[Monster] Monster Related by Region

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This guide credits to snowy , from the official forum ( Original Page )

Red names indicaties a boss / mini boss

They do not include the Blue Item quest drops.
By Land Area - Ascaron, Magical Ocean, Deep Blue

Followed by Special Areas

Lone Tower (Land Ascaron: 326,1780)

Spring Island, Autumn Island, Summer Island (Land Deep Blue)

UnderWater Tunnel / SeaBed Tunnel (Land Deep Blue: Spring Island / Autumn Island / Summer Island)

Black Dragon Lair (Land Deep Blue :Summer Island - 3430,3301)

Hair Item Drops

HP / SP Pots

Ascaron (Level 1 - 10)

Level 1 - Mystic Shrub (2118,2638)
Drops: Green Grass, Root, Shriveled Leaf, Elven Fruit, Medicated Grass

Level 2 - Sleepy Snail (2220,2564)
Drops : Flowery Snail Shell, Snail Feeler, Smelly Gas, Red Date, Fancy Petal, Newbie Shoes

Level 3 - Forest Spirit (2220,2638)
Drops : Wing, Green Scale, Three Leaf Clover, Elven Fruit, Glass, Newbie Vest

Level 3 - Little Squirt (2296,2585)
Drops : Octopus Ink, Squirt Handkerchief, Animal Sweat, Red Date, Red Stone, Newbie Gloves

Level 4 - Mystic Flower (2118,2638)
Drops : Sweet Smelling Flower, Fresh Flower Petal, Flower Bud, Green Leaf, Fancy Petal, Newbie Shoes

Level 5 - Mini bee (2059,2753)
Drops : Bee Wing, Bee Antenna, Honey, Medicine Bottle, Royal Jelly, Novice Shoes

Level 5 - Little Squidy (2287,2555)
Drops: Octopus Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Octopus Ink, Newbie Sword, Coarse Boots

Level 6 - Greedy Shroom (2220,2564)
Drops : Poison Mushroom, Fungus Spore, Mushroom, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Novice Shoes, Husk Gloves

Level 7 - Grass Tortoise (2057,2564)
Drops : Grass Tortoise Shell, Dark Tortoise Bones, Coagulated Liquid, Tortoise Blood, Husk Shield, Cloth Boots, Cloth Gloves

Level 8 - Cuddly Lamb (2057,2638)
Drops : Pure Wool, Short Goat Horn, Cashmere, Medicine Bottle, Broken Horn, Goaty Cap, Goaty Costume

Level 8 - Sea Snail (1989,2838)
Drops : Trumpet Shell, Fresh Whelk Meat, Incitant, Hard Shell, Glowing Mystic Stone, Husk Boots, Husk Gloves

Level 9 - Bubble Clam (1805,2986)
Drops : Scorpion Stinger, Rigid Scorpion Carapace, Pungent Gas, Medicine Bottle, Poisoned Thorn, Medic Boots, Medic Gloves

Level 10 - Piglet (1950,2563)
Drops : Pig Tail, Soft Pig Mane, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Sharp Tooth, Soft Leather Boots, Soft Leather Gloves


Ascaron (Level 11 - 20)

Level 12 - Bear Cub (1905,2853)
Drops : Bear Paw, Fermented Honey, Mane, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Tough Boots, Racoon Cap

Level 13 - Oyster (1817,2472)
Drops : Flowery Conch, Great Conch Fragment, Pure Water, Glass, Pink Pearl, Short Metal Sword, Soft Leather Armor

Level 15 - Whacky Lamb (1968,2697)
Drops : Silky Soft Wool, Pointed Goat Horn, Tail Hair, Medicine Bottle, Flaw Sapphire, Sheepy Costume, Sheepy Cap

Level 15 - Iron Crab (1773,2517)
Drops : Crab Carapace, Crab Pincer, Hypnotic Gas, Iron, Glowing Mystic Stone, Sharp Dagger, Soft Leather Armor

Level 15 - Great King Clam ( 2048, 2514)
Drops : Golden Conch Shell, Crown, Murky Water, Pure Water, Red Stone, Long Sword, Adventure Vest

Level 16 - Sentry Crab (1783,2507)
Drops : Rigid Crab Carapace, Razer Sharp Pincers, Clarion Sand, Medicine Bottle, Pink Pearl, Two Handed Sword, Crabby Cap

Level 17 - Angelic Panda (1655,2563)
Drops : Bamboo Shoot, Bamboo Leaf, Wing, Strange Fruit, Coconut, Adventure Gloves, Adventure Boots

Level 19 - Killer Shroom (1595,2689)
Drops : Poisonous Mushroom, Poisonous Fungus Spore, Hypnotic Gas, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Thick Gloves, Thick Boots

Level 20 - Smuggler (1624,3017)
Drops : Fake Documentation, Mystic Pen Head, Medicine Bottle, Old Air Ticket, Rainbow Glass, Kris, Adventure Vest

Level 20 - Barbaric Bee (1626,3139)
Drops : Soldier Bee Wing, Bee Ration, Wing, Medicine Bottle, Honey, Adventure Gloves, Wooden Stick

Level 20 - Armored King Crab (1783, 2507 - 1796,2514)
Drops: Huge Crab Pincers, Blood Red Crab Carapace, Rainbow Glass, Counteragent, Earthen Element Fragment, Big Crab Cap, Breast Plate

Ascaron (Level 21 - 30)

Level 21 - Owlie (1384,3065)
Drops : Black Feather, Owl Talon, Strange Fruit, Wing, Torn Explorer Skill Book, Meowy Cap, Racoon Shoes

Level 22 - Tusk Battle Boar (1384,3065)
Drops : Boar Spine, Short Boar Tail, Animal Sweat, Tusk, Torn Life Skill Book, Long Sword, Thick Armor

