[Map & Maze] Forsaken City Guide

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This guide credits to emdee32 ( Original Page )
Dobezz's Forsaken City Guide

Hi, and welcome to my Forsaken City (FC) guide, im going to run you through FC step by step. With this guide, you shoud be able to navigate your way through FC and get to the very end! Ok, lets get started.

Ok, well, the first and main step is to make sure you have an Ancient Generator, which most people referr to as AG or Ancient Gen. Once you have your AG, head to Shaitan Harbour, and make sure that you have a boat docked at Shaitan Harbour, if you don't, well, you can't go to FC.

Ok, you got your AG you got your boat docked at Shaitan, now its time to head to FC. Set sail from Shaitan Harbour and head to the co-ordinates 1509, 3666 in Ascaron. Once your there, if the portal is open, there will be a whirlpool, as shown in this picture below

once you reach this whirlpool, click it to enter, once in, your AG disappears and you are now in FC. Take note right now that this "IS" a PvP area, so you can get attacked by other people, so i strongly suggest having a team.

Once you get into FC head to the co-ordinates 297, 328 and you will then arrive to a dock

Once you reach this dock, click the cirlce of arrows, and you will get out of your boat and appear on land, this is where most people wait to kill you, so be extremely careful. Now you can start doing the FC maze. There are monsters in here that are only lvl 34-40, but they do have good defense and they hit fairly hard if you have low defense. So you can start clearing the monsters, and then make your way to the co-ordinates 198, 280 and once you get there you will be at an intersection, as shown in this picture

you can either head straight to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th chests and the bosses if you want to save a little bit of time, which all this is to the right, or you can head to the first chest which is left.

You will have to clear your way to the first chest which is located at 114, 271, and once you get there, there will be a big mob of monsters, which you "MUST" kill to get to the chest

once you kill all the monsters, you can start killing the chest. Now the thing most people get scared of is when the chest is on the other side of the wall, not to fear all you crusaders out there, you can still attack through the wall and voyagers and clerics etc can just use magic to kill the chest. After you destroy ther chest, 1 Beauty Chest (BC) will drop and maybe if your lucky you might also get a Mystic Chest drop along with the BC, so good luck with that bit.

Now to head to the 2nd chest, most people continue going the way they were heading, and its not the wrong path, but there are more monsters there, so i suggest going back the way you came where there is no monsters, a nice clear path back to the intersection at 198, 280 and then go to the opposite path to what you came before, keep clearing the monsters there, and you will soon come to a place where you can go straight or turn right

this is located at 135, 226. This is a tricky area where most people think they should keep heading up, wrong, go right and follow that path. You cant go in the wrong direction here, so just keep going straight, and head to 297, 203, once there you should be in the same place as this picture

go down the path as illustrated in the picture, i drew an arrow to give you the direction of which way you should go. Once you head down that way, follow the path, again you cant go in the wrong direction, and you should then end up at a big mob, and guess whats here? Yes, the 2nd chest is here, this is located at 253, 166 and you can look at the picture to make sure your in the right place.

Now that you have killed the mobs and defeated the 2nd chest, you may now take your loot and head to the last 2 chests and the 4 bosses. The bosses and 2 chess are in the same room. Head the way i have shown you on this map.

Once you head that way, right where the arrow ends on that last map at 266, 151, is where you think "Which way now?" well i'll tell you which way, just look at this next map and follow its directions.

Once you go the way instructed on that last picture, you should end up 245, 118, at this place

follow the directions i gave yo on that picture, and now you should head to 204, 96, and there you will find this place in the next picture

follow the directions i agve you on that map, and then your up to the last turn the you have to face the bosses. After you follow the instructions on that last map, you now head to 119, 111 which is shown in this next picture

follow the directions given on that map, and right where the arrow ends, you will be at the first boss, so be carefull and dont go straight into the middle, i suggest you read the rest of this guide before you continue. You will now be at the first boss, and also the center of FC, but your not finished, the center of FC is a big square like area, and in the area, there are 2 chests, the chests lie in the corners, there are only 2 chests, so you will have to check each corner for them. Each chest is surrounded by monsters which you must kill the be able to attack the chest. Before the chest, i suggest maybe killing the 4 bosses that are in this area, so you can get the chests that they drop. The bosses are also surrounded by other monsters which i would say take the others out one by one by luring them away from the boss. The bosses hit extremely hard, and you cant really tell them apart from the other monsters, which makes it difficult. So lure the surrounding monsters, then fight the bosses. Bosses drop Skeletar chests, depending on which chest you get, you can open it if its for your class. The skeletar chests are for only basic classes such as swordsman, herbalist, hunter and explorer. After you finish off all the bosses and take out the chests, you have completed FC. CONGRATULATIONS

Special Thanks to
-DarkShadowII for helping me kill the mobs, and helping me through FC to make this guide possible. Thanks Dark.

If you have any more questions about Forsaken City, then please feel free to PM me in-game, im on Coral Isle, my character name is 0blivi0us...the o's are zeros

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