[Leveling] Easy Lvling at sea without Entanglement

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Views: Date: Jun 10 2007 06:04:43
This guide credits to andcarpi ( Original Page )
Well, this is so simple.... and let's start

if you are a lvl 15+ you can kill high lvl monsters without getting hurt, i recommend you start doing that after

lvl 16, because then u can get good xp killing seaweed (lvl25).

But, and if you want to kill higher lvl monsters?

Simple, let's start the real guide.

1 = choose what monster u want to kill, acconding your lvl. (I recommend your lvl+9 monsters - you will

need a good ship if u have high lvls).

Monsters, and choose

Personal Recommendations
Monster / LVL / Coord / location
Seaweed / 25 / 279, 3364 / Magical Ocean
Skeleton Fish / 27 / 104, 631 / Deep Blue (Drops hair book)
Baby Squid / 28 / 3239, 3400 / Ascaron
Electric Sea Jelly / 32 / 4016, 982 /  Magical Ocean

Its a little to start, if u are a low level
Ps2: look at the site (link above) and try to kill any sea jellys, because they drops hair items (if im not wrong)

2 = get a ship(u can buy a guppy for ~9k, at lvl 15), and go to the coords of your monster.

If u dont know how to get one, talk to builder NPCS, then to sail talk to the Harbor Operators:

Magical Ocean - Shaitan
Builder - Franklin - 901, 3668
Harbor Operator - Mark - 823, 3698

Ascaron - Argent City
Builder - Sinbad - 2255, 2801
Harbor Operator - Shirley - 2243, 2826

Deep Blue - Atlantis Snow Field
Builder - George - 1221, 628
Harbor Operator - Silion - 1214, 681

3 = once you see it, go to a safety distance of it.

4 = press ctrl and click near the monster, you will do a forced attack.

repeat pass 4, until enemy dies

The monster will get hurt, but will not notice you, so you can keep attacking, without problem.
Kill everything you can and good luck.

Take a lot care, i recommend to choose monster who dont attack you, only attack if you attack him, its


Screens of how it works:

pass 3:

pass 4

Hope it helps someone

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