Level 22 - Hard Crust Snail (1495,3232)
Drops : Hard Trumpet Shell, Inedible Conch Meat, Incitant, Pure Water, Glowing Mystic Stone, Long Sword

Level 23 - Air Porky (1414,2896)
Drops : Small Tooth, Unusual Satchet, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Hunter Vest, Hunter Boots

Level 25- Bandit (1043,3066)
Drops : Bandit Bandana, Bandit Pass, Bandit Necklace, Robot Core, Healing Water, Steel Sword, Heavy Leather Armor

Level 25 - Meadow Deer (1503,2698)
Drops : Low Grade Antler, Thin Deer Skin, Incitant, Tear, Animal Skin, Explorer Gloves, Firegun

Level 25 - Bandit Leader - Adder (1052,3037)
Drops : Bandit Sash, Spikey Cuffs, Berserk Mark, Meteorite, Ancient Scroll, Magical Staff, Fencing Sword

Level 26 - Stramonium (1414,2896)
Drops : Stramonium Flower, Stramonium Sharp Spike, Medicated Grass, Stramonium Juice, Stramonium Fruit, Explorer Gloves, Explorer Boots

Level 27 - Rookie Boxeroo (1076,2931)

Level 28 - Mature Grass Tortoise (1198,3116)
Drops : Half Eaten Foilage, Well-Formed Tortoise Shell, Coagulated Liquid, Tortoise Blood, Tower Shield, Swift Kris.

Level 29 - Mad Boar (910,2971)
Drops : Rugged Pig Tail, Razor Sharp Tusk, Animal Sweat, Bone Fragment, Mane, Explorer Vest, Warrior Sword

Ascaron (Level 31 - 40)

Level 31 - Vampire Bat (Abadon Mine 1)
Drops : Demon Wings, Vampiric Fangs, Pet Food, Bone Fragment, Iron Ore Fragment, Hunter Vest, Owl Cap

Level 31 - Grassland Elk (1360,2683)
Drops : Rigid Deer Hoof, Top Grade Deer Skin, Yellow Dye, Incitant, Glowing Mystic Stone, Rhino Hide Armor, Fencing Sword

Level 32 - White Owlie (1360,2683)
Drops : Snowy White Plume, Sharp Beak, Magical Potion, Special Gas, Life Stone, Night Owl Costume, Night Owl Cap

Level 33 - Grassland Wolf (1143,2705)
Drops : Ruffled Wolf Tail, Swift Wolf Claw, Beautiful Skin, Elven Fruit, Tusk, Tribal Bow

Level 34 - Berserk Boxeroo (1161,2639)
Drops :

Level 35 - Miner Mole (Abandon Mine 1)
Drops : Mole Claw, Miner Mole Safety Helmet, Medicine Bottle, Beard, Glowing Mystic Stone, Rhino Hide Armor, Pointed Kris

Level 35 - Slowpoke Snail (1226,2742)
Drops : Cumbersome Carapace, Short Snail Feeler, Smelly Gas, Red Date, Fancy Petal, Strong Leather Gloves, Exquisite Gloves

Level 36 - Mud Monster (934,2747 / Abandon Mine 1)
Drops : Sticky Mud Cake, Strange Candle, Ruby Fragment, Panacea, Mud Crystal, Warrior Sword, Strong Leather Armor

Level 37 - Stining Beak (934,2687)
Drops : Dangerous Sharp Claw, Glossy Feather, Wing, Ruby Fragment, Medicine Bottle, Pointed Kris, Duckling Cap

Level 38 - Fearsome Tortoise (969,2587)
Drops : Solid Tortoise Shell, Cracked Tortoise Egg, Animal Blood, Murky Water, Multi Edge Tortoise Shell, Helmsman Gloves, Helmsman Vest

Level 38 - Ninja Mole (Abadon Mine 2)
Drops : Broken Ninja Sword, Ninja Sword, Cinder, Strange Metal, Ninja Mask, Moon Kris, Criss Sword

Level 39 - Thickskin Lizard (732,2697)
Drops : Lizard Tail, Greasy Lizard Skin, Tooth, Red Date, Beast Leather, Moon Kris, Exquisite Pistol

Level 40 - Rock Golem (682,2592)
Drops : Solid Rock, Slippery Rock, Iron Ore Fragment, Yellow Dye, Quartz Crystal, Strong Leather Gloves, Strong Leather Boots

Ascaron (Level 41 - 50)

Level 41 - Wolf (755,2941)
Drops : Giant Wolf Fang, Thick Wolf Hide, Sharp Claw, Flaw Sapphire, Elven Fruit Juice, Rebel Sword, Happy Bunny Costume

Level 42 - Werewolf Warrior (755,2941)
Drops : Broken Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Broken Hammer, Sharp Tooth, Special Gas, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Gauntlets, Happy Bunny Muffs

Level 42 - Needle of Stramonium
Drops : Thorny Stramonium Flower, Long Stramonium Spike, Poisoned Thorn, Perfect Sapphire, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Greaves, Piety Boots

Level 43 - Tribal Villager (819,2316)
Drops : Tribal Feather, Broken Strange Bone, Pill Fragment, Special Gas, Red Date Tea, Light Platemail, Happy Bunny Shoes

Level 46 - Pumpkin Knight (622,3364)
Drops : Pumpkin Head, Lantern, Life Stone, Stainless Steel, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Boots, Hopperoo Muffs

Level 46 - Tribal Warrior (826,2165)
Drops : Tribal Knife, Tribal Shield, Perfect Crystal, Pearl, Mushroom Soup, Piety Robe, Passage Gloves

Level 48 - Treant (828,1923)
Drops : Dried Wood, Withered Root, Perfect Ruby, Stainless Steel, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Crystalline Kris, Mithril Gauntlets

Level 49 - Dark Mud Monster (631,2000)
Drops : Dark Mud Cake, Used Candle, Earthen Element Fragment, Clarity Crystal, Ice Cream, Mastman Vest, Mithril Greaves
Ascaron (Level 51 - 60)

