[Newbie] Manufacturing 101 - How to make items

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This guide credits to TranquilNature ( Original Page )
Manufacturing 101 - How to make items

With the abundance of blueprints and plenty of questions on what to do with them, I thought I'd make this guide to take you through all of the essential steps to manufacturing items on your own from the manufacturing blueprints.

Step 1: Obtain the blueprint

You can obtain the manufacting blueprint either by killing monsters or by buying them from other players' stalls. Once you've obtained a blueprint, you will see information similiar to what you see in this example. (Note: We will be using this example throughout this entire guide.)

Step 2: Understanding the blueprint

In this example you see the information that is necessary to make the item.

Product: Sand Bag Lv1 *what will be made when we're done*
Material 1, 2, 3 The materials and amount of those materials that will be made in order to go through the manufacturing process once.
Blueprint usage count: How many times you can go through the manufacturing process with this particular blueprint.
Base success rate: The chance that this will succeed. Given the fact that it says "base" it would indicate that there are ways to make it more successful, but I have not tested anything (such as the fairy books you can get from the fairy merchant) to see how much it improves on this number.
Fairy Coin(s) required: How many Fairy coins you will need along with the items in order to do the manufacturing process once. You can get the fairy coins by having a fairy of your own that you use. It will generate fairy coins as the growth goes up. If you don't have a fairy, you can also buy the fairy coins from other players.

So as an example you would need 7 contaminated waters, 8 ash wood strips, 1 elven fruit, and 1 fairy coin per time you manufacture this product. Multiply all of that by 7 and you will see how many items you need to make as many of this product as the blueprint allows.

Step 3: Getting the skill

You will need at least 1 life point from the life quests to get the manufacturing skill as well as 1 lifepoint already used in the woodcutting skill. If you have that, you can then purchase the Lv1 Manufacturing book from any town grocer. Double click on that book to learn the skill and obtain the tool you need in order to make the items. The tool looks like the picture below:

Another tool you will need is a fairy that has an equal or higher manufacturing level than the manufacturing tool you're using. So in this case you will just need a fairy with no manufacturing fairy skills since it can be used with a level 1 manufacturing tool. It will not let you manufacture anything without a Fairy.

If you happened to have a level 2 manufacturing tool, your fairy must have at least the novice manufacturing skill to use it.

Should your manufacturing tool run out of durability (and it will if you use it enough,) you must use a repair tool (obtained either by making it in manufacturing or by buying/trading them from other players) in order to restore its durability. Just take the repair tool and the manufacturing tool and then go to the Furnace of Immortality in Spring Isle to repair it.

*Note: The repair tool must be of at least the same level as the manufacturing tool. You cannot use a level 2 repair tool to fix a level 3 manufacturing tool.* - Souce: Elgrum and confirmed with screenshot by Urkel.

Step 4: Making the product

Now that you have gotten the fairy coin(s), the fairy with a Lv1 (or higher if necessary) skill, an empty spot in your inventory for the new item, and the rest of the ingredients, it's time to make the Sand Bag Lv1. First you need to go to the machine/NPC to make the product. You will find the NPC at Shaitan (877,3645 - Source - Snowy from PKO forum) and it looks like the picture below:

(picture source - snowy's guide at pko.mmosite.com)

Double click on the NPC to bring the screen to insert everything. You will need to insert the blueprint into the area on the right side, second row from the bottom. You will then place the manufacturing tool to the left of it on the same row, and the fairy on the row below it. Finally you will fill up the box for "Material 1" with Contaminated Water, "Material 2" with the Ash Wood Strips, and "Material 3" with the elven fruit. Don't worry too much about getting the wrong item in the wrong spot, as the NPC won't let you do that anyway. When all of the ingredients are in place, it will look like the picture below:

From there, you can choose your quantity if you had enough items to go through the process multiple times. You can still leave it at one if you only picked up enough items to do this once. When ready, hit the start button and it will start the manufacturing process. When it's finished and it worked well, you will receive a result like the picture below:

Once you've done that, you're done! Hopefully congratulations are in order and you've made your new product. If it failed, just get enough items to try it again and keep trying until you've made that product. Just make sure everything (including the tool) is back in your inventory and now when you take a look at your blueprint, you will see this:

It looks just like the first one except that the number of blueprint usage went down. Well I hope you enjoyed the guide to manufacturing. I'll try to answer any other questions that come along, but I'm learning all of this just as much as most of you are.

Where do I find "x" item?:

The thread below is currently a great source for finding out the answer to "where do I find such and such an item." All credit for the information of where to find a certain item belongs entirely to them and the work they've done. I just provided the link for reference.

Click Here to find out where to find manufacturing items needed!

Extra items to know:

Leveling Requirements (Source of requirements: Snowy's Guide on PKO Forums)
-Lv 1 : Level 1 woodcutting
-Lv 2 : Level 2 woodcutting / Level 1 Manufacturing
-Lv 3 : Level 3 woodcutting / Level 2 Manufacturing
-Lv 4 : Level 4 woodcutting / Level 3 Manufacturing
-Lv 5 : Level 5 woodcutting / Level 4 Manufacturing
-Lv 6 : Level 6 woodcutting / Level 5 Manufacturing
-Lv 7 : Level 7 woodcutting / Level 6 Manufacturing
-Lv 8 : Level 8 woodcutting/ Level 7 Manufacturing
-Lv 9 : Level 9 woodcutting / Level 8 Manufacturing
-Lv 10 : Level 10 woodcutting / Level 9 Manufacturing

- You cannot jump from Level 1 Manufacturing straight to level 10 manufacturing. You must go from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level 3, etc.

- You can buy manufacturing books from Level 2 to Level 7 from the Fairy Merchant in Icicle.

- The equation needed to find the experience needed to level up the tool is tool level^2*100. A level 1 tool would need 100 experience to go to level 2 (1*1)*100=100. A level 2 tool would need 400 experience to get to level 3 (2*2)*100.  (Source - Spd @ pko forums)

- You can attempt to make higher level items from higher level blueprints with lower level tools, but the chances of success drop. (Source - Spd @ pko forums)

- The Pet Manufacturing books in the Fairy Merchant allow the Fairy to use higher level tools, not the actual level of the Fairy. You can use a level 0 Fairy with the Novice Manufacturing skill and then use a level 2 Manufacturing tool.

- The Manufacturing books do count as fairy skills, so it's probably a better idea to have a fresh fairy and just use that Fairy to do your crafting as opposed to ones with skills already on them.

- You can use a fairy with novice manufacturing as its only skill with tools higher than level 2.

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