ration cost to be @ 10k in(probably) all servers:

70k = 7 pet rations x 50stamina = 350stamina x 30seconds = 10500secs

10500secs = 2hrs55mins of stamina.

So for 1 hour of doing commerce OR anything near the 70k/hr mark, you get around 3hrs or so of stamina. Note that this can be inconsistent due to the fact that not everybody does sea commerce or has a different way(that cud be either better or worse than commerce) for making cash.


- As the facts state, it would be much more efficient to just collect the cash and buy the rations for your pet. This would make pet ration purchasing around 3x faster than pet food collection.


---Which stats should I raise for my Pet?---

You have to first think about what you want for you character. Do you want to go for offense or defense? Would having higher aspd be better than having higher damage?

For example, the Crusader class, if you want more damage from normal attacks, go for strength. If you want to quickly reach 99str by NOT pumping too much agi, then u can juz pump pet agility, so u will only hit 50agi or so, as preferred by most crusaders. It all depends on how you can use the extra pts to ur advantage.

Should I only pump 1 stat or is having multiple stat bonus better? Again, you decide. But, logically, if for example, you wanted more HP/defense, and you ALSO want more str for damage, wouldn't having +5con mean u only add so little HP and defense for your character? Why settle for half when you can have the whole thing? :wink: (Anyways, if you really want to get the best of both worlds, get 2 pets and feed str to one and con to the other one. And obviously, this method will cost you.)


- Pet stat build depends on your character class, and how you want to efficiently use the bonus stats you get from your pet.


---Which skills should I teach my Pet?---

It all depends on what class you are using. Basically, Magic users(Herbalist & Explorer Class) will need magic, recovery, and meditation. Non-magic users(Swordsman & Hunter Class) need berserk, recovery, and meditation.

What about Protection Skill? Protection skill, as discussed within this thread, has a lot of cons in it at the present. Since at standard level, Protection reduces around 25% of damage dealt and deducts the points from the pet stamina, the remaining 75% goes to the player. Taking into consideration the price of Rations, it is inefficient to maintain such method of damage reduction by Protection skill.

Doesn't more skills mean faster depletion of Stamina? Yes it does. AND, faster stamina depletion will lead to faster pet leveling. You may say that having a pet with no skill will allow you to have your pet around for a longer period of time, but your pet's leveling time will also decrease, wouldn't it? :wink:

Can i unlearn skills that I've taught to my pet? No, you CANNOT unlearn or 'delete' an existing skill. But you can overwrite existing skills, or upgrade them. Read about this from the Skill books section above.


- Pet skill build depends on your character class.

- You CAN NOT unlearn pet skills, EXCEPT if they get overwritten by another skill.

- Your pet only learn a maximum of 3 skills.


---What type of pet should I have for my character?---

Basically, all pets are the same and its up to the owner to decide on what build of stat bonus and pet skill you want to have. Plan on how you can efficiently use the stat bonus that you will receive, be it a boost in offense or defense for your character. Skillwise, Book of Magic for Herba/Explorer class, Book of Berserk for Swordsman/Hunter class, then teach Book of Recover and Meditation, which most people do.


- Pets do not have any special properties that comes into effect when equipped by a specific class.

- The owner decides on what stat and skills he wants for his pet.


Well, that about covers everything you need to know to raise a pet. Like I've said, this guide is far from complete, so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone posts things we can add here.

Thanks to everyone for ur comments :wink:

Have fun wid ur pets everyone 8)


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