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This guide credits to OraNgez, from the official forum ( Original Page )

Well... Since its time for some contribution to da community~~ ^^
Firstly, create a char which is either Ami or Phyllis, and start at the city Shatian.
Btw, This guide is towards Seal Master... therefore its a Purely Attacker Herbalist... Ok, now you are ready~~ lets Rum-ble~ I will try to update this guide daily. Therefore any info are welcomed. :)

Starting from Lv1, You can do the newbie quests up to Level 5. From there onward u can start doing ur quest or just whack some cactus, scropion, Humpy Camel etc etc to Lv10.
Well.. I does know that Job Advancement for herbalist is quite insane at start as it requires you to kill 2 Lv14 Killer Cactus to complete quest. For that I suggest that you may need helps from other like party-ing, or you might want to go thru the harder way which was to grind yourself to a higher Lv. Once you advanced, life "would b much easier" (really ?)

Lvl 14 Killer Cactus 884, 3156 (Magical Ocean) Shatian City.

The only attack you have in the entire character is : Spiritual Bolt, But its is wonderful as It deal large dmg as it ignore defense. Spiritual bolt skill book can be bought at grocer-Amos (840, 3585) at 2315g if my memory didnt failed me. >.<

From Lv10, You can start leveling thru quest or just grinding mobs. For mobs, you can go for Big Scorpion, Hopping Lizard. For a herbalist, it might be better that you party because spell drain your SP fast. therefore you needs to press insert and sits down very very often... And its good to have a party.. *dun forget that you can heal too* And the tactics for dealing with mobs sometimes require you to do -hit and run- method... Meaning u have to cast Spiritual Bolt on it and runs away for cooldown and cast it again. =P grind ur Lv to 15.

Skill level, Heal(1) --> Spiritual Bolts(10) --> Vigor (8 )
Btw, Pump all your Sp point to Spiritual Bolts to max Lv10. (*note* dun pump heal as it makes no big differents.. just from my experience.)

From Lv15, you may now start getting revenge on those Killer Cactus that have been giving you troubles since when you are Lv10. Well... Killer Cactus are slow. Therefore the method, -hit and run- are suitable in this case. This Killer cactus gives a gd exp and can allow you to Level til Lv18-9. depends on your liking.

From Lv18-9, goes to (884, 3028) to kill some Phantom Tree Lv17, they are ranged but not aggressive. As I mentioned, -herbalist SP drain fast and needed to sits and recover very very often.. So just tried get used to it. =P -hit and run- method best~~ Or best that you get a party... you can grind your Lv here to Lv22-3 yay~

After your Spiritual Bolt are max level... Go back to grocer-Amos and buy the skill book- Vigor. And now pump this skill to Lv8.

*From now... you might really wants to have a party... *Benefits of having a party, you gained more then the spilted Exp of the mobs. eg: when you solo a mob, you gets 100exp. You party-ed with another char.. you 2 killed it, you gets more then 50exp. Im not sure how much but its does gives more. I only to notice that if you have a party of 3, then the exp is spilted exactly by half. Its great~ Another benefits, Having a party Kills FASTer ! you gained exp when sitting to recovers SP. So your job for party-ing is just heal !(This is from what I have noticed.)

From Lv22-3, You can start whacking some Sand Brigand (718, 3288), well.. the PKO webby guides said its Lv19. But again if my memory didnt failed me... It should be Lv20 mobs.*edited* (confirmed. Its a Lv20mobs) Grind your level to Lv25~~

From Lv25, Woah... you are now quite a *decent* Herbalist now. Ok, now, gets your party to Sand Raider... Erm.. The PKO webby shows that its a Lv30 mobs. Once again... If my memory didnt failed me.. Its should be at Lv25 at (1027, 3011).*edited*(confirmed again thats its a Lv25mobs) Well, there mobs are fast and deal quite a dmg on ur party. If ur party has a tanker, that should be no problems. Get ready to heal your other party members. nice exp given... real nice.. with a price to pay. your whole team might need to retreat and regroup if out of control. Grind your way to Lv30.

And now you have your skill-Vigor at Lv8. Back to grocer-Amos to get yourself the skillbook- Divine Grace, which cost you around 13+k... Pump it to Lv2. And you may keep all ur skill point for the next job advancement.*edited*(The skill Divine grace can only be learned when you are seal master.) *note that there are some mistake at some part of Snowy char build guide.* ammended.

From Lv30, go to North of BabulHaven and find a Lv29 Cavalier located at (1210,2986) *webby did not shown the coord. will fill in next time when I go checked. Get yourself leveled to around Lv31-2.