Level 51 - Frenzied Wolf (2425,3054) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Bloodied Wolf Fang, Wolf Hide Masterpiece, Flaw Sapphire, Meteorite Fragment, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Cap, Follower Robe

Level 51 - Sturdy Rock Golem (712,1715) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Indestructible Rock, Shimmering Rock Fragment, Earthen Element Fragment, Azure Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Shoes, Staff of Life

Level 51 - Sakura Pirate Sailor (2177,1105) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Sakura Sailor's Emblem, Sakura Bandana, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Liquorice Potion, Crescent Sword, Follower Gloves

Level 52 - Sakura Pirate Fighter (2197,1125) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Sakura Fighter's Emblem, Sakura Dirk, Flaw Sapphire, Pink Crystal, Energetic Tea, Follower Boots, Raging Bull Tattoo

Level 52 - Undead Warrior (511,1721)
Drops : Unyielding Greatsword, Unyielding Helmet, Special Gas, Sparkling Stone, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Cap, Silver Gauntlets

Level 53 - Elite Werewolf Warrior (556,1439) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Bloodied Hammer, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Special Ointment, Thundorian Staff, Silver Greaves

Level 53 - Iron Mummy (556,1557)
Drops : Iron Shroud, Mummy Nail, Special Gas, Meteorite, Special Ointment, Garcon Robe, Gattling Firegun

Level 54 - Huge Spiky Stramonium (440,1320)
Drops : Gigantic Stramonium Flower, Huge Stramonium Thorn, Poisoned Thorn, Meteorite Fragment, Special Ointment, Otter Costume, Ringdove Vest

Level 54 - Steel Mummy (440,1440)
Drops : Steel Shroud, Mummy Hair, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Garcon Gloves, Ringdove Gloves

Level 55 - Tribal Shaman (625,1289)
Drops : Tribal Long Spear, Tribal Mask, Special Gas, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Muffs, Ringdove Boots

Level 55 - Guardian Angel (886,1283)
Drops : Angel Halo, Broken Angel Wand, Chaos Pill, Meteorite, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Cap, Blessed Gloves

Level 56 - Agile Tribal Villager (735,1289)
Drops : Beautiful Tribal Feathers, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Emerald, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Shoes, Joyful Bunny Costume

Level 57 - Vicious Undead Warrior (831,1125)
Drops : Fallen Greatsword, Fallen Helmet, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Hyena Dagger, Joyful Bunny Muffs

Level 58 - Deadly Skeletal Archer (919,1581)
Drops : Special Quiver, Complete Rib, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Muffs, Guardian of Nature

Level 59 - Cursed Corpse (360,1440)
Drops : Shroud, Skeleton Bone Fragment, Special Gas, Azure Crystal, Revival Clover, Dazzling Sword, Ceremonial Platemail

Level 59 - Skeletal Warrior Leader (360,1440)
Drops : Wornout Katana, Warrior Leader Token, Perfect Emerald, Meteorite, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Cap, Primal Tattoo

Level 60 - Bloodthirsty Hunter (445,1571)
Drops : Dark Skeleton, Dark Bow, Chaos Pill, Agate, Revival Clover, Clever Otter Costume, Ceremonial Gauntlets

Level 60 - Terra Soldier(546,2726)
Drops : Broken Terra Pickaxe, Terra Backpack, Perfect Emerald, Agate Crystal, Revival Clover, Healer Robe, Ceremonial Greaves

Level 60 - Stone Golem (546,2590)
Drops : Hugh Rock Fragment, Heart of Giant, Stone Egg, Clarion Sand, Healer Gloves, Raptor Vest, Ice Cream

Level 60 - Iron GOlem (546,2590)
Drops : Arcane Metal, Small Magnet, Pumping Metal Heart, Clarion Fragment, Clever Otter Shoes, Raptor Gloves, Ice Cream

Level 60 - Lizard Warrior (382,2726)
Drops : Damaged Lizardman Belt, Damaged Lizardman Blade, Red Dye, Clarity Crystal, Healer Boots, Raptor Boots, Ice Cream

Ascaron (Level 61 - 72)

Level 62 - Small Treant (705,2121)
Drops : Small Mysterious Branch, Strange Leaves, Perfect Crystal, Clarion Sand, Clever Otter Cap, Lucky Bunny Costume, Revival Clover

Level 62 - Giant Lizard (705,2121)
Drops : Giant Lizard Tongue, Giant Skin, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Vampiric Kris, Heavenly Vest, Ice Cream

Level 63 - Horrific Cursed Corpse (360,1340)
Drops : Cursed Shroud, Cursed Carcass, Perfect Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Prawn Costume, Heavenly Gloves, Ice Cream

Level 63 - Vicious Pumpkin Knight (579,2962)
Drops : Frightful Pumpkin Head, Rusty Lantern, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Sand, Hurricane Gloves, Lucky Bunny Shoes, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Chimera (662,2460)
Drops : Chimera Horn, Scorpion Claw, Red Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Muffs, Heavenly Shoes, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Elite Tribal Warrior (645,2310)
Drops : Razor Tribal Knife, Solid Tribal Shield, Life Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Hurricane Boots, Lucky Bunny Cap, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Treant Terror (662,2460)
Drops : Dried Splintered Wood, Treant Root, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Prawn Shoes, Holy Guidance, Revival Clover

Level 65 - Terra Warrior (373,2590)
Drops : Rusty Terra Battleaxe, Rusty Terra Battle Armor, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Cap, Lucky Otter Costume, Mystery Fruit

Level 65 - Elite Werewolf Archer (472,2484)
Drops : Werewolf Iron Claw, Broken Werewolf Long Bow, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Delusion Sword, Lucky Otter Muffs, Revival Clover

Level 66 - Mad Tibal Villager (561,2334)
Drops : Fine Exquisite Feather, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Ruby, Clarity Crystal, Protector Gloves, Spirit Beast Tattoo, Agrypnotic

Level 66 - Evil Undead Warrior (580,2121)
Drops : Evil Greatsword, Evil Helmet, Magical Bone, Clarion Sand, Lucky Otter Shoes, Roar of Turbulence, Agrypnotic.

