[Newbie] Leveling: 1-30

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Views: Date: Nov 10 2009 03:04:14 Author: FountainDewX ( Original Page )
Just wanna help out some newbies so I'm writing a quick 1-30 guide.

Well first when you start off at level 1, quickly do the starter quests (1-5 in 3 minutes).
Now kill monsters around your level in Argent

These include:
Forest Spirits
Mystic Flowers
Greedy Mushrooms
Grass Tortoise

If you kill them for about 10 minutes, you will achieve level 10 in no time.
Now do your promotion quest which you can get from Newbie Guide Senna, Argent or the other Newbie ladies.

Now when you have finished the promotion get the Star Of Unity From the Newbie lady.
This ring allows you to charge it up to full power (200000/200000) and gets you triple experience if charged and in a party with a friend 5 levels lower than you.
For more info on the Star Of Unity, Check http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=48841&extra=page%3D4

Now you are still level 10 so train on some Cuddly Lambs until level 12. Then you can train on Bear Cubs. They are a good start to getting level 15.

Now you should have a fair bit of money when you hit level 15.
If you don't have at least 10000$ Then take on wood cutting which can get you a lot of money.

Now once you have 10000$ teleport to Shaitan city and go to the Docks.
Buy a ship for no more than 10000$ and set sail.

If you go south from the dock there is:
Seaweed Lv 25
Baby Squid Lv 28
Skeleton Fish Lv 27

Kill these guys for some good drops and excellent experience for your level and Star of Unity. But don't forget to ctrl click attack near the Skeleton Fish and Baby Squid or they'll attack you. The seaweed doesn't fight back
At level 25 hopefully the ring is charged and you can now use it for x3 Exp.
Find a friend that is 5 levels lower than you (level 20 and lower) and get him/her to be in your party for a while. Continue Leveling up on these Sea Monsters and you'll have level 30 in no time!

Keep the ring for later as well. I used it on x3 exp events and i got level 40 like instantly. Crazy!

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