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This guide credits to Furanku , from the official forum ( Original Page )

1. Introduction
2. Q&A
3. Leveling Guide
4. Money Guide

1. Introduction
My name is Furanku and my wife's name is Kuhime. We both during Cloesd and Open Beta wrote a guide for everyone to help them level up quickly. This guide is primary a "Grinding Guide" meaning you gotta work your *** off killing mobs. During the Closed Beta time I reached Level 40, and this is my guide to level 40. I have not worked on it since the end of closed beta because we have been extremely busy with our lives. But we are now back and I hope to make a easy guide for everyone to level up to even a higher level. I have also included a easy way to make money because well we all need money to buy our nifty armor and rings. There is a small Q&A throughout the guide because even though there are many other Q&A I figured this one would be better since you are reading the guide. Enjoy if you have any questions please, just pm me. Also there will be posts with what was updated, or revised.

2. Q & A
Q&A is simply put [Questions and Answers] I'll be making a Q&A section after every level bracket. Which is 5-10 levels depending on the jump. But before that some basic Q&A.

Q. Where is the best location to start in the game?
A. There is no best way to start, or play. I recommend you start in Argent City, since I based my guide in that area, but it will than branch out to the other two islands.
Q. Does what Character I chose matter?
A. Yes to a degree on what you want to do. Some Characters are specified to a certain class. I.e. Lance can become a hunter while the other guy cannot.
Q. Why have you not updated the guide?
A. We have been busy making plans to move out of country and reorganizing our own company.
Q. Is there a best job class?
A. As snowy said, once "There is no best anything, its all about your personal game play." I simply prefer the hunter.

3. Leveling

Level 1 to Level 5
Start your character in Argent City. After you start equip the items in your inventory and head south towards Senna who is the newbie guide. [Coordinates : Ascaron 2223, 2786] It takes roughly 5mins to do her quests and you'll get Level 5 instantly. After doing her basic quests, she'll give you a quest to fight a monster called "Forest Spirit" its north of town very easy to find.

L3 Forest Spirit - Coordinates 2220, 2638 (none-aggressive)
Drops : Wing 6G, Green scale 3G, Three Leaf, Clover 4G, Elven Fruit, Glass 24G, Newbie vest 30G

Q. What is this [Newbie Chest] ?
A. It's a chest which drops random Weapon and Body Armor. It also includes another box for you.
Q. Should I open it at Level 5?
A. No, open it at Level 7, you cannot use the items in it until L7.
Q. What is a good healing food for my level?
A. Apple's
Q. Do I get to reset my stats at L10
A. No, don't even bother placing them unless you are 100% sure what your doing.
Level 5 to Level 10
You should be still doing Senna's quests, until level 10. The quests are quite easy and the monster are simple to kill. At level 7 you should be opening up the [Newbie Chest]. You'll get a better knife and body armor. Now you've been killing and questing you should be around Level 8 or 9 when the quests stop. After this point you'll need to grind a small bit to hit level 10.
[Tested with 6 Character, this should only take you 30mins]
Q. When I opened the [Newbie Chest] at level 7 I got a [Winged Chest] should I open it at now?
A. You cannot open it, until you have chosen your job. Also you should open the chest at L15 due to the equipment is level 15 requirements.
Q. I went X job, what should I set my stats at?
A. Look at [snowy's guide] for character builds, but there no "best" build.
Q. What is a good food for my level?
A. Apple's still

(Fu's Hunter Tip -At level 10, doing the hunter quest. I recommend you place your points into Acc/Agi. After trying with 10 hunters, this is what I found be a easy grinding build Acc 11, Agi 10, CON 6 test it out if you want to)

Level 10 to Level 15 You have picked your job, now depending on what do, it will cost you 500G to get to a different town.
Once finished your job quest, you'll get a weapon for that job class and some money. Once you are sorted and have your weapon use your skill book. Head back to Argent. From here there are two paths you can take the [Power leveling] path or the [Grinding] path. But the guide is mainly of the grinding method so I'll go on about that. From here you either travel north along the shore to fight Bubble Clams which give great exp and are very easy to grind or you can head west along the shore and fight Sea Snails which are about the same but they give better drops to sell. You should be able to grind these two mobs up to L13 with relativity no problem. Around mid level 13 you should start heading a bit west or south west depending which mob you went after. From here you get to play with everyone's favorite Bear Cubs. You can fight these guys up to L15 and get great drops per kill. Each item they drop are wroth over 30G a piece.

