[Item] Gem Salvaging Guide

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Views: Date: Nov 01 2007 02:37:57
This guide credits to Spoony20 ( Original Page )
This is a guide to help people get certain gems from Pirate Isle.


Being a voyager, you have the ability to salvage gems from pirate isle. Every salvage point with the lv70 DeathSoul Gunboat can drop gems. There are 4 locations that these salvage points appear in, but i only noted down 3 (587,844) (436 944), third one below the island (yellow dots on map). They are hard to farm coz one shot from the gunboat is 2k damage which is why u need the algae entanglement from voyagers. It still takes about 5 minutes to kill one with lv5 algae entanglement, lv4 lightning curtain and a lv30 boat. Note respawn time is about 3 hours per salvage spot.

DeathSoul Gun Boat (Level 70)
Information : Low movement speed, low attack speed, high attack, high defense, flame attack causing 2x DMG to player
Drops : Password AB, Red Dye, Tome Page 1, Perfect Ruby, Tiamari Fruit, Spirit Orestone, Beastie Finestone, Oceanic Soulstone

Credits goes to the original map creator

Gems from Salvage

Furious Gem : Adds 6 attack onto Great sword, staffs, daggers , bows
Explosive Gem : Adds 10 attack onto Guns
Lustrious Gem : Adds 5 hit rate onto weapon / gloves
Shining Gem : Adds 100 HP to body armor / shields
Shadow Gem : Adds evade 2 onto weapon / shoes
Refining Gem: Used in gemming, rarer drop than the others

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