Level 67 - Evil Pumpkin Knight (340,1581)
Drops : Ghastly Pumpkin Head, Extinguished Lantern, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Protector Boots, Soul Beast, Agrypnotic

Level 67 - Werewolf Warrior Leader (472,2484)
Drops : Werewolf Warrior Leaders Insignia, Blood Drenched Hammer, Yellow Dye, Pink Crystal, Lucky Otter Cap, Comet Magenta, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Shadow Hunter (450,2121)
Drops : Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Lumbering Treant (450,2121)
Drops : Mysterious Branch, Mysterious Leaf, Chaos Pill, Pink Crystal, Pincer Muffs, Boots of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Palace Guard (435,1690)
Drops : Royal Bodyguard Emblem, Royal Sword, Blue Dye, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Gloves, Gloves of Perception, Revival Clover

Level 69 - Corrupted Guardian Angel (335,2121)
Drops : Broken Angel Halo, Cracked Angel Wand, Strange Metal Ore, Amber Crystal, Pincer Shoes, Serpentine Gun of Resonance, Revival Clover

Level 71 - Lizard Warrior Leader (412,2334)
Drops : Lizardman Leader Belt, Lizardman Leader Battleaxe, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Crystal, Arcane Otter Costume, Pique Bunny Costume, Revival Clover

Level 72 - Terra Warrior Leader (412,2334)
Drops : Terra Captain Battleaxe, Terra Captain Battle Armor, Perfect Emerald, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Muffs, Pique Bunny Muffs, Magical Potion

Magical Ocean (Level 1- 10)

Level 1- Dry Mystic Shrub (884,3156)
Drops : Sparkling Grass, Ancient Root, Sparkling Leaf, Elven Fruit, Seed, Newbie Knife

Level 1 - Melon (1031,3556)
Drops : Thorny Thick Skin, Melon Tuber, Cactus Hairball, Red Date, Red Stone, Newbie Vest

Level 3 - Baby Scorpion (1184,3557)
Drops : Scorpion Tail, Scorpion Carapace, Insect Hind Leg, Murky Water, Glass, Newbie Knife.

Level 4 - Cactus (1031, 3556)
Drops : Cactus Thorn, Cacus Tuber, Corm, Red Date, Cactus Blossom, Newbie Sword

Level 6 - Humpy camel(892,3373)
Drops : Camel Mane, Camel Eyelash, Broken Horn, Bone Fragment, Tooth, Novice Shirt, Medic Gloves

Level 8 - Big Scorpion (1184,3557)
Drops : Scorpion Stinger, Rigid Scorpion Carapace, Pungent Gas, Medicine Bottle, Poisoned Thorn, Medic Boots, Medic Gloves

Level 10 - Hopping Lizard (892,3273)
Drops : Flowery Lizard Skin, Long Lizard Tongue, Tooth, Red Date, Medicated Grass, Mystic Branch, Medic Robe

Magical Ocean (Level 11- 20)

Level 11 - Wolf Cub (687,3093)
Drops : Wolf Fang, Wolf Claw, Animal Skin, Hair, Flaw Sapphire, Attendant Gloves, Attendant Boots

Level 14 - Killer Cactus (884,3156)
Drops : Sharp Cactus Thorn, Large Cactus Tuber, Cactus Blossom, Strange Fruit, Strange Mask, Wooden Stave, Attendant Robe

Level 15 - Giagantic Melon (687,3093)
Drops : Slightly Poisonous Thorn, Bitter Fruit, Cactus Hairball, Red Date, Red Stone, Wooden Stave, Kris.

Level 17 - Phantom Tree (884,3028)
Drops : Strange Branch, Phantom Tree Branch, Poisoned Fruit, Red Date, Green Corm, Two Handed Sword, Rooroo Cap

Level 20 - Sand Brigand (718,3288)
Drops : Lock Pick, Master Key, Scrap Iron, Medicine Bottle, Torn Life Skill Book, Long Bow.

Level 20 - Straving Wolf (718,2938)
Drops : Razor Wolf Fang, Razor Wolf Claw, Wolf Skin, Beast Leather, Red Stone, Foster Gloves, Foster Boots

Magical Ocean (Level 21- 30)

Level 21 - Sandy Tortoise (1197,3270)
Drops : Coarse Tortoise Shell, Desert Seed, Pure Water, Medicine Bottle, Small Crystal, Heavy Leather Armor

Level 22 - Sand Bandit (1339,3300)
Drops : Wind Mirror, Torn Pouch, Scrap Iron, Medicine Bottle, Torn Life Skill Book, Wooden Stick, Foster Robe

Level 23 - Sandy Shroom (1334,3438)
Drops : Poisonous Spore, Umbrella Mushroom, Hypnotic Gas, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Firegun

Level 24 - Mudman (1438,3413)
Drops : Mud Cake, Polluted Mud, Murky Water, Scrap Iron, Mud Doll, Heavy Leather Gloves, Heavy Leather Boots

Level 25 - Sand Raider (1027,3011)
Drops : Knight Attest, Horse Whip, Golden Camel Bell, Medicine Bottle, Red Date, Scholar Gloves, Hand Stave

Level 26 - Feral Wolf (1473,3295)
Drops : Giant Wolf Fang, Huge Wolf Claw, Animal Skin, Torn Life Skill Book, Hair, Hand Stave, Scholar Boots

Level 27 - Man Eating Spider (1093,2948)
Drops : Sticky Spider Legs, Spider Venom, Wakening Salt, Spider Web, Sapphire Fragment, Hand Stave, Scholar Robe.

