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Hello All. The purpose of this guide is to give a simple explanation of what is in the newbie box and how to use it. However, those who know me know that nothing is that simple. I have further expanded this guide to be totally comprehensive, covering everything that can be found in and learned from the Newbie Chest. I hope you find it helpful.

     2.Opening the Newbie box – by Level
        a.Level 1
        b.Level 5
           i. SIDE NOTE: Stats
        c.Level 7
        d.Level 10
        e.Level 15
        f.Level 20
           i.Bonus Stat Equipment
        g.Level 25
           i.Heaven’s Berry
           ii.SIDE NOTE: Broken Equipment
           iii.SIDE NOTE: New Gloves/Boots/Caps
        h.Level 30
           i.Gems, Gems, Gems
        i.Level 35
        j.Level 35 *IMPORTANT*
        k.Level 40

1. Introduction

The Newbie Chest. Also know at the “Equipment Box”, the “Gold Chest” and the ”NOOOO-I-GOT-RID-OF-IT Box”. Basically opening this box at every 5 levels gives you firstly a weapon and armour for the related level plus some other goodies and a piece of paper with some information on it. This is one of the most valuable things in your inventory as it will supply you with updated weapons and armours for most of your newbie –> second class life. However, there are some difficulties in using this box as seen by several threads in the Help Centre. So following is a step by step guide for opening the newbie box and maximising the items found within.

I created a newbie character (a Phyllis Herbalist) for the purpose of running though this. I have included many screenshots of me opening the Newbie Chest step-by-step, though please note that if you play another class or character then the equipment you receive will differ. However all the other items received remain the same.

I have made about 4 characters in my time playing TOP and I have never yet had a problem with opening the Newbie Chest.

2. Opening the Newbie box – by level.

FIRSTLY: Please note that when you open a chest at a certain level, it gives you the equipment for the next level bracket (by that I mean multiple of 5). For example when you open your chest at lvl 10 it gives you lvl 15 equips (with certain exceptions, which I will explain). So my suggestion throughout this guide is to open your chest at the level where you can equip the weapons and armour otherwise you will have the unusable items clogging up your inventory.


When you start a new character, open your inventory (click the buttons in red on the bottom toolbar.

This should be what you see in your inventory.

Lvl 1 Newbie Knife
Lvl 1 Newbie Clothes
Lvl 1 Newbie Boot
Newbie Chest

You are given clothes, shoes and a knife so equip them (either drag to the top part of the inventory screen or double click them. What is left is your newbie box. Put it somewhere safe/out of the way in your inventory. Go to the Newbie guide in your starting city and commence the beginner quests.


Once you reach level 5 you can open your box, but the items obtained are for level 7, so wait a bit until you level to save some space in your inventory (following the beginner quests it shouldn’t take you long)  

(Red means you don’t meet the criteria to equip it)


You will notice that you get stat points as you level up. Don’t apply these just yet. Although it may be tempting to add some strength to make your newbie kill mobs faster, if you are going for a class that doesn’t use STR then those points are wasted as you can only undo them with expensive Mall Items. Check out the GUIDES INDEX for information on recommended stat builds of classes before you add stats.


YAY!! Open your Newbie box (double click). You should now have 3 new inventory items and your second newbie chest (you get a new chest each time with a different name)

Lvl 7 Newbie Sword              - Equip
Lvl 7 Novice Clothes              - Equip
Tier 1 Promotion Manual        - Read & Sell
Winged Chest                    - Store in Inventory

Equip your new items and sell the old ones to a NPC. Return to your quests until you get up to level 9 and can start your class quest. You will receive in most of the boxes a “Manual” of some kind. It has a brief description of new items or new areas unlocked for you. Read what it says and then sell it to a NPC for 160g


Depending on your class and how many other quests you have done, you may be higher than level 10 when you finally become your first class. You don’t get your level 10 stuff from the newbie box. When you complete the class quest you get them from your trainer NPC

Lvl 10 weapon              - Equip
1st Class Skill book         - Learn

Equip your new weapons and sell your newbie sword. Also the skill book you get would be one of the basics for your class, so learn it with your first skill point. Leave your Winged chest for now as it gives you lvl 15 armour


Open your winged chest.

Lvl 15 Weapon           - Equip
Lvl 15 Armour             - Equip
Ticket Manual             - Read & Sell
Ticket to Argent         - Store in Inventory
Ticket to Shaitan        - Store in Inventory
Ticket to Icicle           - Store in Inventory
Old Ticket                  - Store in Inventory
Flowery Chest          - Store in Inventory

Equip your new weapons and armour. YAY you no longer look like a newbie.


