Cubik's Detailed Guide to Hexalthon

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Many people who are new to the game don’t know what Hexalthon is…
So welcome to Cubik’s Detailed Hexalthon Guide!!!

So first things first…

What is Hexalthon?
Hexalthon is a quest which is available weekly. This quest is available for 4 hours every week and it can be repeated as many times within those 4 hours. Also it can be continued later but not done again. Hexalthon or Hex has 6 Tasks and when you complete all these 6 tasks you complete a round. Several rounds can be done in a week giving massive amounts of experience.

Where to start Hexalthon?
The Hexalthon quest is given by Tourist-Wowo of Shaitan city.

Level requirement for Hexalthon?
Character lv20+

Always remember to collect items before hex starts, you have 5 days to do that. Items required per round will be listed last

The first task:
Very very simple all you have to do is walk towards Shaitan Chairman - Guile(873, 3545) Shaitan City and talk to him.

Walla the first task is done!
Now accept the second task from him.

The second task:
Now you need a super candystick and you need to give it to Nurse - Gina(2244, 2770) Argent City.

So now you are done with the second task accept the third task from her.

The third task(the major time consuming task):
Now here it kind of diverges..
Players lv20-39, you guys need to kill 20 Lv31 Grassland Elks(1360, 2683)Ascaron. Get a party if it is available. Also dont KS(Kill steal) other people's mobs because it will waste your time aswellas theirs so that is incredibly stupid.
(sorry could not get screen shot for elks )

Players lv40+ need to kill 20 lv46 pumpkin knights found in Mine 2 and Mine 3(choose your spot basing on your level). Again please try not to KS(Kill Steal). I really recommend you save your spawn point at mine haven and then use old tickets as they will save your time travelling

After slaughtering your respective mobs go back to Nurse - Gina(2244, 2770) Argent City(I always recommend use of tickets as they save your time a lot)

The fourth task:
Accept the fourth task from Nurse - Gina(2244, 2770) Argent City and she will tell you to take 3x Iron, 3x Wood and 3x Sashimi and give it to Greg(1880,2805)Abandon Mine haven (ascaron)

Complete your Quest and accept the fifth task.

The Fifth task:
This is real easy. Use a ticket or go to Argent Forbei(2226, 2726) and give him 5 Elven Signets.

Accept the sixth task from him

The sixth task(also time consuming):
This part is a little tedious. Basing on your level you need to party two other people. Lv20-30 people need to party with 1 lv30-39and 1lv40+  character(suppose your lv40+ you need to party two people lv20-30 and lv31-39). Similarly if your lv31-39 u need 2 people lv20-30 and 1 lv40+ in your party.
Then talk to Icicle Swordsman - Ray(1365, 570)

and you have successfully finished one round of Hexalthon!!

Main items required each round of Hexalthon:-
1. 3x wood, iron and sashimi(these need Lv1 fishing,mining and woodcutting or you can buy them if you are rich. Farm fish from Zephyr isle, wood near Mine haven just keep going down and iron can be found near icicle)
2. 5x elven signets (these are obtained from fairies I prefer buying them and also using the ones i get form my fairy)
3. 1x Super Candy Stick (obtained from mall. Buy from stalls)
Tickets per round:-
1. 1x shaitan ticket
2. 2x old ticket
3. 1x icicle ticket
4. 3x argent ticket

Timings for hexalthon:-
Please refer the main website i could not find the timings ...
Hex occurs for 2 hours on saturday and occurs 12 hours right after that again for 2 hours.(Ex:8pm to 10pm Saturday and 8am to 10am Sunday)

Well now I guess you know everything needed for hexalthon and fast leveling.(Hex is a much faster way to level at higher levels)

Happy Hexing!!!!

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