Level 28 - Sand Bandit Leader - Garet (1171,3026)
Drops : Cracked Iron Sword, Skeletal Bandana, Agate Crystal, Clarion Crystal, Tempest Mark, Moon Kris, Beastly Wand

Level 30 - Lizard King (1507,2970)
Drops : Burly Lizard Skin, Lizard Crown, Lizardman Belt, Old Air Ticket, Lizardman Bangle, Hand Stave, Scholar Robe

Level 30 - Captain Fickle (1506, 3436)
Drops : Iron Hook, Pirate Hat, Incitant, Soul Stone, Ancient Scroll, Moon Kris, Deckman Vest

Magical Ocean (Level 41- 60)

Level 47 - Sand Crab (1381,3134)
Gravel Crab Pincer, Sandy Crab Meat, Hard Shell, Pink Crystal, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Hopperoo Cap, Mithril Platemail

Level 55 - Navy Rifleman (2389,575) Isle of Chill
Drops : Fake Navy Documentation, Broken Navy Emblem, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Clever Otter Muffs, Laser Gun

Level 57 - Northern Pirate Sailor (2481,582) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Sailors Emblem, Northern Bandana, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Lobster Costume, Joyful Bunny Shoes

level 57 - Northern Pirate Fighter (2352,572) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Fighter's Emblem, Northern Dirk, Perfect Crystal, Meteorite, Tiamari Fruit, Wind Gloves, Joyful Bunny Cap

Level 58 - Northern Pirate Milita (2358,575) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Militia?¡¥s Emblem, Nothern Sabre, Chaos Pill, Azure Crystal, Mystery Fruit, Wind Boots, Lotus Staff

Magical Ocean (Level 70)

Level 70 - Terra Artificer (1381,3134)
Drops : Terra Spanner, Terra Glasses, Yellow Dye, Terra Gold, Arcane Bunny Shoes, Venom Gun, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 70 - Terra Elder (1381,3134)
Drops : Rusty Terra Earrings, Broken Terra Smoking Pipe, Blue Dye, Terra Gold, Boots of Melody, Sagacious Battle Greaves, Revival Clover

Level 70 - Terra Captain (1381,3134)
Drops : Damaged Terra Battleaxe, Damaged Terra Battle Armor, Strange Metal Ore, Terra Gold, Flame of the Arctic, Robe of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Deep Blue (Level 1-10)

Level 1 - Snowy Mystic Shrub (1155,578)
Drops : Frozen Grass, Frozen Root, Elven Fruit, Seed, Grass Juice

Level 2 - Snow Squirt (1465,402)
Drops : Frozen Squid Ink, White Squirt Bandana, Octopus Tentacle, Medicine Bottle, Ice Fruit, Newbie Gloves

Level 4 - Snow Squidy (1179,475)
Drops : Fat Squid Tentacle, White Squidy Cap, Glass, Withered Branch, Ice Fruit, Novice Shirt

Level 6 - Snowy Piglet (1179,371)
Drops : Octopus Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Snowy Pig Tail, Furry Pig Mane, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Novice Gloves, Husk Boots

Level 7 - Little Deer (1164,305)
Drops : Broken Antler, Soft Deer Skin, Animal Horn, Tear, Animal Skin, Coarse Boots, Coarse Gloves

Level 9 - Little White Deer (1325,305)
Drops : Well-Formed Antler, Thick Deer Skin, Broken Horn, Tear, Life Stone Fragment, Short Bow, Coarse Vest

Level 10 - Sailor Penguin (994,265)
Drops : Pengiun Pelt, Webbed Penguin Feet, Bone Fragment, Little Snow Ball, Snowy Soft Bud, Sheepy Muffs, Sheepy Shoes

Deep Blue (Level 11-20)

Level 11 - Naiad (1079,520)
Drops : Contaminated Water, Heart of Naiad, Wing, Healing Water, Naiad Stone, Hunter Gloves, Safari Boots

Level 13 - Sharp Beak (848,518)
Drops : Razor Sharp Beak, Kingfisher Feather, Wing, Elven Fruit, Red Stone, Hunter Bow, Safari Vest

Level 14 - Elk (885,333)
Drops : Gigantic Antler, Tough Deer Skin, Yellow Dye, Incitant, Glowing Mystic Stone, Sharp Dagger, Rooroo Costume

Level 15 - Sailor Squirt (738,426)
Drops : Concentrated Squid Ink, Squirt Handkerchief, Pet Food, Red Dye, Glass, Tough Boots, Hunter Bow

Level 15 - Horned Penguin (855,333)
Drops : Tough Pengiun Pelt, Strong Penguin Feet, Antler, Wakening Salt, Ancient Scroll Fragment, Rooroo Muffs, Rooroo Shoes

Level 16 - Snowy Bat (743, 358)
Drops : Bat Wing, Bat Fangs, Sharp Tooth, Animal Saliva, Ice Fruit, Tough Gloves, Canvas Gloves

Level 16 - Sailor Squidy (657,411)
Drops : Strong Squid Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Murky Water, Blue Dye, Ice Fruit, Hunter Bow, Safari Vest

Level 17 - Snowy Shroom (952,550)
Drops : Hypnotic Spore, Edible Mushroom, Snowy Soft Bud, Medicine Bottle, Small Crystal, Kitty Costume

Level 19 - Snowy Snail (657,332)
Drops : Chilling Snail Shell, Frozen Snail Feeler, Snowy Grass Bud, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Canvas Gloves, Canvas Boots

Deep Blue (Level 21-30)

Level 21 - Naive Snow Doll (1055,738)
Drops : Snowball, Glacier Heart, Medicine Bottle, Counteragent, Ice Cream, Long Bow, Canvas Vest

Level 22 - Snowy Bear Cub (958,661)
Drops : Damaged Puck, Snowy Fluff, Animal Blood, Animal Skin, Small Crystal, Playful Racoon Cap, Racoon Cap

