[Other] Richie Rich`s guide to be Rich

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This guide credits to hokagederik, ( Original Page )
To be high in level is one thing for me Money is three things composing of Item money and level

So how to be a Richie Rich------------------------------

May be here is my few tips

Set up a Stall

Set up your stall---  probably a waste of time unless AFk
and if you sell useless stuff no oner will buy it < of course >

Tips how a Customer to buy your Junks

*Must Be cheap
*Must be something they really need
*Something Rare
*Not a stupid  ORDINARY USELESS mob drop
*Something to change their Hairstyle

Questions from NOOBS

How do I have this SET A STALL thingie

*First-- after level 10 go and do ur job change
* 2nd-- Go and obtain the Newbie Guide task Secretary Message
*3rd--  Do it and finish the quest until the end of the FOOD FOR THE NAVY
*Spend that point on SET up STALL

Now you know its a waste of ur PRECIOUS TIME

Ordinary drops

Pick up everything you see on your way
If you think that every 1 GOLD is useless how about a MILLION of 1 GOLD
Even something small can form something big.... And applicable to our daily life

Just pick it up and sell it

New Sheepskin Scrolls

If your somethin New you find PPls selling this in STALLS
What are they anyway!!!! in your low level its really sometin you need

Question:  Why do I need to use it I can gain 25k?????

Answer: Dear one 25k is so so small compare to the prices you can get

It can give you money, random item < wish u gain a ref. gem voucher > or a stupid mobzzzz

Question: How can I go there----

Answer: My dear one pls go to Guide Index and select Carribean Treasure Map-------------

Mentor and Disciple System

Why should I my mentor is passive and only drains reputation points---------

Well you gain 200k after lvl 41 is that enough to buy all your skillz------------
And he gaine 1000 reputation points in his slaking ASS

Reminds me the anger on my mentor TIDAL < oh w8 this is my guide not my experience >

Restart and Trade

This is my personal strategy

CONDITIONS to fullfill:
Restarting character around lvl 45+
Big amount of money
2 Accounts
2 Caharacters on seperate account

** Train ur second char on the other account
     The access both and meet them at one place and trade the money
     and do the Mentor Apprentice System

Pretty Stupid But Worthit if your RESTARTING

Sell Equip

If your pening ur chest and getting items well just sell them to
Goldie our BELOVED and HATED Blacksmith

Lucky Fortune TREE

Well they drop prosperous packet and give a beery
well sell it on a high or average amount
*** HB prices are now gaining very high
      Average on skull is 100k now its becoming 110k

Buy and Trade

Did you hear someone on Shaitan say this:

I like to collect cheap items and sell them on a high price

Well just like him you can do it ........
Like apparels if they sell it on 800k buy it and sell it for 1M < still reasonable .
But if you sell it on a Unreasonable Price well just Shrugsss***

Selling Apparels/Point/Mall

Are you someone who can get or negotiate on item mall....
Well its a good way to eran money cuz its really HIGH WORTH
and HIGH worth is HIGH money


Well do you look fabulous enough
Selling Hairstyle Items esp Vouchers are small in worth
only Beautiful Chests provide the Vouchers
But still worth of Money

The Dead Powerleveling

You know powerleveling well even in a respective amount you set
you still gain money but dont set the price so HIGH or too cheap
each level is underestimated between 10k-200k < Last Promotion >
****Beware Scamming often arises here

Seals and Unseals

Did you just got a useless item for your class but worth to other class
Well like Staff of Avenger, Aror of Revenant
Well sell them 300k-500k for amunt of Income

Commerce on Sea

Other ppls say its worthit cause they gain 1M w/in in an hour
it is actually the negotiation of goods or items obtainable in the seo or can be put in the cargo...
I dont really undersatand this tough

Career and Fortune Lots

In an expense buying it in Spring Isle it cost 100g
sell it on argent for 7.5k wow big interest isnt it
If you got stock of Mystic Clovers use them for your level and money

Quest Goldiluckzzz

Any important quest items that players often buy like Fish scales < e.g >
sell it to them in a high resonable price for income

This is not yet finish too many homeworkzzz


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