[Winter] Guide to Lv 90 Winter Quests

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Hello Everyone..

This is a guide I made while doing the new quests available (mostly) from NPCs in Winter Island. This guide will inform you what items you can prepare even before you reach lv 90, which mobs to hunt, where to go etc. Well then let's get started..

After you reached Lv 90, you will see NPCs in Winter Island start showing Green (!) symbols. That means a lot of quests to do. But we will begin from Argent Secretary - Salvier in Argent. You can also find shorter guide (I did not copy mine from it) in The Frozen Relics page: http://pirate.mmosite.com/patch/ver2_quest.shtml to see the brief information about where to start your quests.


Quest Trail 1:

Secret of the fireball - starts from Argent Secretary - Salvier (Argent 2219, 2749)

Objectives: Talk to Drunkard Anthony
Rewards: 200 Life exp

Looking for Spark Seduction - Drunkard Anthony (Argent PVP bar)

Objectives: Obtain Spark Seduction, talk to Merman Prince Hassan
This will lead you to the next quest which is a sub quest..

Making Spark Seduction SUB QUEST - Merman Prince Hassan (Shaitan 1249, 3482)

Objectives: Get Sandy Crab Meat 1 (lv 47 Sand Crab. Just south of Barren Caverns in Magical Ocean), Black Dye 10 (lv40 Azure Siren is where I farmed mine. They can be found at various places in Magical Ocean. Or you can also open Beautiful Chests to get them), Cactus Hairball 20 (lv1 Melon. Found them just outside Shaitan city), Bottle 5 (from various low lv mobs. I got mine from lv 6 Snowy Piglets. They are just outside Icicle to the west)
Rewards: 20k gold, Spark Seduction (quest item)

Take the Spark Seduction to Anthony (Rewards: 20k gold, 250 Life exp)

Go to Shaitan City
Objectives: go to Shaitan City - Freight Ali Q (Shaitan Docks)

Rewards: 300 Life exp

Secret of Winter Island
Objectives: Go meet Holy Priestess Ada (Old Shaitan City 862,3303)

Rewards: 350 Life exp

Mystic North Ville
Objectives: Get Staff of Sagacious from Edward (266, 230) Demonic World 1 and return to Holy Priestess Ada
Edward is located at north of Boss 1 Demonic World 1. He will lead you to a sub quest.

Rewards: 20k gold, 400 life exp

Intranquil Demonic World SUB QUEST
Objectives: kill 50 Cursed Black Bobcats (Lone Tower lv 5)

Rewards: Staff of Sagacious
Return to DW 1, get the staff from Edward and bring to Holy Priestess Ada to complete sub quest.

SHORTCUT: Just buy Staff of Sagacious from Shaitan Blacksmith and give to Ada

North Ville's Whereabout
- Go to Canary Isle and talk to Captain Jack

- Go to Isle of Chill and talk to Pirate Jeremy

Rewards: 500 Life exp each from Capt. Jack and Pirate Jeremy

Jeremy's Harassment
Objectives: Get 20 Elven Fruits and give them to Pirate Jeremy
Rewards: 20k gold, Jeremy's Dispatch (quest item)

Jeremy's Dispatch
Objectives: Give Jeremy's Dispatch to Icicle Royal Mas

Rewards: 500 Life exp, Mas' Jewelry (quest item)

Heading to Spring Town
Objectives: Give Mas' Jewelry to Youth Misty (Spring Town)

Rewards: 500 Life exp

Youth - Misty's Envy
Objectives: Go see Youth - Cloud (Spring Town)

Rewards: 500 Life exp

Youth - Cloud's Bother
Objectives: Go see Autumn Island Tourist Girl (Autumn Island 2423, 3186)

Rewards: 500 Life exp

Female Guide's Request
- Kill 25 Pirate 006
- Kill 30 Pirate 007

Rewards: 20k gold

Female's Guide Adoration
Objectives: Go to Villes Statue (2582, 3245) Autumn Island