Also in this chest there are tickets and a manual. These tickets are one-way consumable items that warp you to a location without having to go to a teleporter. Double click them to use. The city tickets take you to each of the three main cities and the Old ticket warps you to your last saved spawn point. They can be bought for 500g at grocers (which is the same price as a teleport). I usually store these at the bottom of my inventory so I don’t accidentally use them. When you get enough money, keeping a pile of about 5-10 of each is really handy for moving in-between areas fast for quests etc.

But beware, these tickets can only be used when your HP and SP bars are full, so trying to use them to warp out of an area when you are hurt and swarmed by monsters won’t work.


Open your Flowery Chest

Lvl 20 Weapon                 - Equip
Lvl 20 Armour                - Equip
Emoticon Manual        - Read & Sell
Sunny Emote                - Use/Bank
Royal Salute A/B/C        - Use/Bank
Researching Chest        - Store in Inventory

YAY! Once again new armour. This one should look different. Generally speaking, with normal armours you will find that some look the same. For Example, the lvl 20 & 25 armour look the same and the lvl 30 & 35 armours look the same.

Bonus Stat Equipment

Another note about equips is the title. You may notice that some of your armours have different prefixes or words before the title of the item. These generally refer to any bonus stats that are on the item. For example when I opened my Flowery Chest, the Equipment I received was;

You note that the armour just says plain “Foster Robe” while the weapon says “Mammoth Wooden Stick”. The foster robe is the same as one you would buy from a tailor. The wooden stick however is different. If you bought the weapon from a blacksmith, all you would get would be a plain wooden stick with a Spirit +2 bonus. The Mammoth Wooden Stick, however has extra stats being the Strength +3. As you play the game you will probably come across other weapons and armours with such prefixes like “Precise” (bonus Accuracy) or “Sage” (bonus Spirit).  These equips are always better than ones without bonus stats,



Emoticons are ways of expressing feelings in the game. You have probably already noticed the octopus emoticons and the action buttons in the communication window. These emoticons you get are examples of extra ones you can buy from the Item Mall.

These are one-time consumable items that let off either some fireworks or a sunny face. They are worth nothing and can’t be sold so either use them or bank them until you have an opportunity to use them (e.g. when you finish your 2nd class change, celebrate with fireworks).



Open your Researching Chest

Lvl 25 Weapon                  - Equip
Lvl 25 Armour                   - Equip
Heaven’s Berry Manual        - Read & Sell
Heaven’s Berry                  - Use/Bank/Sell
Smelting Chest               - Store in Inventory

YAY! New equips. Equip your new armours. Keep in what I mentioned before about special name equipment. It is often more valuable to keep a previous piece of equipment if the stat bonus is better than current equipment regardless of increases in attack or defence.

Heaven’s Berry


A heaven’s berry (HB) is a very valuable item. It doubles your EXP for 15 minutes when you double click it. This can come in very handy. For example, often TOP will have a special event called “Double EXP”. Basically this means that for a certain amount of time (usually weekends), everyone playing TOP will get double the exp they normally would. A HB is stackable with this kind of effect. What that means, is that if you eat a HB in Double EXP time, you get double, double exp (EXP x4!!!!!). For this reason, HBs are very much in demand on double exp days. Normally you can sell a HB for about 50-60K. On double exp days, this can soar to 70-80K!! If you are in need of money, this item could help you get some gold.

If, however, you want to use it, then use it wisely. At low levels (i.e. 10-30/40ish) it is relatively easy to level. Using a HB for levelling at this point is a bit of a waste. You may want to save it for higher levels, when levelling is a major grind-fest or you could save it for a boss.

For example;
You need to kill the Yeti Boss for Story Quest. You are lucky enough to have the whole spot to yourself. And on top of that it is a double exp weekend. So you go over to where the boss is and start pounding away. (Don’t activate the HB until the Boss is almost dead. Most bosses spawn every 5 minutes, so you may have the chance to kill it 3 times with one HB). You kill the boss YAY!. Normally it would give you, say 5,000 EXP. It is double exp day so you get 10,000 EXP. However using the HB you double that again which equals 20,000 EXP for one kill! Repeat another once or twice and you would get 40-60K EXP from one HB.

So that is how it works. I advise you to put your HB straight in your bank when you get it to avoid accidentally selling it or using it until you are ready.

SIDE NOTE: Broken Equipment

You may, by now have died a couple of times. You would have noticed that in the system window it tells you that dying gives you a negative exp penalty. Dying also reduces the durability of your equipment. Most equips start of with a durability of 200/200. Each time you die, this gets reduced. If you equipment reaches 0/200, then the item will become greyed out in your inventory and you will fail to get the bonuses. That is, it will be like you had no item equipped at all. In order to rectify this, go to any city blacksmith and click on the option to repair

You can repair your equipment at any stage, wether it be 150/200 or 0/200. It does cost some gold, though. Generally speaking, you should level up and access your new weapons and armours before your equip reaches 0, but if you haven’t changed your gloves and boots, then you may need to monitor them

SIDE NOTE: New Gloves/Boots/Caps

Generally speaking, updating your gloves and boots at low levels is a bit of a waste. At low levels, you don’t have much money, so you need to save where you can. On some of my characters, I kept my newbie boots and gloves until I was lvl 25. On others, I was lucky enough to get my mid-level boots/gloves from monster drops.