From Lv31-2, Get yourself a party of ranged char such as Hunter or more caster. you know wat, I juz like the way -hit and run- Go to Icicle castle. (1495, 667) and starts whacking Yeti. They are a bunch of SLOWWwww mobs. Just appply the -hit n run- method will do. Nice exp. Meanwhile you may try Atrocious Yeti King (Boss) which located at (875, 924). It was Lv35 not as mentioned in the webby that its Lv32. It will respawn every 5mins. It does drop Lv40 Guns n Swords for ur party future Sharpshooter or future Champion or Crus. You might want to level your way to around Lv34.


If you don't feel like getting out of Shatian City that you love so much... Get to Lizard King spawn areas(1507, 2970). They are Lv30 mobs *again the offical webby Lv32 Lizard King is wrong again* They drop Hand staves and Scholar Robe too~ Oh, they are almost same as Yeti, Slowwww and nice exp~
I love to ~hit n run~

From Lv34, Goes to Abandon Mine Haven around(1909, 2820) and walks into the Silver Mine. The entrance of the mine is spawn with Lv31 Vampire Bat, Lv35 Miner Mole and Lv36 Mud Monster (*noted* again the Lv shown on the offical Webby is wrong. It should be Lv36 rather then Lv37 shown.) Again, grinds your way to maybe Lv36-7.

From Lv36-7, find Polar Bear around (1982, 530), they are aggressive mobs but no fear ! They are slooowwww, again the favourite ~hit and run~ method applys. Woah, get your Lv to 40 !! You might wanna try Lv38 Ferocious Scorpion (2373, 551) DeepBLue too..~

Finally !! You are ready to advance to your next class job, Seal Master. Oh man, you must be getting excited now =X. Go to (862, 3500) and accept the Way of Seal by High Priest - Gannon. He required you to get,
==3 Dingle Bell from Crazy Sheep (2266, 590) at Icicle region.
==10 Dangerous Sharp Claw from Stinging Beak (934, 2687) at Argent region.
==3 Heart of Purity from Snow Spirit (1060, 805) at Icicle region.
After you done with all these 3 items. Go to Holy Priestess - Ada (862, 3303) Which is located at Old Shaitan City. After you have talked to her, go back to High Priest - Gannon....................
W00T~~ And.... NOW YOU ARE a *SEAL MASTER* !!!!~~~ Congratz !~

Haha, and you are now a Seal Master. Its time to get some cool skill~~ Yay! Go to grocer and buy Divine Grace, True sight, Cursed fire, Shadow Insignia, Seal of Elder and Abyss Mire. Aware !!! ITS EXPENSIVE.. And to take note that you have to change your boot n glove. Well, if you are short of cash... I recommend you to do some sea commences. (Pls look at Snowy's guides on Sea Commence, its great). And now.. Its time to train again~~ ^^

Skill level, Divine Grace(2) --> True Sight(3) --> Cursed Fire(3) --> Shadow Inginia(4) --> Seal of Elder (3) ---> Abyss Mire (1) (By right you should have left enough skill pt to learn skills til Shadow Insignia) Anyway, you would be likely to use those skill that much unless you are PK-ing.

Oh ya. Btw, In terms of leveling for Seal master, at the level of getting these skills, Spring Island(late part) is a very good place to level, and they're magic monsters.Pumping skill points into Seal of Elder first will be a great idea after all of them are learnt. *Credit from Snowy's Char build guide*

Ok, People ! Don't be lazy ! Its training time again~~ Hehe, now again. its either Polar bears or Ferocious Scorpions. Haha.. Train your way up to Lv43. ^_^

From Lv43, find Lv42 Werewolf Warrior at (755, 2941)Argent city. And you know what to do............to Lv46.

From Lv46, You might wants to bring your party to look for some Lv46 Pumpkin Knight or Lv48 Treant. They are both at north west of Andes Forest Haven near the place where theres a glittering shiny tombstone. Maybe you would want to stay there til you Lv49.

From Lv49, Get to Chaldea Haven (625, 2104) You can get there by just teleporting yourself at haven by haven to reach. Bring your whole party out to the east side. There are HUGE spawn of Treant. Beware, there are horde of creatures over there.. THe spawn rate is gd. But it shldn't be a problem if you have a party. Find a gd spot and Just take your time and kill slowly~_~

To Be Continued....
I will try and Update daily. This Guide is only Based thru my experience.

By ur eva-luving Orangez.

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