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City: Argent City Shaitan City Thundoria Castle Icicle City

The cities are buzzing with people, commerce, and culture. It is a place for adventurers to gather, to barter their items, replenish potions, activate new quest and exchange information. Guilds can be formed to bring one another closer. No fighting will be allowed in any city as it is heavily guarded.

 City of Commerce » Argent City
Pirate King Online City Argent City is the busiest city in Ascaron. It is filled with wealthy merchants and ambitious businessmen.

The city of Argent lies on the east of Ascaron. Having a port of its own, people from all over the world gather here to barter their goods. Rows of houses line the east of the city facing the sea. At the harbor, Navy personnel can be seen doing their routine march. A Navy recruitment post is set up near the western gate, seeking to recruit all able-bodied men. Swordsmen and Explorers begin their training in this city, aiming to excel one another. All of the people here share the same goal: To explore the world filled with adventures and endless treasures.

 City of Invention » Shaitan City
Pirate King Online City Located north of Magical Ocean, Shaitan is a newly built city. Devotees of Goddess Kara can be seen at anywhere on the streets. The great shrine of Goddess Kara can be found north of the city. It is managed by the High Priest who spreads her blessings to the people of Shaitan. The sea is the only source of water for the city situated in the scorching and vast desert. The only man who knows the secret to item forging is the blacksmith of this city. Adventurers seeking to help others come here to become Herbalists. Their art of healing can even revive the dead.

 Naval Base - Thundoria Castle
Pirate King Online City

The fortress of fantasy for many young guys who aim to become a Navy Officer some day. Girls flock here to look for their dream man in uniform.

The military base of the Navy is surrounded by the Sacred Mountain and the deep Andes Forest. It is nearly under siege by tribesmen and monsters all year round. Cannons placed at strategic spots keep these invaders at bay. The harbor of the castle is some distance away in the northeast direction. Advanced weapons are being researched deep underground the fortress for their battle against the invaders.

 Snow Covered Land - Icicle City
Pirate King Online City

Icicle City is not as magnificent as it used to be in the past. Every part of the city is covered in snow and the place is practically overrun by pirates.

Many long and winding paths lead to the city itself. It is being cut off from the rest of the world with glacier gorge surrounding the city. The city is being separated into a upper and lower section with most of it in ruins. Many undead creatures are lying in wait between those ruins to prey upon unsuspecting travelers. Due to this, many train to become a Hunter to hunt down these monsters to keep the citizens safe.

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