Equipment for your level usually drops from monsters that are in a similar level bracket. Therefore if you are training on mobs your level (and particularly in the same continent your class is based on) then it is likely you might get some boots/gloves that you can use. However, you don’t have to spend forever on mobs just to get equips. I once slaughtered Starving Wolves in Shaitan to get my lvl 20 boots. By the time I finally gave up, I was close to lvl 25 and had enough money from the drops I got from them to buy my lvl 25 boots.

So my advice is to wait until lvl 25-30 to start thinking about updating you boots/gloves. However, don’t leave it too late. Boots give defence and dodge increases and Gloves give defence and hit rate increase, which are important to maximise the damage you do and minimise the damage you take.

For Ami’s you have a bonus piece of equipment, being their caps. These caps are only available though monster drops. If you are playing an Ami, you would be well advised to go to the link below that details which monsters drop caps. The defence and stat bonuses on caps are very good (not to mention a full animal set looks SOO cute). Plus finding them yourselves is very good seeing as how Ami caps are usually bought for anywhere between 15k-70k

Equipment Guide Links:
Equipment Drop List -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=11330
Ami Cap Drop List -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=11498


Open your Smelting Chest

Lvl 30 Weapon              - Equip
Lvl 30 Armour               - Equip
Forging Manual              - Read & Sell
Exploring Chest          - Store in Inventory

YAY!! New armour. This one should be a different style to before as well. Equip them and sell your old stuff.

Gems, Gems, Gems

Hey, look at your weapon. There is something special about this one. Of you notice it has a suffix (stuff after it) - it says ”+1”.  This means that there is a gem in your weapon. In the world of TOP, gems are a way of boosting your performance. When these gems are forged into sockets in a weapon then the weapon is bestowed with bonus stats/features just like the “named” weapons you learnt about with the lvl 20 stuff, only this way YOU decide what features your weapons have. Forging is a rather expensive business so it is generally reserved for upgrading your high-level equips.

As to what gem you receive is based on your class. As an Explorer or Herbalist, being magic based, you will receive a Spirit Gem. For a Hunter or a Swordsman you will receive a Fiery Gem which gives a bonus to attack.

You may also notice that your weapon “shines” or spits out sparks. This is a result of the gems in it. You may notice some other powerful-looking characters running around with weapons that full-on glow. These would be ones that have several gems or high-level gems forged in it.

For more on gems, check out these guides:
Gems! Everything about Gems! -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=5228
Gem combining, Socket making, Equipment forging -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=426
Gem Drop List -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=52921


Open your Exploring Chest

Lvl 35 Weapon               - Equip
Lvl 35 Armour                 - Equip
Forsaken City Manual       - Read & Sell
Guiding Chest              - Store in Inventory

YAY! New Equips!! ... okay I guess you are over the YAY thing. Moving on. The equipment you receive this time should be normal (i.e. no gems). Evaluate whether it is better to keep previous equipment or to use any new ones, based on which stats are better.


In the world of TOP there are special “dungeons” called mazes that you can enter. The first 3 that you will encounter have level limitations. Forsaken City (FC) is available from lvl 30-45, Dark Swam (DS) is available lvl 40-55 and Demonic World (DW) is available lvl 55+. These are areas full of difficult monsters, but there are special drops and rare equipment that can be gained from exploring them. However, these areas are PK zones, which means that other players as well as monsters can attack you. So be wary when you decide to explore mazes. You may very well want to find either a guild or a strong party to go with you to maximise your chaces of survival.

For more information, check out the following Maze Guides:
Forsaken City ->http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=22218
Dark Swamp ->http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=3874
Demonic World -> Sorry the guide I had linked here has been removed. I will update when a new guide is made



THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP. Open your Guiding Chest

Tier 2 Promotion Manual      - Read & Sell
$20,000                            - … spend ???
Advancement Chest        - Store in Inventory

YAY!! New equi…. Wait a minute !! No equips this time. This is rather tricky. Basically this step gives you the advancement chest which holds your 2nd class items. If you don’t open it before you change classes then you are unable to get at the remaining items in your chest and your newbie chest will become worthless. SO DON”T MISS THIS!! And yes, you DO actually get money. You get $20,000 ... whee!