Level 23 - Snow Lady (873,646)
Drops : Ice Crystal, Perfect Snowflake, Magical Staff, Ruby Fragment, Teary Ice Stone, Safari Gloves, Hunter Boots

Level 24 - Snow Wolf (965,775)
Drops : Mighty Wolf Claw, High Quality Wolf Pelt, Small Crystal, Beautiful Skin, Animal Blood, Canvas Vest, Exquisite Gloves

Level 25 - War Tortoise (891,750)
Drops : Gigantic Tortoise Shell, Herbal Jelly, Animal Blood, Murky Water, Strange Metal Fragment, Swift Kris, Explorer Vest

Level 26 - Fallen Naiad (891,750)
Drops : Smelly Water, Broken Heart of Naiad, Rainbow Fruit, Sharp Claw, Perfect Sapphire, Battle Bow, Hunter Vest

Level 26 - Armored Crab (994,857)
Drops : Unusable Crab Feet, Edgy Carapace, Hypnotic Gas, Iron, Glowing Mystic Stone, Crabby Cap, Crabby Shoes

Level 27 - Northern Snail (802, 750)
Drops : Snowy Trumpet Shell, Frozen Conch Meat, Snowy Grass Bud, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Exquisite Gloves, Happy Bunny Costume

Level 28 - Snow Spirit (1060,805)
Drops : Snow Spirit Wings, Heart of Purity, Magical Branch, Life Stone, Ice Cream, Helmsman Vest, Blessing Stave

Level 29 - Fragile Snow Doll (907,842)
Drops : Blue Snowball, Frosty Heart, Magical Branch, Life Stone, Ice Cream, Exquisite Gloves, Exquisite Boots

Level 30 - Combat Piglet (1455,560)
Drops : Steel Pig Tooth, Chameleon Pig Trotter, Animal Sweat, Tusk, Torn Life Skill Book, Nurse Boots, Emergency Robe

Deep Blue (Level 31-40)

Level 31 - Yeti (1495,667)
Drops : Yeti Chest Hair, Yeti Nail, Rainbow Glass, Ruby Fragment, Pill Fragment, Tribal Bow, Exquisite Vest

Level 34 - Playful Snow Doll (1746,530)
Drops : Red Snowball, Chilled Heart, Pure Water, Glass, Ice Cream, Nurse Robe, Tribal Bow
Red Snowball, Chilled Heart, Pure Water, Glass, Ice Cream, Nurse Robe, Tribal Bow

Level 35 - Battle Tortoise (2165,462)
Drops : Cracked Tortoise Shell, Earthen Stone, Incitant, Terra Gold Fragment, Medicine Bottle, Nurse Robe, Breast Plate

Level 35 - Atrocious Yeti King ( 885,887 - 875, 924)
Drops: Metal Earring, Misshapen Demonic Blade, Magical Potion, Life Stone, Amber Crystal, Fire-Rifle, Serpentine Sword

Level 36 - Skeletal Archer (2266,470)
Drops : Old Quiver, Skeletal Ribs, Hypnotic Gas, Scrap Iron, Clarity Crystal, Marksman Bow, Slick Gloves

Level 37 - Snowy Tortoise (2165,462)
Drops : Blunt Nail, Heated Tortoise Shell, Ice Fruit, Medicine Bottle, Iron Ore Fragment, Travel Gloves, Exquisite Pistol

Level 37 - Crazy Sheep (2266,590)
Drops : Mangled Sheep Horn, Dingle Bell, Beast Leather, Medicine Bottle, Clarity Crystal, Sheepy Costume, Feather Gloves

Level 38 - Polar Bear (1982,530)
Drops : Solid Bear Paw, Great Bear Tooth, Beautiful Skin, Extender, Small Crystal, Playful Racoon Costume, Racoon Cap

Level 38 - Ferocious Scropion (2373,551)
Drops : Deadly Poisonous Stinger, Scorpion Blood, Pungent Gas, Murky Water, Poisoned Thorn, Holy Gloves, Holy Boots

Level 39 - Snowy Tusk Boar (2266,590)
Drops : Spikey Spike, Rugged Pig Trotter, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Sharp Tooth, Grace Wand

Level 40 - Skeletal Warrior (2266,470)
Drops : Rusty Katana, Warrior Certificate, Scrap Iron, Hypnotic Gas, Clarity Crystal, Chain Gauntlets, Chain Greaves

Deep Blue (Level 41-50)

Level 41 - Cumbersome Snowman (2471,502)
Drops : Snowman?¡¥s Earring, Rusty Broadsword, Life Crystal, Perfect Crystal, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Platemail, Piety Gloves

Level 42 - Werewolf Warrior (2512,588)
Drops : Broken Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Broken Hammer, Sharp Tooth, Special Gas, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Gauntlets, Happy Bunny Muffs

Level 43 - Snowman (2594, 455)
Drops : Giant Earring, Giant Broadsword, Perfect Ruby, Poisoned Thorn, Red Date Tea, Light Gauntlets, Token Pistol

Level 44 - Seetl Shell Snail
Drops : Steel Snail Shell, Steel Feeler, Carapace Fragment, Flaw Emerald, Red Date Tea, Light Greaves, Staff of Sagacious

Level 44 - Cumbersome Yeti
Drops : Cracked Snowman Necklace, Slipshod Wooden Stick, Flaw Ruby, Life Crystal, Red Date Tea, Happy Bunny Cap, Battle Stave

Level 45 - Undead Archer (2746,450)
Drops : Unyielding Bow, Death Arrow, Life Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Vest, Hopperoo Costume

Level 45 - Snow Yeti ( 2855,450)
Drops : Giant Necklace, Giant Wooden Stick, Extender, Aluminum, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Gloves, Passage Robe

Level 47 - Elite Skeletal Archer (2713,372)
Drops : Refined Arrow Quiver, Ruptured Rib, Flaw Ruby, Aluminum, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Hopperoo Shoes, Paladin Sword

Level 47 - Infant Icy Dragon (2852,650)
Drops : Frozen Bone Fragment, Heart of Ice Crystal Fragment, Extender, Clarity Crystal, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Passage Boots, Savage Bull Tattoo

Level 49 - Great Polar Bear (3101,666) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Huge Bear Paw, Razor Bear Tooth, Animal Skin, Silicon Sand, Ice Cream, Ducky Costume, Exquisite Rifle

Level 49 - Water Fairy (2997,560)
Drops : Water Crystal, Pure Crystal, Perfect Crystal, Pink Crystal, Ice Cream, Mastman Gloves, Emerald Vest

Level 50 - Horrific Snowman (3126,588) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Sparkling Snowman Earring, Fearsome Sword of Giant, Flaw Ruby, Clarity Crystal, Ice Cream, Ducky Muffs, Emerald Gloves.

