[Forging] Gems for Forging

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This guide credits to snowy , from the official forum ( Original Page )

Inorder to upgrade your weapon / armor, you need the following:

Gem and Refining Gem

Gems are divided into the following :

Attack effect Gems

Fiery Gem : Adds 4 attack on single handed swords
Furious Gem : Adds 6 attack onto Great sword, staffs, daggers , bows
Explosive Gem : Adds 10 attack onto Guns
Gem of the Wind : Adds 5 AGI onto shoes
Gem of Striking : Adds 5 ACC onto gloves
Gem of Rage : Adds 5 STR onto all types of weapons
Lustrious Gem : Adds 5 hit rate onto weapon / gloves
Eye of Black Dragon : Adds 50 attack onto all types of weapons

Defense effect Gems
Gem of Colossus : Adds 5 CON onto body armor / shields
Glowing Gem : Adds 5 defense to body armor / shields
Shining Gem : Adds 100 HP to body armor / shields
Shadow Gem : Adds evade 2 onto weapon / shoes
Heart of Black Dragon : Adds 500 HP onto shoes / gloves
Soul of Black Dragon : Adds 3 physical resistance onto body armor / shields

Magic effect Gems - Yellow
Spirit Gem : Adds 1 SPR to weapon / shoes

And lastly..of course Refining Gem!

At some point in the game, you may encounter something call Gem Voucher. You can exchange the scroll at argent city for a gem !
Lv 1 Voucher = Lv 1 gem type
Lv 2 Voucher = Lv 2 gem type

SIDE NOTE: You need to combine gems to make them into level 2 if you got your gems dropped from a monster

Gaining Gems - Mazes

Forsaken City (Lv 30 - 45 : Magical Ocean -1509, 3666)
Elite Wailing Warrior - Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Refining Gem

Wailing Archer : Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Refining Gem

Sorrow Warrior : Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Refining Gem

Sorrow Archer: Shining Gem, Gem of Colossus, Refining Gem

Dark Swamp( Lv 40 - 55 : Magical Ocean - 2037,2779)

Swamp Watcher : Shining Gem,Glowing Gem, Refining Gem

Swamp Man - Spirit Gem, Refining Gem

Swamp Warden - Explosive Gem, Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem

Swamp Bog : Spirit Gem, Shadow Gem, Refining Gem

Cursed Mummy - Spirit Gem , Refining Gem

Crazy Mummy - Explosion Gem , Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem

Elite Wailing Warrior : Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Refining Gem

Wailing Marksman : Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Refining Gem

Demonic World (Level 50+ : Ascaron - 910,1069)

Imaginary Snow Doll : Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Refining Gem

Snow Doll Spirit -Shining Gem,Glowing Gem,Refining Gem

Evil Snow Doll Spirit - Spirit Gem , Refining Gem,

Confused Snow Doll - Explosive Gem,Lustrious Gem,Refining Gem

Demonic Snowman - Fiery Gem, Furious Gem,Spirit Gem , Refining Gem

Demonic Yeti -Shining Gem,Glowing Gem,Explosive Gem,Lustrious Gem,Refining Gem

Snowman Warlord - Fiery Gem, Furious Gem,Explosive Gem,Refining Gem

Wandering Soul - Glowing Gem,Spirit Gem , Shining Gem,Refining Gem

Black Dragon Cave

Black Dragon - Heart of Black Dragon, Soul of Black Dragon, Eye of Black Dragon

Sea Type Monsters

Shocking Sea Jelly---Refining Gem

Evil Blood Polliwog---Gem Composition Scroll

Swift Electric Sea Jelly---Spirit Gem

Old Sawtooth Shark---Fiery Gem

White Finned Shark---Furious Gem

Jack the Pirate's Command Ship---Explosive Gem

Spearhead Shark---Lustrious Gem

Black Finned Shark---Glowing Gem

Sakura 13 Support Ship---Shining Gem

Raging Electric Sea Jelly---Shadow Gem

Mature Ruby Dolphin---Spirit Gem

Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship---Refining Gem

Spiny Fish Bone---Fiery Gem

Northern Pirate Support Ship---Furious Gem

Decaying Fish Bone---Lustrious Gem

Big Eyed Polliwog---Glowing Gem

Evil Great Polliwog---Shining Gem

Great Feral Polliwog---Shadow Gem

Northern Pirate Command Ship---Fiery Gem

Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly---Furious Gem

Cursed Mermaid---Explosive Gem

Raging Cyclonic Sea Jelly---Lustrious Gem

Old Ruby Dolphin---Glowing Gem

Feral Fish Bone---Shining Gem

Great Prowling Polliwog---Shadow Gem

Feral Ruby Dolphin---Spirit Gem

Bewitching Siren---Refining Gem

Amethyst Dolphin---Lustrious Gem

Old Diamond Dolphin---Glowing Gem

Dark Blue Siren---Shining Gem

Siren Archer---Shadow Gem

Beardy Pirate Support Ship---Fiery Gem

Beardy Pirate Warship---Furious Gem

Feral Diamond Dolphin---Explosive Gem

Frenzied Siren---Lustrious Gem

Berserk Mermaid Protector---Glowing Gem

Berserk Siren Guard---Shining Gem

Ancient Siren---Shadow Gem

Beardy Pirate Command Ship---Spirit Gem

Ancient Siren Archer---Refining Gem


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