[Item] What are LOTS/Mystical Clovers and how do you use them?

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This guide credits to LostGirl619 ( Original Page )
There are currently 2 diffrent types of LOTS: Career and Fortune.  They are ready for purachse from the Hocus Pocus NPC at 5k each, in spring town once the language barrier quest (check story guide for further info) is completed.  You can also buy lots from other players in game that buy them and resell.  There are also 2 different ways to use LOTS.  You can gamble or you can pay for sure win through the item mall by using Mystical Clovers.  Lots are used to gamble for exp,money,oss, or blessings.

Nonmystical Clover gambling of LOTS:
1- Career:
You simply take the career lot you purchased and double click it or put the stack on a hot key of F1 for example and hit the F1 button.  Possible outcomes:
Worst lot: You may Die and lose 2% exp or you may just lose directly 2% or 1% exp.
Bad Lot: You may lose a number randomly anywhere from 4k to even 80k exp
Nothing happens Lots: Exactly as it state
Good Lot: Opposite of the bad you will gain a random number of exp from 4k-80k maybe more.
Best Lot: You will gain 1%-5% exp or Blessing for double exp from 1 min to 60 min
                   (blessing not useable with HB), you may also recieved temporary bonuses such as
                   increased defense, Max HP, increased Speed, Increased Damage(physical not magical),
                   hit rate. (Temporary stat increases will last anywhere from 15-30min that I have seen)

Side Note: Death will cancel out ALL blessing or temporary stat increases.  IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If you lose exp and have a negative exp amount, you will have to gain back that amount before using more lots.  Example:  You have 0.2% exp and you lost 2%= you are negative 1.8% exp and must gain it back or your bar will remain at 0% and career lots will not be openable.

Worst lot: You may lose 2% or 1% of all your gold.  You may also lose an amount such as 25k of gold.
Bad Lot: You may lost 0.1-0.4%, I don't remember exactly but you get the idea.  I don't read this as
                   I spam. ^_^
Nothing Happens Lots: I'm sure you can read that<-
Good Lot:  Be prepared to find a random numebr of gold from 2-9k gold with no damage.  If you get
                   an amount such as 10k-25k you will be hit by the coins and lose HP.  Be prepared to
                   recover before you spam the next lot or you might die.
Best Lot:  You may get an OSS (Old Sheepskin Scroll), Blessing for double drop rates between 1min
                   to 60 min, or 1%-5% of your gold.

Spamming Lots with Mystical Clovers:  
When opening Lots with mystical clovers, you will just open the lots as you nomrally do.  The mystical clover will automatically be taken away.  As you open the lot, the system message will say 1 Mystical Clover USED.  The reasons for using mystical clovers:  you do not get the same effect from the lots at all and career lots will have a completely different outcome possiblity.

1-Career Lots with Mystical Clover:
Worst Lot: does not exist
Bad Lot:does not exist
Nothing happens: yes you still get this crap even after paying. (-.-")
Good Lot: Random Exp from 30k was lowest I got and 80k on upper end.
Best Lot:  Well here is where the mystical Clover might give you jackpot 1 permanent bonus stat to
                 be used in any stat of your choice.  Its like a free level up without the skill.  You may get
                 exp from 100k to 900k that I have seen so far.  Have not seen any by % yet just
                 straight numbers.  You may also get those temporary Blessings of increased defense,
                 damage, speed, HP, hit rate, or double exp(1min -60min).

2-Fortune Lots with Mystical Clovers:
( I do not feel mystical clovers are worth using on this, but its your money)
Worst Lot: does not exist
Bad Lot: does not exist
Nothing happens: ya its still coming -.-
Good Lot: Random amount of gold 12k to ? maybe 100k(Since I don't feel this is worth it I didn't
                 spam many other than a few, for the sake of knowledge)
Best Lot: OSS, Double Drops Rate (1min-60min) possiblility of 1million gold no matter how much
                 you have on you at the time.

Spamming career lots for clerics: Use energy shield, you will not die from lightning.  Thats quite annoying.

Spamming fortune lots for OSS: This is still based on your luck of the day, but you will buy the amount of Fortune lots you want and remove all other gold on your character to another character.  Then place the lots on a hotkey and spam until you hit money or are about to die.  When you hit money buy more so that money loss will not hurt you.  If you are about to die from having coins tossed obviously you have to sit >.<.  Continue on in the same vain.  On average I find that OSS come out at a 50k each rate.  If its a good day I can get them at 25k each.  Rare bad days will run up to 90k each.

I hope this long and boring guide is helpful to you all.  PLEASE DON'T SPAM ME WHAT IS A LOT!

---LostInLoneliness, Rainbow Isle--

P.S. I might add more later if I realize I forgot something.

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