Level 50 - Werewolf Archer (2680,795)
Drops : Chipped Werewolf Iron Claw, Broken Werewolf Bow, Life Stone, Silicon Sand, Liquorice Potion, Mastman Boots, Emerald Boots

Deep Blue (Level 51-60)

Level 51 - Horrific Yeti (2590,795) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Sparkling Snowman Necklace, Fearsome Staff of Giant, Perfect Ruby, Pink Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Crevice Shield, Loopy Bunny Costume

Level 52 - Elite Skeletal Warrior (2597, 831)
Drops : Broken Katana, Mark of Warrior Honor, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Muffs, Charging Sword

Level 55 - Lizardman (2587,900)
Drops : Lizardman Belt, Lizard Man Axe, Perfect Crystal, Splendor Cloth, Snowy Soft Bud, Garcon Boots, Blessed Robe

Deep Blue (Level 61-70)

Level 67 - Beardy Pirate Sailor (1563, 1804) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Sailor?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Bandana, Yellow Dye, Clarion Sand, Staff of Amercement, Capricious Battle Armor, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Beardy Pirate Fighter (1588,1708) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Fighter?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Dirk, Perfect Sapphire, Amber Crystal, Dagger of Hydra, Capricious Battle Gauntlets, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Beardy Pirate Militia (1597,1707) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Militia?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Sabre, Earthen Element Array, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Vest, Capricious Battle Greaves, Agrypnotic



Lone Tower ( 6 level tower) Ent = (272,1778)

Level 1
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Level 2
pirate king online guide

Level 3
pirate king online guide

Level 4
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Level 5
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Level 6 is highest so map isn't needed..is quite small

Level 69 - Mad Tribal Witchdoctor
Drops : Pointed Tribal Long Spear, Large Tribal Mask, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Pincer Cap, Robe of Melody, Revival Clover

Level 69 - Frenzied Lizardman
Drops : Iron Casted Lizardman Belt, Heavy Lizardman Battleaxe, Chaos Pill, Clarion Fragment, Wyrm Sword, Arcane Bunny Costume, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 69 - Nimble Forest Hunter
Drops : Nimble Heart of Nature, Broken Bow of the Forest, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Gloves of Melody, Sagacious Battle Armor, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 70 - White Bobcat
Drops : Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 71 - Nimble Shadow Hunter
Drops : Dark Bloody Carcass, Dark Bow of Blood, Red Dye, Amber Crystal, Searing Frost, Gloves of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 71 - Terra Soldier Leader
Drops : Terra Pickaxe, Refined Terra Backpack, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Claw of Demonic Dragon, Boots of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 72 - Elite Terra Warrior
Drops : Heavy Terra Battleaxe, Refined Terra Battle Armor, Red Dye, Agate, Gloves of Vengence, Gloves of Spirit, Magical Potion

Level 72 - Black Bobcat
Drops : Torn Black Bobcat Wing, Broken Black Bobcat Bell, Kitty Bell, Amber Crystal, Boots of Vengence, Boots of Spirit, Magical Potion

Level 73 - Vicious Grassland Elder
Drops : Cracked Terra Earring, Old Tobacco Pipe, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Shoes, Pique Bunny Shoes, Revival Clover

Level 73 - Terra Artificer Leader
Drops : King-Size Spanner, High Grade Terra Glasses, Red Dye, Terra Gold, God of Flame, Soul Spring, Magical Potion

Level 73 - Elite Shadow Hunter
Drops : Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potion

Level 74 - Feral White Bobcat
Drops : White Bobcat Wing, Golden Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, God of Sight, Eye of Sacred Dragon, Magical Potion

Level 75 - Evil Guardian Angel
Drops : Corrupted Angel Halo, Corrupted Angel Wand, Perfect Emerald, Agate, Arcane Lobster Muffs, Pique Otter Muffs, Revival Clover

Level 75 - Feral Black Bobcat
Drops : Black Bobcat Wing, Black Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Agate, Arcane Lobster Costume, Pique Otter Costume, Magical Potion

Level 76 - Cursed White Bobcat
Drops : Cursed White Bobcat Wing, Cursed Golden Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, Nautical Boots, Boots of Amercement, Fruity Mix

Level 77 - Cursed Black Bobcat
Drops : Cursed Black Bobcat Wing, Cursed Black Bell, Kitty Bell, Ancient Scroll, Essence Dagger, God of Wrath, Fruity Mix

Level 77 - Ruthless Forest Hunter
Drops : Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potion

Level 78 - Relic Guard
Drops : Robot Clamp, Piece of Armor Plate, Strange Metal Ore, Clarion Crystal, Wyrm Shield, Trident of Poseidon, Fruity Mix

Level 78 - Ruthless Shadow Hunter
Drops : Bloodied Carcass, Bloodied Bow, Chaos Pill, Ancient Scroll, Ember Scar, Robe of Stride, Revival Clover

Level 80 - Relic Protector
Drops : Robot Wheel, Metal Funnel, Earthen Element Array, Ancient Scroll, Thunder Blade, Gloves of Stride, Fruity Mix