So now you're level 15. Open your [Winged Box] and you'll class specified armor and weapon for you. Equip and head north! But stop at the Abandon Mine Town before you leave to sell all your loot.

L8 Sea Snails - Coordinates Ascaron 1989, 2838 (none-aggressive)
Drops : Trumpet Shell, Fresh Whelk Meat, Incitant, Hard Shell, Glowing Mystic Stone 155G, Husk Boots, Husk Gloves

L8-9 Bubble Clam - Coordinates Ascaron 2258. 2510 (none-aggressive)
Drops : Scorpion Stinger, Rigid Scorpion, Carapace, Pungent Gas, Medicine Bootle, Poisoned Thorn, Medic Boots, Medic Gloves

L12 Bear Cub - Coordinates Ascaron 1905, 2853 (Normal Aggressive)
Drops: Bear Paw, Fermented Honey, Mane, Medicine Bootle, Red Stone, Tough Boots, Racoon Cap

Q. The [Winged Chest] will it give me a rare weapon/armor?
A. Its all random
Q. What is the best food for me at this level?
A. Bread,
Q. I'm level 15 how do I get a boat?
A. You head over to Argent City, or any other major city and you find someone with the title "builder" and he'll make a boat for you. L15 boats are usually 11,000G but it can make its money back.
Q. I'm poor ! How can I get afford a boat?
A. Grind the shit out of bear cubs for money.
Q. You said something about [Power Leveling] where is that?
A. Is now included in the L15 to L20 guide.

(Fu's hunter tip : From here I was looking at some stuff and thinking sense I did 3 different Character hunter Builds, STR/CON/AGI. But I hate to say it but so far the STR/AGI builds are doing the best. But This run all the lower level mobs died within 10seconds -15ACC, 10AGI, 6CON and the other one was -11ACC 10AGI and 10STR)
Level 15 to Level 20
So now you have class specialized weapon and armor Equipped you'll only die slightly slower now. You should start heading north, and find a monster called [Angelic Panda] yes, I said panda, they even got nifty wings, and a halo. But if you're afraid of the panda's head west of the [Abandon Mining Town] and find yourself a [Whacky Lamb]. Both these mobs will level you easily. [Whacky Lamb] are aggressive and will come to you instead of the [Angelic Panda] which is passive. After leveling characters we've found that [Angelic Panda] will take you up to level 23(25 if you like to grind like me) but [Whacky Lamb] will only take you up to level 20 (22 if you like to grind).

If that way doesn't suit you and you don't care about standing the same spot over and over. Goto [1677, 2600] around there is a bugged location where the [Angelic Panda]'s don't fight back you can grind them to L25 will take a few hours but its fast and easy as well as being safe.

Once you've hit level 20 you should open your [Flowery Chest] So you'll get a more random weapon/armor.

L15 Whacky Lamb - Coordinates Ascaron 1968, 2697 (Aggressive)
Drops : Silky Soft Wool, Pointed Goat Horn, Tall Hair, Medicine Bootle, Flaw Sapphire, Sheepy Costume, Sheepy cap

L17 Angelic Panda - Coordinates : Ascaron 1655, 2563 (Passive)
Drops: Bamboo Shoot, Bamboo Leaf, Wing, Strange Fruit, Coconut, Adventure Gloves, Adventure Boots

[Power Leveling]
I will explain the power leveling method now. You can power level a L10 to level 20 within a 3hours at most. I will explain how, Say Player X who is L17, wants to level but hates being along, and Player Y is a Level 10 newbie but hates leveling but likes to talk. These two players join together and head to [Angelic Panda]'s location and join up. Player X can start killing them as Player Y talks to him, passing time faster, they should be gaining 150exp pre kill. After 1hr they should be [ Player x -L20 player y - L16] after that point is just killing the panda's as much as you want. You grind each other to level 20+ within 3hours max. (it can go faster if you want it to, just don't as much you social whore!!)

