All you Need to Know About Wings

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What are the wings?

They are accessories to your character

Did they help?

NO, they only increase your ego stat

What monster drops wings?

No monster on Tales Of Pirates drop equip able wings. The monsters drops wings, but you cant equip them, some FAKE WINGS are:


Bee Wing

Demon Wing

How i can get wings?

There are 2 ways to get them


If you whant to get them on the game, there are many players that sell them on a Stall or in the Trade Chat, more less for 1 millon to 7 millons


This will be on the Item Mall, You will need Item Mall Points that you only get with real money

How can I equip the wings?

Well in the inventory we a pa slot to equip the Wings, that is the first from lefth to rigth on the top


Images from real Wings

This images are from Item Mall

Elven Wings
costo: 209 Item Mall Points (un poco más de 10 dólares ya que una tarjeta de 200 Item Mall Points te sale en 10 dólares)

Vampiric Wings
Costo: 209 Item Mall Points

Butterfly Wings
Costo: 209 Item Mall Points

Dragon Wings
Costo: 209 Item Mall Points

Images Taken From the Game:

Thats all you will need to know about wings

Shaparrita for make the Guide

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