Spring Island

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Level 60 - Fox Taoist ( 3322, 2460)

Level 65 - Fox Spirit ( 3306, 2444)

Level 70 - Fox Sage (3134.2470)


Summer Island

Monsters are spread out throughout this island, so they have no "specific" area spawn.
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Level 71 - Elite Lizardman Warrior ( 3717, 3355)

Level 72 - Evil Tribal Warrior ( 3562, 3338)

Level 74 - Deadly Werewolf Archer ( 3410,3359)

Level 76 - Evil Tribal Shaman ( 3538,2958)

Level 77 - Frantic Lizardman ( 3718, 3342)

Level 80 - Lizardman Warrior Commander ( 3273,3318)

Level 85 - Evil Tribal Chieftian ( 3512,3103)


Autumn Island

Level 65 - Pirate 006 (2817, 2994)

Level 68 - Pirate 007 ( 2799, 3010)

Level 70 - Pirate 008 (2809, 2988)

Level 75 - Pirate Captain 008 (2432,3177)


UnderWater Tunnel (404 , 285 From Seabed Tunnel)

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Heading Back up :
SeaBed Tunnel : (160 , 425)

Level 65 - Zombie (What) : 118, 316

Level 67 - Zombie (Who) : 140, 316

Level 68 - Zombie (Where) : 186, 298


Seabed Tunnel

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Level 62 - Long Hair Crab (349,376)
Drops : Long Hair Crab Pincer, Long Crab Shell, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Hurricane Vest, Lucky Bunny Muffs, Revival Clover.

Level 65 - Baby Icy Dragon (348,436)
Drops: Piece of Icy Dragon Bone, Piece of Crystalline Heart, Dragon Scale, Clarion Fragment, Blessed Shield, Protector Robe, Mystery Fruit.

Level 68 - Cursed Water Fairy ( 486,327)
Drops : Cursed Water Crystal, Black Crystal, Life Crystal, Clarion Sand, Whirlpool Boots, Rattlesnake, Revival Clover.

Level 75 - Icy Dragon (494, 521)


Black Dragon Lair - Level 1

Becareful of the Huge Cyborg right at the ent

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Level 79 - Anubis (796,459)

Level 80 - Dharma Pharaoh (740, 455)

Level 85 - Huge Cyborg (742, 479)

Black Dragon Lair - Level 2

Level 90 - Black Dragon (766, 633)



Hair Items Drops

Making Colourant

Formula: 5 dyes + 1 Special gas + 1 Rainbow glass + 200 gold

Innkeeper - Marriam (2211, 2781) - Argent
Red, Orange, black, brown

Girl - Lena (883, 3520) - Shaitan

Bar Waitress - Babara (1310, 530) - Icicle
Blue, Purple

Girl - Cindy (740, 1451) - Thundoria
Yellow, Green

Hair items can be obtained from the following boxes :

Beautiful Chest
Item Chest

Hairstyling Voucher can be obtained from :
Item Chest
Beautiful Chest

Lance Hairstyle Book
Sea Weed
Sakura 13 Support Ship
Decaying Fish Bone

Carasis Hairstyle Book
Chameleon Squid
Beardy Pirate Warship

Phyllsis Hairstyle book
Evil Great Polliwog
Sakura 13 Support Ship

Ami Hairstyle book
Feral Blood Polliwog


Red Dye
Water Dancer
Sailor Squirt
Lizard Warrior
Elite Werewolf Archer
Mad Tribal Witchdoctor
Nimble Shadow Hunter
Elite Terra Warrior
Terra Artificer Leader

Orange Dye
Electric Sea Jelly
Baby Squid
Ocean Water Dancer
Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly

Yellow Dye
Ruby Dolphin
Crystalline Dolphin
Decaying Fish Bone
Grassland Elk
Rock Golem
Beardy Pirate Sailor
Werewolf Warrior Leader
Terra Artificer
Frantic Lizardman

Green Dye
Evil Water Dancer
Raging Cyclonic Sea Jelly
Ancient Siren Guard

Blue Dye
Chameleon Squid
Sailor Squidy
Ruby Dolphin
Long Hair Crab
Terra Warrior
Palace Guard
Terra Elder
Deadly Werewolf Archer
Nimble Forest Hunter

Green Dye
Tempest Sea Jelly
Poisonous Sea Jelly
Old Ruby Dolphin

Purple Dye
Fish Bone
Blackarrow Squid

Brown Dye
Sawtooth Shark
Jack the Pirate's Warship
Jack the Pirate's Command Ship
Old Diamond Dolphin

Black Dye
Bewitching Siren
Azure Siren
Great Polliwog
Jack the Pirate's Support Ship

Dark Blue Siren
Crimson Siren

Other hairstyle items

Wild Seaweed
Icky Seaweed
Blackarrow Squid

White Finned Shark
Floating Seaweed
Swift Skeleton Fish

Hair Gel
Rookie Boxeroo



HP / SP Recovery Monster Drop list

Ascaron - Ice Cream (HP)

Level 49 - Dark Mud Monster (631,2000)

Level 60 - Stone Golem (546,2590)

Level 60 - Iron Golem (546,2590)

Level 60 - Lizard Warrior (382,2726)

Level 62 - Giant Lizard (705,2121)

Level 63 - Horrific Cursed Corpse (360,1340)

Ascaron (Lone Tower) - Rainbow Fruit Juice(HP)
Level 69 - Frenzied Lizardman

Level 69 - Nimble Forest Hunter

Level 70 - White Bobcat

Level 71 - Nimble Shadow Hunter

Level 71 - Terra Soldier Leader

Ascaron (Lone Tower) - Fruity Mix(HP)

Level 76 - Cursed White Bobcat

Level 77 - Cursed Black Bobcat

Level 77 - Ruthless Forest Hunter

Level 78 - Relic Guard

Level 80 - Relic Protector


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