Rewards: 500 Life exp

Heading to Winter Island
Objectives: Get 10 Black Pearls, 10 Heavy Lizardman Broadsword (from lv71 Elite Lizardman Warrior in Summer Island), 10 Azure Crystals (from lv 68 Beardy Pirate Militia in Isle of Fortune) and go back to Ville's Statue (Black Pearls are a bit hard. You can get them from lv 79 Ancient Mermaid Protector, lv 77 Ancient Bewitching Siren, lv 60 Fox Taoist or lv 65 Fox Spirits. Lower drop rates (0.35%) from the foxes)

Rewards: 20k gold, 500 Life exp

End of quests


Quest Trail 2:

Exploring Winter Island - starts from Researcher Yee (297,901) Luna Haven

- Meet Winston (472, 531) Snow Cara Isle

- Meet Chris (1147, 403) Snow Ville Isle

- Meet Lion (365, 1526) Icy Lake Island

- Meet Jill (958, 1159) Icy Lake Island

All 4 NPC you meet will give you sub quests to do before they give you their replies to Yee
Rewards after you finish all 4 sub quests below: 20k gold, 500 life exp

Winston's Reply SUB QUEST
Objectives: Kill 20 Snow Leopards (Snow Cara Island or Snow Ville Island)

Rewards: Winston's Adventure Journal (quest item), 20k gold, 400 life exp

Chris' Reply SUB QUEST
Objectives: Kill 20 Pumpkin Generals (Snow Cara Island or Snow Ville Island)

Rewards: Chris' Adventure Journal (quest item), 20k gold, 400 life exp

Lion's reply SUB QUEST
Objectives: Kill 20 Violent Bears (Icy Lake Island)

Rewards: Lion's Adventure Journal (quest item), 20k gold, 400 life exp

Jill's Reply SUB QUEST
Objectives: Kill 20 Soul Killers (Icy Lake Island)

Rewards: Jill's Adventure Journal (quest item), 20k gold, 400 life exp

Head back to Researcher Yee and hand him all the Journals

Archeologist's Question
Objectives: Find Snow Cara Guardian (557, 300) in Snow Cara Isle

Rewards: 500 life exp

Guardian's Guide 1
Objectives: Go to Snow Ville Guardian (1044,182) Snow Ville Isle

Rewards: 500 life exp

Guardian's Guide 2
Objectives: Find Icy Lake Guardian (Real name is Winter Lake Island Guardian)(655,1471) Icy Lake Island

Rewards: 500 life exp

Guardian's Test 1
- Kill 30 Stone Dragon
- Kill 35 Red Stone
- Kill 25 Soul Killer

Rewards: 550 life exp, 30k gold
(All mobs are in Icy Lake Island)
Note: Keep all the drops you get from these mobs. They will be useful for the next quest.

Guardian's Test 2
- Get 10 Wonder Stone (from Stone Dragons)
- Get 10 Mysterious Topaz Fragment (from Red Stones)
- Get 10 Crystal Rib (from Soul Killers)
Rewards: 20k gold, 550 life exp

Guardian's Concern
Objectives: Go meet North Ville (715, 1135) Icy Lake Island

Rewards: 500 life exp

North Ville's Regret
Objectives: Get The Heart Sutra from Stone Dragon Lord (453, 1342) Icy Lake Island

Note: Like all other quest items, you need to do last hit to this boss to get it drop. Find party to help you seal/stun this boss if you find it difficult to solo.
Rewards: 20k gold, 600 life exp

After the quest you need to teleport to Ice-covered Island from the North Ville NPC by simply talking to him.

