[Newbie] Making money guide for noobs whose lvl<30

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This guide credits to chise ( Original Page )
You're noob and don't know how to make money being under lvl 30? Read This

So, you just started in game and don't know how to make money without killing high level monster and doing great quests. One way is selling stuff.
This is a guide made from a noobie (strongest char explorer level 26) to noobies ^.^
These are the way I know

Let's begin... Stalls

Set Stall is an easy way to sell your things. If you're under lvl 10 you can't use the skill.
To have this skill you need to be at least lvl 10 and have 1 lifeskill point. You can get skill points doing a History Quest
Go to any grocery and buy the skill "set stall". Once you have it, you will click alt+e and click twice on the skill book.
Congratulations! You can set a stall!!

Can't set a stall? Use the trade channel!

Another way to sell things is to annouce it on the trade channel. Only players lvl 10 and above can use it.You don't need skill points or money to use the trade channel, but personally I think that this is a less efective way to sell your itens.
To announce the item in trade channel you have to put this symbol  ^ on the chat bar (or just click on the button at the left of your chat bar) and, my advice is to put the name of the item you want to sell and the price just after. If someone want to buy your item tell the person your coords and when you met your "costumer" ask for a trade by clicking with the right button of the mouse on him/her and clicking on "trade". The person will put the amount of money that you asked for and you'll put the item that you're selling.

Ok, I can sell. But WHAT can I sell??
You can sell anything you want, but some itens sell more then others. Easy itens to sell are: Wood, Sashimi, New Sheepskin in Scroll, Itens that you get from boats, iron ore, equips, scrolls, hair itens... I will talk about some of them

Wood, Sashimi, Ores, Salvaging
?200-700 depending of item

?10k - 70k Depending on person and scroll. 70K is the highest price I ever see.
You needto be at least an intermediary player to get one. I found my first scroll on level 21. Monsters drops scrolls. The only monster that I saw dropping New Sheppskin Scroll is AirPorky, Stramonium and Rookie Boxeroo, all in Ascaron (remember, I'm level 26).

? Higher level, Higher price.
You can sell equips that you don't use anymore. Monsters drops equips too. One thing that many people does not know is that the yellow box on your inventory  gives you some nice itens. I got all my chests and weapons there!! If you sell your equips to an NPC he will pay half of the price. My advice is selling the equips with a price below of the NPC price, but above of the price that NPC would buy from you.
List of Monsters

See.. people are vanish and always want to change the color of your hair. Being a low level you can get some itens needed to color the hair with some mobs. Until now I got Hair gel, Yellow Dye, Red Dye, Blue Dye and Rainbow Glass. See the itens needed here
Ascaron : Jimberry - 2232, 2729
Deep Blue : Palpin - 1356, 483
Magical Ocean : Amos - 840, 3585

Ship Builders
Ascaron: Sinbad - 2255, 2801
Deep Blue: George - 1221, 628
Magical Ocean: Franklin - 901, 3668
It was just few tips that can help. You can search more about comerce in these wonderful guides, all made by players
Everything about Commerce! By Fatale
How to get fortune/Career Lots and Alloy Pickaxe By Schnuffi
How to set up a stall By FIREBALL84
Obs: To not waste time, set up a stall while you're AFK.
PS: Thanks StealthFire
Well that's it.
So newbies, good luck!
Check out the images to see some details

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