As per the manual, you should now start considering your class change. For most quests, you have to gather a certain number of items to give to your class NPC, so get to it and get item hunting. When you turn lvl 40 you can commence your class quest


For the last time … open your Advancement Chest

Lvl 40 Weapon               - Equip/Bank/Sell
Lvl 40 Armour                 - Equip/Bank/Sell
Lvl 45 Weapon               - Equip/Bank/Sell
Lvl 45 Armour                 - Equip/Bank/Sell
Dark Swamp Manual        - Read & Sell

Okay, one last time. YAY new equips!! But what is this? No chest? Yes that it right, you have come to the last use of your Newbie Chest. The equipment you receive is for your second class. You should receive one set of armour and weapons for level 40 and one for level 45. Note that the level 45 weapon, like the level 30 one is also gemmed (it will be the same gem found in the one earlier).

Note that around about now, new equipments apart from newbie chest equips are available such as Chest Equips or Sealed/Unsealed equipment. If at this point you do have superior equipment, then either sell or store the equips you get here.

The manual this time regards the Dark Swamp Maze. See above for more on Mazes.



3. FAQ

This section is to cover any frequently asked questions. Hopefully I have answered most of them is my discussion above, but in case you missed it, I am summarising the most frequently asked ones here.

Q) I can’t open by newbie chest Help!!

A #1) Are you at right level?
Make sure that you are at the right level to open the chest. The description when you hover over the chest should say “for players Lvl X and above” make sure you are at the right level

A #2) Do you meet requirements?
The second and the last chest have class requirements. For the second chest you must have completed the first class quest fully to open it. For the last chest you must have completed the second class quest in full. In order to find out your class, open your status menu and check at the top. It should say it there

A #3) Do you have sufficient inventory space?
For some of the chest openings, up to 8 spaces are required in order for the chest to deposit its contents into your inventory. If your inventory is full, either go to a NPC and sell unwanted items or bank items so your inventory is clear. If you do try and open a large chest with a full inventory, the system chat will post a yellow message saying [insufficient inventory space].

A #4) Have you completed 2nd class quest without opening Guiding Chest?
If you didn’t open the second lvl 35 chest before you completed your second class quest, then you will be unable to open the newbie chest ever. Sorry.

Q) I didn’t open my Guiding Chest, what can I do?

A) If you have made the mistake of not opening it, then I am afraid there is nothing you can do. The box is useless now. Simply delete by dragging it to he rubbish bin at the bottom right of your inventory.

Q) Can I sell a newbie chest?

A) No. You can’t sell it to an NPC.

Q) Can I buy a newbie chest?

A) No. There is no place where you can buy a newbie chest from. The one you receive at the beginning of the game is the only one you get.

Q) Can I trade a Newbie chest?

A) No. You can’t trade a Newbie chest from one character to another. I have tested this by dual clienting with 2 low-levels and 1 low level and 1 high level. You can’t sell it to someone else regardless of their level or class.

Q) Can I drop a newbie chest?

A) No. The Newbie Chest is Undroppable.

Q) I am still a low level and I got rid of my Newbie Chest by accident, what can I do?

A) I am afraid there is nothing you can do. If you are at a relatively low level, i.e. below level 30, I would recommend you try starting another character. This little yellow box is invaluable not only for the equipment, but the other items it gives you. Not to mention the money you get from selling old equipment. Compare that to having to buy equips every 5 levels and you will discover that it really isn’t worth it. It is relatively easy to level to 30-ish so starting again would be my best advice.

4. Conclusion

This concludes my guide to the Newbie box. I hope you have found it useful and informative. For most people the Newbie Chest shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but I did feel that this topic wasn’t really covered as fully as it could be in any of the other beginner guides on the Guides Index, which was why I decided to make this. The biggest problem that I find people creating Help Centre threads over is the Lvl 35 Guiding Chest issue, so I have emphasised it several times.

To the best of my knowledge what I have written is correct, but if you find anything that is wrong, please feel free to point it out for me. Also, I do have a tendency to waffle and over-explain things. I know that I have added quite a bit regarding the other items and stuff that comes with the Newbie Chest. And there also a fair bit of text in here, which I have tried to soften with formats and lots of images. Any feedback is appreciated ^_^

P.S. Heh Heh Heh. Kome, you were wondering how I could possibly write 17 pages on the Newbie Chest (including images). Whaddya think?

5. Credits

Authors of Guides Referenced to in creating this guide
Mikaikoren      - Useful Tips Guide -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=15692
Treillerti         - All the Problems in ONE Guide! -> http://top.igg.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=22880

Authors of Guides Linked to in body of Guide
Axlan            - Equipment Drop List
Whittaker      - Ami Cap Drop List
Fatale           - Gems! Everything about Gems!
Shinra7829    - Gem combinin, Socket making, Equipment forging ->
lerie              - Gem Drop List
emdee32       - Forsaken City Guide
CrabbyPatty   - Dark Swamp Guide by Crabstick
TBA              - Demonic World

Other Thanks
~ Thanks to the Guides Index for being such a great resource

~ And thanks to my sister for being my levelling buddy.

Cheers ^_^

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