[Class] Guide for Herbalist to Cleric

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This guide credits to rustypyro, from the official forum ( Original Page )

This guide will show a few ways to put your skill points and ways to train from becoming herbalist to lvl 40 when you become a cleric.

Stat Points

From your very first level you should put points in nothing but Spirit(Spr). This will cause you to need to be careful when you're partying in places that monsters are agressive and you will always need a party to train (parties are not hard to find).

Skill Points

Once you reach level 10 you will get 1 skill point per level. Each skill point can be used to level up a skill of your choice. This part will help you choose the best way for you to upgrade your skills.

When you get your first 13 skill points all herbalists need to get heal to level 3 and then harden to level 10 Heal is the most basic and most needed spell that an herbalist will learn. Harden is a must, lvl 10 harden adds 50 defense and will keep you and you're party alive almost allthe time.

Now there are two different ways you can go with your skill points. These are not the only ways you can go but are reccomended.

Path 1
This will be less appreciated at lower levels and more appreciated at higher levels. This path will also get you ready for when you become a cleric.

After you get Harden to level 10 upgrade Vigor to level 8.
Once you've got Vigor to level 8, levelup Divine Grace to level 2.
Following Divine Grace level 2, get True Sight to level 2.

Your path will look like this:
Heal3> Harden10> Vigor8> Divine Grace2> True Sight2

After you have gotten all of that you should be level 35. You can now save your skill points for when you become a cleric or put them into Spiritual Bolt to get Spiritual Fire. I suggest saving your skill points so you have more options when you become a cleric. With this path you will get your first cleric skill at level 40.

Path 2
This is the one that will have more buffs earlier on and then have to catch up later. This one will be appreciated more at lower levels and less at higher until your skills have been caught up.

Once you get harden to level 10 you will continue to Spiritual Fire level 10.
After Spiritual Fire level 10 you can either get Tempest Boost to level 10 or get Vigor to level 8.
Following Vigor level 8 you will get Divine Grace to level 2.
After Divine Grace level 2 you will get True Sight level 2.

Your Skill Path will look like this:
Heal2> Harden10> Spiritual Bolt2> Spiritual Fire10 >Tempest Boost10(maybe)> Vigor8> Divine Grace2> True Sight2.

After you finish this path you will either be level 47 and get your first cleric skill at 48 or level 57 and get your first cleric skill at level 58.

*NOTE* These are not the only path's you can take, they are the most general paths and you can tweak and change them as you wish.


Training as an herbalist will have it's benifits and downfalls. You can die easily if you aren't aware of your surroundings, you can also train rather quickly.

I suggest always train with a party of people that are atleast 5 levels HIGHER than you. This will give you optimum experience and ways to make good friends. People WILL rely on you a lot so try not to let them down.

When you join the party ask if you are able to loot any of their kills. You have to respect your party because they are the ones training you.

Train where your party trains, you can't be picky. Beggars can't be choosers.

Be smart with what you do with your money because Herbalist > Cleric isn't exactly the richest class ingame.
One stat point or skill point added wrong can be devastating to your character.
Be aware of your surroundings, if you know a monster will spawn where you are, move.
Make sure your party doesn't die because if your party dies, you die too.
Be nice to most people, no one wants a big spoiler in their partying fun.
Have fun! Herbalist > Cleric is always one of the most fun classes to play.

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