Q. Its been bothering me for a while, but does monster in Argent drop hunter/Herblist items?
A. So far from my knowledge no, they are droped in their respected area's. Hunter Items - [Icicle City] and Herblist [Shaitan City] area's.
Q. Level 20 I just got 5points !? What happen?
A. At level 20 you gain 5 points to use
Q. Can I get a better boat?
A. Yes, at L20 you can get better boats, but not that much better then the L15's
Q. Did Fu and Ku really get to Level 20+ with [Angelic Panda] ¡®s? A. Yes.
Q. What is a good food to eat now?
A. Bread if you are poor. Cake if you can afford, 15,000 for 99.
Q. Does your [power level] actually work?
A. Yes, its been tested and done with 16 characters so far.

Level 20 to Level 25
Once you are level 20, and have opened your [Flowery Chest] You should have now a decent idea how to grind and the grinding process. I suggest just killing [Angelic Panda] until Level 25. But, there is another way to level from 20-25 in the money making guide.

Level 25 to Level 30
Almost complete please wait.

Level 30 to level 35
Working will be done in two days hopfully.

Level 35 to level 40
On hold.

[Money Making]
This will give a quick and easy guide to make some fast money and items needed.
(This pictural money making is for a L20 character)

Items Needed : 40 Wood, 26,000G

Step 1 : Head to Shaitan City and find [Trader - Sidorf] who is at [Magical Ocean - 799, 3659]
Step 2 : Accept the quest for [Commence License] this is where the 40units of [Wood] comes in.
-You'll get [level 1 commence licence] which allows you trade and sell harbor made items.
Step 3 : Head back to Argent City, and goto the [Grocery - Jimberry] who is found at [Ascaron - 2232, 2729] and buy the [Salving Skill Book] which is 1,000G
Step 4 : Goto [Builder - Sinbad] who is found at [Ascaron - 2255, 2801]
Step 5 : have Sinbad build you a Guppy for now, with a mechical arm, which comes out roughly 12,000G (I big over priced it). Now you should have only 13,000G to your name.
Step 6 : Head to [Trader - Chiroro] who is found at [Ascaron - 2331, 2821]
Step 7 : Now you can buy items from Chiroro, buy [Glassware] (which is the only item you can buy with your level 1 licence)
- Each [Glassware] sells for 445. [total 10,680]
Step 8 : Now Set sail towards [Thundoria Harbor] which is found at [Ascaron - 1064, 1324]
Step 9 : It should take 5 to 10mins to travel there, when landed you should make your way to [Trader - Sanjay] which is found at [Ascaron - 1003, 1306]
Step 10 : Speak and trade with him, and sell your [Glassware] for 977 a piece which comes out [total 23,448] which is a [12,768 gain!] Step 11 : Now that your cargo is empty, head back to the dock and refuel your ship, head out to sea and set your coordinates to [Ascaron 766, 956]
Step 12 : Now that you are here, start salvaging the ship.
Step 13 : Collect the items that are dropped from the ship, but don't pick the [Imitation Crystal Figurine] sense this item does not sell in the [Thundoria Harbor] or in [Argent City]. Fill up your cargo with the [High Grade Procelain] and [High Quality Silk Cloth].
(Tip : [Thundoria Harbor] buys both Procelain and Silk cloth, but [Argent City] Does not buy Silk cloth. )
(note 001 - if you want to lower your licence tax rate you gotta do the missions from Sidorf, and when you complete every 10missions from him, you're tax rate will go down.)

Level 20 to 25, there is a another way it takes a bit longer, but while you are making money and if you see [Seaweed] you can fight them while doing salvaging they don't fight back and they give good exp. But after L25 their exp is shitty and time consuming unless you are salving. Also if you want to attack other sea life monsters. I suggest you get your boats level to L20.

------Guide notes
"( )" Means personal opinion,
" []" City and item names
" Fu Tips" Means a personal tip directed to hunters.
" Ku tips" Means a personal tip directed to healers.


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