Relic Of the Ancients - from North Ville
Objectives: Find Ancient Relic Protector (2010, 783) Ice-Covered Island

Rewards: 500 life exp

Snow Island
- Kill 30 Sword Demon
- Kill 35 Demonic Soul
- Kill 25 Nightmare
All can be found around Ice-covered Island
Notes: Demonic Souls can make you slow, similar to Frozen Arrow effect

Rewards: 30k gold, 650 life exp

Eternal Love
- Get Kara's Statue Tear
- Get Ville's Statue Tear
You will have to take 2 Sub Quests from Kara's Statue and Ville's Statue to finish this

Fantasy - Kara's Statue(1440,1268) Ice-Covered Island

Objectives: Kill Sword Demon until they drop Stone Mystery (quest item)
Rewards: 20k gold, 500 life exp, Kara's Statue Tear (quest item)

Illusion - Ville's Statue(1464,464)

Objectives: Kill Demonic Soul until they drop Stone Revelations (quest item)
Rewards: 20k gold, 500 life exp, Ville's Statue Tear (quest item)

After giving the 2 Tears to Ancient Relic Protector (rewards: 20k gold, 600 life exp), get and deliver Sea Heart (quest item) to North Ville (reward: 400 life exp)

Guardian's Heart
Objectives: Go to Oldman Blurry (Argent)

Rewards: 400 life exp

Dark Wave
Objectives: Go to Clan Chief Albuda (Shaitan)

Rewards: 400 life exp

Too Much Trouble
Objectives: Go to Merman Prince Hassan (Shaitan)

Rewards: 400 life exp

Prince's New Clothes
Objectives: Get Vest of Apollo and give to Merman Prince Hassan
You need: 1 Hervo Bloodstone, 30 Clarity Crystal (lv 40 Skeletal Warrior near Skeleton Haven - Icicle), 20 Animal Skin (lv 26 Feral Wolf located south of Barren Cavern - Shaitan), 10 Splendor Cloth (lv 58 Deadly Skeletal Archer located south east of Thundoria Castle), 100k gold and talk to Bewildered Researcher F in Naval Base. You can find him at the East end of Naval Base.

Rewards: 20k gold, 500 life exp

Merman's Trouble
Objectives: Find Jack Arrow (230,579) Skeletar Isle

Rewards: 500 life exp

Strange Matter
Objectives: Ask Mark Turner (516, 407) Skeletar Isle

Rewards: 500 life exp

Blacksmith's Request
Objectives: Get the following
- Demonic Orestone
- Myth Flamestone
- Hervo Bloodstone (yes you need another 1)
- Dim Jadestone
- Zest Jadestone
- Rainbow Soothstone
- Spirit Orestone
Rewards: 300k gold, 600 life exp

Mysterious Bermuda
Objectives: Find Bermuda Guardian (669, 1064) Treasure Gulf

Rewards: 500 life exp

Strange Guardians
Objectives: Ask Huckinson (513, 269) Lone Tower 6

Rewards: 500 life exp

Huckinson's Guide
Objectives: Go to Heaven and find Goddess
Reward: 500 Life exp

Goddess' Request
Objectives: Go to Icy Lake Island and find North Ville (715, 1135)
Reward: 500 Life exp

God's Effort
Objectives: Go to Aurora Area and help Aurora Relic guardian (376,376). You can teleport to Aurora area by talking to North Ville NPC

Reward: 500 Life exp

Aurora Test
Objectives: Defeat Firm Guard and get Rune of Courtesy and return to Aurora Relic Guardian

But actually you can try get the rune from chests inside Aurora Area
Reward: 700 Life exp, 300k gold

A long way to go (take this quest from Ville's Statue NPC just south of Aurora Relic Guardian NPC)

Objectives: Kill Fury Kara in 2nd level Aurora Area and return to this NPC

Reward: 300k gold, 700 life exp

Battle in Dark Area
Objectives: Go to Dark Area and find Dark Relic Guardian (360, 117)

Rewards: 500 life exp

Objectives: Kill Vicious Relic Protector (234, 455) Dark Area

If you are alone it is very possible to defeat this boss alone. Just use the pile of ruins as a shield while you attack the boss from behind it. If you are not too close to the boss and stay in good distance from the other mobs, you will be safe.

