[Item] Gem Extraction Guide!

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Views: Date: Nov 04 2007 04:02:35
This guide credits to Kome, ( Original Page )
Ok Guys and Girls and fellow Pirates!

For once! I bring you a non copy and pasted and tales of pirate union war tested guide! yay!

I am sure many of you want to FINALLY know how to extract gems and how it really works right?

Well here we go!


Note: you can extract a GEM from ANYTHING that has previously had a gem forged in it! IF you want to know how to forge simply go to this guide

First of all: You need the blacksmith pliers. You can buy them from the official website.

Just go to the item mall, and look under the forging section. You can buy 3 for 79 and one for 31

loveybear reccommends: you buy three (look at the top of PAGE THREE of this thread to see why)

Second Stepl: You need to get to spring town. (oh and before you go here do not forget to bring your pliers with you and / or the item you want to get your gem from)

Next you can also buy tickets to spring town from the item mall if you are too lazy or too low level to go there yourself.

Again you can find them in the item mall. Just look under teleportation. You can buy a stack of 9 for 7 points.

loveybear reccommends: you buy the stacks and just teleport. (honestly im just lazy to sail there but power to you if you actually do!)

Third Step: Ok so your in spring town, find the Furnace of Immortality  at (3258, 2502)

If you want to know what it looks like incase somehow you miss that big pot check it out here.

Fourth Step: Pretty easy and straight forward till here. Now. Choose the option "extract gem"

Now you will see a new window one with two little boxes. The First box like it says, put the equipment that you want the gem from. Second box put your pliers. It'll charge you coin according to the level of the gem it pulls out. Click confirm and it will take out the SAME EXACT LEVEL GEM IN THE FIRST SOCKET.

Example: An Armor  With Level 2 Gem of Colussus in the First Socket and a Level 3 Shining Gem in the Second.

I decide that i want to take out the Gem of Colussus because im so poor right now. Or something like that

So i Put my armor in the first box, the plier, and it confirm the extraction.

THE COOL PART: The system will give you a LEVEL 2 GEM OF COLOSSUS BUT you will still have a level ONE gem of colossus in your first socket! The level 3 shining gem will stay the same!

BUT OH no! What if you want that shining gem?

This is where it gets messy.

What you must do is repeat the process. Since extraction ONLY takes out the gem in the FIRST SOCKET you must make it have no gems in it.

So using the same example as above.

Take my armor with a level 1 gem of colussus now and a level 3 shining gem in the second socket.

Do the extraction.

I will now have an Armor with only a level 3 shining gem and a FREE socket.

I have to do the extraction again to get out the shining gem and i will end up with an Armor that only has a level 2 shining gem BUT in my inventory i will have a Level 2 Gem of Colussus, Level 1 Gem of Colussus and a level 3 Shining gem.

Unfortunately you do not get the refining gems back

There is also NO chance of failure

That should make it crystal clear for you guys!


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