[Other] How To Use The New Partying System

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Views: Date: Nov 06 2007 03:55:12
This guide credits to ronieldixon ( Original Page )

Hi, my fellow players, i hope you are having a good day so far, well i am at it again i made my 3rd guide and this time it's about the new partying system, well you may be wondering why is there a guide about the new party system , well i made this guide because more than 50% of players don't know how to use it and therefore i am going to make a guide to tell them how, what really made me wanted to make this guide was, when i asked a level 60 player if he knew how to use the new partying system and his response was no, i was shocked at this reply and had to do something about it, well i hope you enjoy my guide , have a nice day

How do I get my name on the partying list:

Ok, my name is on the party search list now what? You can either invite players to party with you are wait for a player to invite you.

Yaaaay The person accepted, what shall we do now? Well i think the main reason for this system is for players to train with each other

Ok i am done partying, how do i get my name of the list?

NOTICE:If you are in a party, only the party leader can use the party search system to invite other players to the party.

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