Rewards: 300k gold, 700 life exp

Guiltless Sigh
Objectives: Go to 2nd level Dark Area and meet Kara Image (360, 117)

Rewards: 500 life exp

Relic Image
Objectives: Kill Morpheus Abyss Demon (2nd Dark Area boss)


There is also another short set of quests but not needing you to be lv 90 to start doing it.

Starts from North Ville (715,1135) Icy Lake Island

Convey Ville's Message
- Talk to Kara in Heaven

Morpheus Rage - Goddess Kara
- Go to Icicle Swordsman - Ray

Morpheus Girl - Ray
- Go to Thundoria castle (651,1585) and talk to Morpheus - Freya

A Man on a mission
- Kill Icy Soul Lord (1595, 687) Winter island

I will be adding the others quests also. Seemed like you can do them once everyday and it resets the next day. Feel free to add info if you have and discuss.

Special Thanks To: (in alphabetical order)

and many others..

Other Quests

Harbor's Operators Meeting(Daily Quest) - starts at Winter Island Harbor Operator Sunny (323, 945) Luna Haven

He will give you 7 letters to be sent to 7 Harbor operators. Yes it is annoying that 7 of your inventory slots will be taken until you finish this quest. The quest can be retaken each new day.

Harbor operators to visit: (In good order)
After giving them the letters, they will give back a reply letter, so make sure you have space for them.
- Argent Harbor operator - Shirley

- Canary Isle Harbor operator - Tomas (use island teleporter in Argent city)

- Shaitan Harbor operator - Mark

- Icicle Harbor operator - Silion

- Summer Island Harbor operator - Qing

- Thundoria Harbor operator - Lt. Wayne

- Albania Haven Harbor operator - Daruka (1497, 1707) Ascaron (can easily sail from Thundoria harbor)

Let me show you the direction from Thundoria Harbor to Albania Haven...

Then go back to Sunny and give all 7 reply letters
Reward: 300k gold and some exp

End of Quest

Map taken from TOP Database piratia.arbah.ru/en/


Resident Evil (Daily Quest)

Get quest from Researcher Yee (296, 901) Winter Island

Objective: Visit Explorer Winston (472, 531) Snow Cara Island
Rewards: 150k gold, 100k exp

Horrible Mummy

Objectives: Kill 30 Iron Mummy and 30 Steel Mummy (West of Thundoria Castle) and go back to Explorer Winston
Rewards: 350k gold, 400k exp

Crisis in Winter Island

Objective: Go to Explorer - Chris (1147, 403) Snow Ville Island
Rewards: 150k gold, 100k exp

Jill needs Help

Objective: go to Jill (958, 1159) Icy Lake Island
Rewards: 150k gold, 100k exp

Deathless Soul Killer

Objective: Kill 10 Soul Killers and go back to Jill
Rewards: 350k gold, 400k exp, T Virus Liquid (quest item)

T Virus Liquid  <There won't be Resident Evil without T-Virus>

Objective: hand T Virus Liquid to Explorer Lion (365, 1526) Icy Lake Island
Rewards: 200k gold, 100k exp, Antidote (quest item)

Objective: Bring antidote to Researcher Yee
Rewards: 200k gold. 100k exp

Total rewards: 1.55 million gold, 1.3 million exp

End of Quest

Map from piratia.arbah.ru/en

Legend of Wisdom World
Get quest from Researcher Little Bell (Winter Island 296, 901)
- Investigate Vegito (276, 877) and Dar (260, 832)

Dar's Superiority
- Get 10 Molted Stone (from Red Stones in Icy Lake Island)

Vegito's Smile
- Get 20 Unusual Bear Paw (from Violent Bears in Icy Lake Island)

After that talk to Little Bell

End of Quest

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