[Class] Myths About Voyagers

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Views: Date: Jan 03 2010 06:46:08 Author: asesinoI ( Original Page )

Myths About Voyagers

Here is a guide translated from spanish lounge , this is for help users making his/her voys , w/o wromg skills - build .

1.- Sea Voys Need PURE SPR .

This , is not true , spr doesnt help anything for sea , a con voy can be sea voy if max sea skills , this is a big error , for new players , and for old players too.

2.- Lightning Curtain have more damage with SPR and Skill Lv

This is false too , the damage is high when more points , lv 10 = MAX dmg (360)

3.- Give skill points to Tail Wind does nothing

This is wromg too , at lv10 the skill is for all party , but the speed is the same .

4.- The Hibrid Voys are unstable

This is maybe true , but only at low lv at high level an hibrid voy is maybe good option. Depends on the equips too.

5.- The Voyagers Are Poors

This is not true , voyagers can be rich , maybe players say we poors , but corals lv 2 = 5k and for resell = 2.5k maybe we need meny corals , but we can be rich too . Voyagers good class for make gold , fishing and farm items.

6.- ACC makes long conch ray

This is 100% false A number of people have looked at the code and verified that it isuntrue.  Maybe someone should tell the person that decides the statsfor new voyager equips so they stop adding it, lol

7.-Alga entaglement skill improves succes rate with accuracy

This is false , acc for voyagers = for nothing alga entealgement doesn`t get more rate with ACC !

Credits : Me for translate and cnwHell for original guide (in spanish)

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