[Skill] New Stuff for Life Skills

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This guide credits to Devil, from the official forum ( Original Page )

Woodchopping (working on it)
Defoliate Pine(north of argent) - ash wood logs
Lavender Core Wood(right of solace) - Brich wood logs
Tusk softwood(around glacier isle) - Teak wood log
Metal Norite(inside demonic world lv1) - cedar wood log*ty to chuck
Rue(inside demonic world lv and dark swamp) rue wood log
Flower Pear - Red oak wood log
Fir - fir wood logs
jade sandals - maple wood log

Dotted codfish(bottom of shaitan) - dotted codfish 830, 4012 and 823 4032 or around there
diving clam ( dark swamp)
Phoenix Prawn (dark swamp)

sunken Coral ship(bottom left of fortune)- snail shell
turtle shell ship (dark swamp ) - tortoise shells
skelatar ship - bone
hard shell ship - hard tortoise shell
shinny coral ship - conch

Mining (working on it)
Crystal(fortune isle or silver mine lv1)- iron ore and crystal eolith
Gold ore(inside demonic world lv1 and dark spawp) -Shimmering rock fragment*ty to seanick

Statue (Working on it)
Comrence Quest - First-Mate Commerce Statue
commerce quest - sailor commerce statue
Fearsome Skeletal Archer(mini boss) - Fearsome Skeletal Archer Statue
Berserk Mad Boar(mini boss) - Berserk Mad Boar statue
Violent Air Porky(mini boss) - Violent Air Porky statue
Smuggler Leader(mini boss) - Smuggler Leader statue
Strong little dear(mini boss) - Strong little dear statue
Vampiric Elk(mini boss)- Vampiric Elk statue
Little Squidy Captain(mini boss) - Little Squidy Captain statue

and so on... all mini boss drops...their own statues

Grocer NPC items for manufacturing*ty to pirateJ =D
Animal horn 100
Canine tooth 1k
Razor tooth 1k
Sharp horn 10k
Boar tusk 10k
Scorpion shell 100k
Gigantic wolf fang 100k
Vampire tooth 1M
Bloody wolf tooth 1M
Cloth 1k
Cloth strip1k
Feather 10k
Magnificient deer skin 10k
Owl feather 10k
High quality deer skin 100k
Lizard skin 100k
Ornament feather 100k
White bear fur 100k
Chieftain feather 1M
Shining feather 1M
Charmed cloth 1M

Physician NPC items for cooking
Leaf Bud 10
Little grass 100
Tail grass 1k
Four leaf clover 1k
Herb 10k
Liquorice 10k
Omnipotent herb 100k
Morph clover 100k
Demonic grass 1M
Feline soul grass 1M

to get wood strips - at wood processing merchant argent 2260 2715
99x ash wood logs for 20x ash wood strips
99x brich wood logs for 20x brich wood strips
99x teak wood logs for 20x teak wood strips
99x cedar wood logs for 20x cedar wood strips
99x rue wood logs for 20x rue wood strips
99x red oak wood logs for 20x red oak wood strips
99x fire wood log for 20x fire wood strips
99x maple wood log for 20x maple wood block
99x cherry wood logs for 20x cherry wood block
99x walnut wood logs for 20x walnut wood block

to get a... metal stuff thingi at ore processing merchant shaitan 906 3523
99x iron ore fragment for 20x iron rod
99x copper ore eolith for 20x copper plate
99x crystal eolith for 20x transparent crystal
99x Silver ore eolith for 20x silver bar
99x gold ore eolith for 20x gold bar
99x strange metal ore for 20x strange metal
99x fallacy gem eolith for 20x Fallacy jewel
99x diamond eolith for 20x glittering brick
99x booming magical ore for 20x booming magical staff
99x oceania meteorite for 20x heavenly brick
99x coal ore for 20x burning coal
99x pure iron ore for 20x steel
99x iron ore for 20x diamond
99x emerald fragment for 20x flaw emerald
99x shimmering rock fragment for 20x perfect ruby
99x crystal fragments for 20x perfect sapphire
99x terra gold ore for 20x compelling crystal
99x chilling ice crystal for 20x ice crystal
99x strange metal ore for 20x devil gem
99x black crystal for 20x chilling frost crystal

To get Heart of Sparkle , Heart of Glory and Heart of Splendor u can exchange them for 200, 2k, 20k honor

Endeavor emblem
we can get endeavor emblem from bermaid-dona at argent bar 2222 2888

novice endeavor emblem - 20 reputation
standard endeavor emblem - 200 reputation
expert endeavor emblem - 2000 reputation

how to lv your life skills (manufaturing , cooking crafting and analyzing)
- If you want to level your new life skills (EX: crafting), your prerequisites (EX: mining) will also raise.

EX: To learn Level 4 crafting you'll need :
Level 3 crafting, Level 4 mining.

Lv 1 Analyze : Level 1 Salvage
Lv 1 Crafting : Level 1 Mining
Lv 1 Manufacturing : Level 1 woodcutting
Lv 1 Cooking : Level 1 Fishing

for u :
lv1 of these skills can be bought at grocer for 1k ea
lv2 to 7 can be bought at fairy merchant(1371, 589) as priced :

lv2 - 10 fairy coins
lv3 - 50 fairy coins
lv4 - 300 fairy coins
lv5 - 10 elven signets
lv6 - 50 elven signets
lv7 - 300 elven signets

or u can exchange chaos vouchers for lv4 ,5 ,6 at chaos administrator
100x novice chaos voucher for lv4 guide
100x standard chaos voucher for lv5 guide
1000x standard chaos voucher for lv6 guide

for your pet :
novice pet skill - 100 fairy coins
standard pet skill - 100 elven signets


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